Have you been chosen for the Closed alpha 2?

  • As these are many accounts, i wanted to know a few names of the 550 chosen.
    If you want to let them know post here, that you are one of those!
    Have fun playing and reporting bugs.
    It is very important for us to get help from our loyal players.

    Thank you and good luck! ^^

  • Gz for choosen one!! I did't get the acces but it's normal there is over 18k ppl. However here is a post from a diferent topic:
    "Closed alpha2
    I checked the 3 my own email

    I did not find a message that says I can enter a closed Alpha ;(

    I wish I were one of the 549 ;("
    So this is a proof many ppl create few acc on few email's to have bigger chance to get acces. In my opinion it's a little bit unfair to those who have only 1 acc. Second I wonder how many selected ppl are active on the forum?? Why? This alpha is to find more bugs, quest propblem etc. And someone who don't even have acc on this forum only on webside and get acces will probably not report any bugs they will just play.

  • I managed to make it and I'm grateful. I will do my best to report bugs and glitches. I was testing out FRAPS earlier and cleared out my screenshots folder to make room for new ones. I made individual screenshot folders on my desktop titled "Day 1 Server 1" and "Day 1 Server 2" because I read their would be more content in server 1 but be less stable and server 2 would be the opposite. I will try to test out both, compare glitches, and try to find unique glitches in each server.
    You guys are amazing for doing all of this and I'm happy to help in any way I can. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this epic project and I'll do my best. :D

  • I was not lucky enough to be one of the lucky 550 for to report the bugs ;( ;( ;( :( :( :(

    and benefiting those who won :D and Report Bugs that what they do is pure play and do not report any bugs

  • That makes 2 #ClosedAlpha I did not mail while I'm active all day on the forum and a few other French is unfair.

    it is about luck not about being active all day ;)
    if i want i can be active all the day just by opening there website and go afk (easy)

  • lol @ everyone crying about multiple accounts, if you're so desperate then create multiple accounts too.

    No I didn't get access to the alpha.

    EDIT: I didn't even create an account on the website lol

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  • We ALL win with a smooth-running, bug-free game.

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  • That makes 2 #ClosedAlpha I did not mail while I'm active all day on the forum ...;(


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