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    There's a notification in-game that tells all players this periodically as well as daneos mentioning it here on the forums in an update too.

    Talking about time and DB´s, when you make a wish with the 7 balls, don´t let the time running out, because if you let it take over, and don´t make any wish, you will lose 1 DB. :(

    Kuromi the moderator has told us on discord that lucky drop doesn't affect stone rates.

    Regular stone rates haven't been changed so there's still the same chance to get them.

    I do believe that the lucky drop system acts as a higher percentage drop rate for U stones. Basicly a lucky drop means an increase in zennie and an increase in dropped items/item rate. All this while the original drop rate has not been changed.

    Now that we also have a +50% experience weekend comming (starting on saturday) we all will know if the drop rate as of now is a fair one or not.

    In advance I have to say that this was a good update, if it is going to be too easy to obtain legendary items/U stones is something that we'll know in die time.

    Seems a little unfair when you can just use the lvl 70 you already have to power level your new dude.

    I can see the appeal for it but i don't think it'll be implemented.

    Items can be picked up instantly if you have your other player in the party and you have the loot option on "free for all" this will prevent you from having another player stand near the DB and holding "V" to pick it up first

    • Hunting for DB on a higher lvl account can be quite challenging, make a second account and start with a new character, give him a scouter with a DB radar and just hunt for DB's from lvl 1. DB's can be picked up by anyone after 30 seconds.

    In regards to the jet thing. i already recorded footage of it and reported to daneos as well as the NPC teleport bug. it will be fixed in a future update.

    I don't want to be able to one shot things however as my char gains strength things should get a little easier so improvement can be seen. also no one seems to have made any comment on why flying jet squirrels are useless now as the fuel doesn't add speed to them like it used to.

    It wasn't written negatively. you just precieved it that way because you think i'm being rude most of time. Which is a fair judgement. Stay on topic though ;)

    Do you ever have anything good to say, seriously every post you make you say something negative 99.9% of the time and you have a lot of posts, and no ones completely shitting on anything, they're just speaking their opinion. You just needa relax.

    This, this, THIS. People are crying because they can't 1 shot everythign (that's how i'm seeing it) but this is exactly what we've been trying to achieve. Retail calcs, this is good. people are way too reliant on being OP all the time just because they get to high levels.

    Even though for most pple this is a bad change, this is the way it was in retail DBO, PvE wasn't just a walk in the park. You actually needed to calculate the amount of mobs you aggro so you won't die. Mobs were a lot better in dodging/landing hits. The only thing that would need to change is the drop rate. Haven't tried this 'lucky drop rate' yet but we'll see how it goes.

    Each update is a test, so constructive criticism is welcome. just don't completely shit on everything. point out what seems wrong and show proof or explain how you think this? that will be MUCH more helpful to daneos when fixing things

    6 people to a party is so OP and would ruin the point of the game being teamwork.

    The whole point of an MMO is to make friends and play together. that's the core point, dungeons are revolved around parties so make friend and do them properly. this is an asian game which are actually harder than western games . Fact.

    As long as you have a healer and a buffer you can more than easily make it to floor 110 (that's in TW, here it's even easier ATM) which is enough to get materials for the things you'll need/want from the vending machines.

    Budokai is currently not ready. It would be unfair for Daneos to include it now as not every class has all skills working as they should. Please be patient as he already said it will be one of the last updates for PoB due to how it works.