[EN] Patch Notes - 2020-10-13 - W10 Freeze Test #3/Status Update/Bug Fixes!

  • hey Verdant! ive been a member of this amazing community and also purchased quite a bit of cash points over that period until now, what are the requirements for

    "Founder" status? will i see any cool surprise for my commitment for this next wipe? i saw for the last wipe i did and was very happy.

  • Hey Philister,

    It's a bit of a spoiler, but there will be basically 2 types of founder in the upcoming wipe:

    1. Legacy Founder - This just means that you bought the founder package from Daneos. We have some rewards planned for legacy founders, both as a bit of reparation for what happened last time, to restore some good will, and as a special thank you to everyone who supported DBOG up until now so that the torch could be passed to us.

    2. New Founder - Yeah, I haven't thought of a cool name for this one. This is just our new founder pack. We're going to come out with more details on this soon, but if you've even donated a dollar since we took over in August, you're already a new founder.

    I don't want to show off any of the rewards just yet, as we're not quite ready with them. That's actually what we've been working very hard on the last few days, getting all the new dogis and accessories and stuff added. I want to have tested every one of these items myself before I announce them, so that we know they work for you guys. I can tell you at the very least that every cash point you spent in game that was recorded, you will be refunded when the wipe happens.

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