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    Can anyone please post full attack speed based fighter skill build?…0434001551144400014500200

    this is what I made, it may or may not work since I don't know much of fighter past 50ish

    I heard that you need both needles for nuke damage so I maxed both of them and put the remaining points into KK. if you want IT you might have to sacrifice somewhere but I've already taken a point of of concentration so I wouldn't know where.

    also if this build is wrong someone please correct it.

    that being said I recommend you make your own thread the next time you request a build

    People are complaining about something very good in the game, which I find very dumb. The dual client/more clients is good because it takes a lot of intelligence (yes, dumb people won't figure out how to use it properly) and a good PC (which you won't really need a very good PC, just a cheap 200$ one).

    what? I understand if you support it but come on, that's just a flat out lie man

    I kind of like the idea of it being all day Saturday but if it was like that then it should be where u can only get to summon shenron one time per event or all day Saturday since the event would last all day so that way it wouldn't matter what time zone the event started in every one would be able to get the dragon balls but that would still make it where everyone would have all the items and abilities that shenron offers and would easily become something that no one would have to do anymore

    True, I don't know much about the buffs but its already like that with most TFs, even tho i rarely see a pure majin

    hmm, what about keeping the current event system but having it possible all week for a db spawn to appear but something abysmal like .001, its not much but at least there is hope XD

    I honestly don't mind the current way, I just wish the times were a bit more convenient for everyone.

    with the international thing going on, timezones have gotta be a mess for everyone to deal with.

    maybe restoring the old drop rate(it was lower no?) and making it the whole day would work, but that sounds a bit much

    Welcome, My current main will probably be my newest toon which is the Ultimate Majin

    Ultimate Majin deals with giving out buffs/heals along with being able fend for themselves, so i figured it would work fine. I rarely ever see any that aren't someones alt running around following them, so I assume its an uncommon class.

    I'm also a meleer at heart so im glad Ultimate majin is in the mighty majin skill tree, so its a close quarters fighter with a few range moves along with the supporting.

    How can that be lots of work, it would be just wipe the gear table with a query on the database.

    Anyways so much shit happened, zennys etc, I also think its just better to start over from 0 on open beta

    not to mention if we keep all the high levels, the low level content areas would be pretty barren and difficult to group for, aside from the newer players which who knows how many that would be.

    at least then the saturation in players starting over would, ease up on the newbies grind experience

    Thanks, I really appreciate the help. I added Solar Flare and brought Quick Attack down to 2SP in favor of adding Kamehameha for KD. While not ideal, I think having the KD makes up for it. Plus, I'll need Tunnel for luring since I'm not adding Intimidation.

    Let me know if there's anything that should be tweaked, but I think that this is the best I can do while keeping FF and Big Bang:…0404001551144004041550000

    well, remember that skill reset can be used once a week, so try a few things out if that doesn't work for you

    that should be fine, while you are missing a cone KD skill the dodge should keep you alive a bit longer.

    as for the options, imtimidation

    37% would be playing with RNG, and RNG plays rough

    with 70 the odds are in your favor a bit more and you would just have to make sure to kill them as fast as possible, which shouldn't be an issue for fighters.

    if sk doesnt get nerf then gives to Human more LP and higher defense than sk and we Will be balanced.

    lolwut?! (ノಠ_ಠ)ノ

    have you even been reading what im saying?

    oh and sorry to inform you that new days mmorpg like Final Fantasy xiv,aion,aura Kingdom,Black desert doesnt have ki and physical defense,they change due to class you have.maybe you still in the formula of f2p late 90 games

    why are you comparing these shet examples of MMOs, those are the EMMOs(easy mmos)that have THE most stale and borderline uninteresting gameplay I have ever seen FF14 included.

    none of the ones i listed would count as a "90s" game, WW have been updated so much its not even the same old WW

    black desert? really? black desert? skipping that.

    please do not use ff14 as an example it is so brain dead easy and is locked into roles, and the gameplay has become devoid of all entertainment due to this(I am a verteran and yes ive done stormblood, max rank samurai/nin/DRK/Astro).

    and if by late 90s you mean mmos that actually took a little brain power to play, i guess so.

    Against karmas, the only class specific accessory you need is anti confuse, against dende/poko you will need anti paralysis, Ultimate you need anti candy, and against SK you need Anti Paralysis, fear, and anti bleed? Okay that's simple to get in 70 cap because in higher levels you get higher stats in gear like i've said before, but what about level 50 cap? Where you can't wear a 60%+ anti bleed necklace, also im hearing a lot of "you just need the right gear and max stats, you need lots of sets of gear" and like Tony said that's because of how unbalanced things are, not to mention Karma doesn't need much gear atm to be very good and that's because they are broken and easy to play.

    People have been crying for bold to have its bleed be removed since dbocom and there is a reason for that, and I have yet to see a good reason for a tank to have a really good DoT.

    well there is no level 50 level cap

    having multiple sets is for one character is not considered unbalanced, its considered a higher level of strategy in most end game content for mmos (D&D, WW, TERA, ESO, ETC)

    I don't know about Karmas kit, but from a quick glance at the skills, status resistance and energy armor would give you a fighting chance(which falls under strategy)

    there is always going to be a class/character/race that will have an easier going than others(it not just in games, life works that way too) and fighter/SK/plasmapve/karmapvp fall in these categories it seems due to how simplistic they are.

    Tanks can have bleeding effects (Darius from league of legends, that prick)

    you guys keep saying "oh that's unbalanced" how? explain to me in detail why and in what way than just using the word unbalanced. if you are running into a energy opponent with a physical armor set with no buffs that's not unbalanced, that's poor planning.

    physical strength and defense strength you know that strenght by korean translation means defense right?

    LOLWHAT, im dying omg

    im done, you are literally grasping at straws now, this ain't even a discussion anymore, just talking to a brick wall

    physical strength means defense, so what you just said is its got defense strength AND defense strength

    what is SK, a double decker namekian?

    thank you for agreeing with me, in a SOMEWHAT agressive manner

    well its broken to shit, but I found the line

    "Using a warrior's ax, the secondary tanker occupation plus high-stamina and defense strength during the war, plus the attack"

    now im no game designer(yet), but im pretty sure this means it also does damage as well, breaking off from the pure tank path DW has.

    majin should do support with buffs and attacks

    Blasphemy, not all majins are buff sticks

    and where is the rule book that says these classes do these things? I'd like to read up on it.

    also from what im reading you just want sk to get nerf to the point that they are some kind of tank/dps hybrid that can barely do either role. why have only one dps class that actually does dps makes as much sense as dropping a saitama into the dbz series.

    If I'm reading all of this correctly SK is suppose to be the dps equivalent for namekian fighter no? then what exactly is the problem if they do damage and can beat SMs, isn't that what they are here to do? balance out the power chart and keep SMs in check?