Papa Sergeant Quests

  • I'm trying to do that papa sergeant guardian quest and kill papa sergeant quest and whenever I get close to the area it says I failed the guardian one and when I just try to kill it no ones there. help please!!

  • Hi heart.The mission does not function properly until it is fixed. I suggest you leave it and continue your adventure.

    If you have to kill the Pope is Sargeant and have not found him , it's because you wait long enough to appear again , surely someone will beat you !


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  • This quest works, but it's a little misleading on what you need to do. Once you go over to where Papa Sergeant is and kill him, you have to go BACK to the girl who sent you there and tell her what it is he's guarding; it'll list three options and you just click the correct one, Field Artillery. After that, the little bubble over her head turns into a turn in bubble, and you're good to go.