What do you think of this build?

  • Kami's Light MAX - no point, you have Kami's Aurora.

    No Kami's Barrier - No Kami's Splendor. (In support build there are both of them and dende is support class).

    No resistance passive - you need this to have chance to resist stuns or other debuffs.

    No Kami Sponsor - can't remove curse and is highly needed.

    Why increase EP passive, useless...

    Support Mastery should be maxed...

    Kaioken neds to be Maxed too (as dende you don't feel any drain)

    GN Skills - only if you want to grind with it I guess but mostly no one grind on dende

    Increase Energy - not needed passive, you have shit tons of EP already and EP passive..

    Kami's Will max - what for leave it at lvl 1.

    Healing Wave - lvl 1 - IT IS MUST MAXED, in every build.

    Super Antena Beam - waste of SP

    I mean there is more but I am too sleepy, 3 am and if you want right build pm me and I will send you and explain you.

    But I am sure everyone here will give you decent one.

    Cheers, mate.


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  • bro... kami's blessing is a waste of 6 sp, kamis light sucks as well, kamis will shouldnt be maxed, kamis splendor should be maxed, kamis trickery should be maxed, remove the ep passive and instead get resistance passive... and more... pretty bad build and i'll quote u on this "Bad! Delete it from the internet! OMG!! MY EYES !! "