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    I'm Ridghost, I've been playing MMO's for i dunno, 13 years now roughly (aged 22), 11 of those being dedicated to Ragnarok Online. Outside of the gaming world I'm a recent graduate of computer animation, so a freelance CG artist right now (Which a nice way of saying Funemployed), and a pretty big sports fan, anime fan, tv/film/music/books, the normal stuff. In-game it'd be fighting games, MMO's and JRPG's which I love the most.

    I heard about DBO aaaaaaaages ago, but never thought much of it because since when does Japan bring out anything to the west in a reasonable amount of time. However I checked back recently to see if it was still running and.... Well it's dead before it really even got started. Still, I own all the Dragonball manga, seen Ball 3 times through and Z 8 times through. So when I saw this place, I just jumped on it, downloaded the game last night. I'm normally a pretty hardcore kind of player, heavily interested in PvP n such, but for now I just want to learn the game.

    That said, a few random newbie questions. I've made two accounts, because neither of them have been sent an email for confirmation that I'm who I say I am. One is a Hotmail.co.uk, the other a Hotmail.com. Any reason why it is taking so long to receive the email (I've checked Junk)? Secondly, considering this is a private fan server, will there be any kind of updates? Creating new character models and such would be very time consuming and expensive, so I'm just assuming no.

    Otherwise, I hope to see you all in-game soon, I'm not shy and pretty open about anything really. Not someone who shy's away from the internet, hiding their entire persona and identity, nor am I an idiot, so please don't try to take me for one ;).

    TL;DR: I can't wait to join this community of DB lovers!! & I like talking about myself. :thumbsup:

  • Welcome mate , epic introduction right there :D Well for all your issues you've got the search bar on the top of the website, I'm 100% sure somebody already got this problem(if not make a thread in the specific section) and no right now no new updates of this kind are planed.
    Btw Have fun and feel free to contact me for anything. :thumbup:

    Discord: VoidVale

    13_small.png voidtt

  • This game is constantly being Patched/Updated, so keep an eye one that here

    Make friends, they might slow you down, but the game ain't fun without them :P

    Check Discord channel here

    Have Fun,

    Up to the problem about your accounts, many people have talked to me about it and they say they logged in without activation, so maybe give that a shot.


  • Like Bada said, the game is always updated and Daneos is always doing something new.
    Everything will be wiped eventually though when the game is officially released.
    In the meantime, welcome to the forum and the game.