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    well easy way to fix it is easy make it same as pob ( in the worst case ) disable all items that have time on them ... ofc it's the worst case !

    no simply, remove them from event and give back the honey to whoever purchased them. That way all +15 tickets can be deleted from the game.

    If the +15s stay, CC150 will be beaten in a single day. The victories you get from Budokai are permanent. The CC auras are permanent. Anything you get from CC in general is permanent, there's nothing "temporary" about that.

    People will have beaten everything in the game in the first two weeks thanks to these tickets, obtained every accessory and destroyed every dungeon. Not only is it unfair for everyone who hasn't spammed the honeybee event this week, but it's unfair to everyone who's ever put in effort or will put in effort ( or donations for some of you, I guess ) to beat the game in the first place. People just now have sold honey for 100k or less. That's 25kk for a +15 weapon ticket. Add in 60kk extra for full +15 armor tickets. 85kk total, and you've beaten everything the game will ever have to offer.

    You HIGHLY underestimate what people will do with a set of +15 tickets in 2 weeks. Turn the current ones into a 500k LP autopot or something and stop the tickets before they end all the game's content prematurely.

    what he said^ [PL]Daneos   User 8974   Hardlock   Celestial Titania   [TM]GokUsama   Box-head(boxbox) . They literally need to be removed intermediately.

    I agree with most people here, remove tickets ASAP before it becomes an issue... On a side note, add stuff like brown boxes, 1sp reset books, name change, gender change, and maybe excellent dogi balls to it.

    I am sure 99% of the community agrees with me. Why was this implemented this way? Why are we forced to hide our dogis if we want to hide our gear? It wasn't like this in TW. Please just keep the function to hide gear but let people show their dogis...

    Casi puedo confirmar, (después de varios días dejando que mi amigo mate todos los enemigos que yo veo en el radar, y no caiga ninguna) que si ves tu el icono en el radar, y lo mata un miembro del grupo, no dejara bola.

    Han sido varios cientos de enemigos, con 0 bolas, solo caían, si el mataba los que el veía el icono.

    Me resulta raro, que el juego te obligue a matar solo, o hacer que otro te haga todo el trabajo si quieres ir de cacería de bolas en grupo...

    Y si ha sido mala suerte con los drops... demasiada mala suerte, dado que hay sido cientos de enemigos.

    no es mala suerte, asi es como funciona. Si tu la ves tu eres el unico que la puede cojer

    Stop the flame or the thread will get closed please. And smh to the people saying that they don’t believe me. If I had gotten such good stats, why would I even waste my time here creating this thread. Why would I even lie about that? Makes no sense to me. And I said this on my initial post, don’t come and tell me that you got max “x good stat” on “x item” with 1 box or w/e because that’s just being lucky as f, no other way to put it. I created this thread because unless we do something, the only boxes in the game will be the ones obtained through wagu once in a blue moon and the 1 box per 2 coins and 500k from boss event. I got news for you all, boxes are being used at a much faster rate that they are replenished and that’s what will end up happening. Prices skyrocketing and boxes incredibly inflated, I can’t belive people within their mental capabilities might want that....

    and this is perfect for a meme hhhh

    How, are you gonna pay us 6000$ not to win???

    Come at me bro, loool. U guys think u so op until you get defeated with your “ultimate guild”