[EN] Patch Notes - 2023-09-15 - Summer/Anniversary Patch

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    Hey Everyone,

    The Summer/2023 Anniversary Patch is here! The Summer event is back, and there are a few new Summer rewards, and the 2023 Anniversary items have now replaced the (late) 2022 versions! More details below.


    The Anniversary and Summer items have been added to the Cash Shop, and the Summer items can also be obtained from Fuuba in Korin Village. Fuuba is the avatar of our retired Spanish CM Fuwa, so if you see him or know him, please show him your support and thanks for helping us get to where we are today! See Anniversary 2023 Dogis! for the Anniversary items and Summer 2023 Items! for the Summer items!

    Shop Changes

    • The Anniversary 2022 items have been removed from the shop. This was a limited release, as are all Anniversary items, so they will never be released again.
    • The Anniversary 2023 and Summer items have been added to the shop.
    • All previous Halloween items are in the shop, and will remain on sale for 20-30% off through this Halloween. You can also obtain these in the Token and Mudosa shops.

    The one miscellaneous change we have is that the defense values of the Namekian Capsule Corp Battle Dungeon endgame sets have been buffed to match the armor values of the DB wish sets.

    Where's the rest of the patch notes?

    As you may know, we've now shifted most of our development time over to working on the new client. I won't list all the bugs we've fixed here, because the list is pretty long and boring, but I can tell you about all the systems we've worked on. Here's a quick and dirty list of what we've been working on since the last patch:

    • Converting packets to the TW structure
    • Flight/General Movement
    • Stat Calculations
    • Water Rendering
    • Titles
    • Teleportation
    • File Loading/Table Bugs
    • Minimap
    • DB Scramble
    • Pets
    • Mudosa Shop
    • Cash Shop
    • Private Shops
    • Token Shop
    • WP Shop
    • Trading
    • Auction House
    • World Map
    • World Boss Gui
    • Dungeons/Missions/Quests
    • Dogi Preview
    • Vehicles
    • Namek Skins

    All of these are at SOME stage of development. Some are closer to being finished, some we have just started looking at. We appreciate your patience while we get all these things looked at and sorted. Please keep in mind, as long as this list is, it still isn't the full list of things that need our attention in the new client. As you might expect, there's a lot to check/fix/update, and we're a small crew working for free, so please don't expect the new client to be ready overnight. Our devs have also had a lot of IRL things going on lately that cannot be avoided, and that has slowed 2.0 development a bit as well, but we're making good progress. We'll keep everyone updated as to our progress! As always, thank you so much for playing and supporting us!


  • It says that the launcher is ready to play but when I click the play button it shows me an error called "DBOGLauncher needs to finish patching first" despite not showing any signs of patching, and it saying it's ready to play; please help !!!!

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