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  • Hello,

    I just found out about this game 4 days ago and was able to play up till level 8. I followed the game back when it was released in Taiwan but never got to play back then and just stumbled upon this fan made server. Reading other forum posts I'm seeing a lot of people saying this game has died since the channels are no longer online - is this true? I'd love to support and continue to play this game as it looks like the project owners had a lot of potential in bringing this game to those who never got to play/or played the official release.

    Is there any possibility of opening up 2.0 to those newcomers or fixing the Channels on 1.0 or should I sadly give up that I only played a "Demo" of 2 days and move on?

    Thank you for any moderators that review/reply.

  • I thought everyone could do 2.0 now. I swear I saw a news update saying daneos opened 2.0 for everyone. Maybe I am wrong because all these people are asking if they can do 2.0.

    The most I've seen about it is that I would've had to have had an account prior to January this year*?* I recently saw this game on youtube about a week ago and gave it a shot. Got to play about 3 hours over 2 nights and then the channels stopped working - I was very hopeful as it seems like a fun game!

    If there is a way I could join in the 2.0 server I'd love to play and participate with this community!

    Please let me know if there is a way to join just starting out now.

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    Young the problem is not that the community is toxic, it is that much like me is a new player. And the person in charge doesn't even come to the channels where everyone has access to simply say "I'll open the game someday". Friends of mine who have access to discord said that it would be around 20h today, and already passed much of this time and no give a warning. If they were so concerned about the community as a whole, why not open 2.0 for everyone? And not only for those with an old account?
  • Hello. I recently saw that the servers where down myself and decided to do some digging, and as it turns out, 2.0 is available for everyone, here is a link to the thread where u can download it, Development Client/Server Access


    I just downloaded the Client 2.0 and it gave me an error saying my account doesn't exist - based off other threads in the forum I'm suspecting because I just opened my account a week ago and it needed to be opened from way back in January.

    Is it possible for me to gain access or could an Admin be able to grant access to new accounts?

    Based off some digging I've done the main person Daneos (Not sure if thats his name) has been gone since like September and only rumors of where he is so theres no telling when he'll be back (If he decides to come back).

    I'd really love to play this with the community! I'm still hopeful myself that this project hasn't died as many threads suggest.

    Let me know if there's any Admins that can be contacted to see if we can get this rolling again!

    Really is a shame they didn't want to give this a worldwide release I'm pretty sure it would've taken off in many parts of the world aside from Taiwan/China and Japan *Could be wrong but I believe thats where it was all released*

    Again thank you all to take the time to reply/read my thread here!

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