DragonBallz as monster drops?

  • read the loading screen.. can dragon balls really drop from monsters? if so.. where? and how rare is the drop? o_O and how the hell would you get it through PvP? lol

    dont know much since i didnt play the original game but as far as i know yes they do drop,you have different tiers of them but they dont drop al the time,think its a timed event.

    if you want ss you have to farm the tier 2 dragonballs,anyway that's all i know,maybe someone else with more knowledge can add some more info.

  • Yeah I played the Original Dragon Ball Online and There were special events only on the weekends that lasted for about 6 hours (I don't really remember how long). During the event newly spawned mobs had like a 10% chance to spawn with a Dragonball over them on the minimap. If you killed said mob. you would have a 3-5% chance of dropping a Dragonball. This took me 2 weeks worth of weekends using all the time about. (Forgive me if the percentages aren't accurate) Currently, Daneos has yet to implement Super Saiyan or the Dragonball Event so there is currently no way to get them, sorry :c

  • I can help with this but the information i give might not be 100% accurate as it has been about 3 years since i've DB hunted in this game! :D

    It used to be every few days, i think it lasted for around 2 or 3 hours but when mobs spawned as long as you had a scouter that could identify Dragonball mobs when sometimes you would be able to see if a mob had a chance of dropping a Dragonball upon defeating it on the mini map (instead of showing a dot it would show a Dragonball)

    The catch was that the monster you killed had to be from 5 levels lower than you or higher to drop one. This stops everyone from crowding the lower mob areas and giving the lower characters a chance.

    For example a lvl 30 player could only get DBs from lvl 25+ mobs but the higher the level the better the chances.

    Another factor to get one to drop was the ranking of the monster you killed. regular mobs had a low chance to drop one, and bosses had a higher chance. It went " Regular < Super < Ultra < Boss < Hero "

    The most common and most effective way of getting the balls would be to find an area with mobs the same level or around 3 higher than you that yo could kill them all relatively quickly so that when they re spawned some could be a Dragonball mob. Then when you defeated that it might drop a Dragonball. Most of the time you wouldn't get one but when you did it was so exciting! :D i absolutely adored doing it!

    Sometimes you wouldn't get one at all during the time limit but my personal record was 4 in one sitting :D i was very happy with that.

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