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    Tested only in spiritualists and martial artists.

    You can not pick up the loot thrown by the monsters you kill at maximum distance.

    How to reproduce it.

    Being a spiritualist, select a monster and eliminate it from the maximum attack range (quickly). Without moving from your place, right click on any of the objects that fell. It will not allow you to grab them until you move (either with left click or WASD).

    Note: if the monster reaches its own attack range before you kill him, the bug does not happen.

    Martial artists do not have this problem, I guess it will be associated only with range classes, and the time of the monster's doing the chase.


    Additional contribution:

    If you activate the fuel speed at the same time you are moving, it will not work. However, if you are still on your mount and activate the fuel, then when moving it speed up.

    The restart book green gives the error "Skill is still on cooldown" if you use it with the Ask Popo ability in cooldown.

    If you manage to use the green book (without the cooldown of Ask Popo skill), the game closes.

    The brown book does not work.

    Tomorrow will upload a video reproducing if the development team feels it necessary. I do not upload it today because to show the client closing I need to reset my skills with a NPC and I already did it today.

    Yeah because we know that games succeed from communities filled with yes-men that never question or protest anything that the devs do.... beside this change was most likely unintentional, because if it was then how come legendary weapons still drop.

    You are misunderstanding, he have the final decision, we can only give suggestions.

    If giving a suggestion to him does not seem appropriate, he will not apply it, and what will you do? or you adapt and keep playing, or stop playing.

    The community can make the difference, making a poll and getting a number of notorious favorable votes.

    The thing with drop, seems to me intentional, that tou can only have, by faming outside mobs, good weapons and sub-weapons.

    Its okey for me, the game is relatively easy, i dont want to be more than now.

    If you dont feel comfortable doing UD/TMQ, you have the option to buy good gear from AH.

    The only thing that matters to me is that all of us, have at least one way to get the things in game.

    Its my opinion, its not the only truth

    Cya in game!

    Thats not the point, the point is that mob drop armors are a vital aspect of this games customization and optimization, and because you cannot drop legendary mob armour anymore means that players are forced to use either tmq or craft.

    Let's be clear, daneos can make the server work as he wants, and if he wants us to do UD / TMQ to get good gear he will do it.

    We can only do three things:

    Give suggestions
    Stop playing

    You take the one that suits you best


    You can also buy RP Ball Recovery Potion later on the game

    You can buy it outside, at the Vending Machine.

    CC Battle Dungeon Coupon (21F) = CC Special Battle Coin x 1

    CC Battle Dungeon Coupon (26F) = CC Device Fragment x 45

    CC Battle Dungeon Coupon (36F) = CC Alpha Circuit x 45

    I understand that these objects drops inside the CC


    Las Dark Devil Silver Coins pertenecen al evento BOSS.

    Una vez que llegue al 100%, apareceran monstruos en el mapa amarillo y rojo, dependiendo de tu nivel deberas ir a uno u otro mapa.

    Una vez derrotado a cualquiera de estos aparecera un NPC en el que puedes utilizarlas comprando:

    - x250: un titulo (Friend of Trunks : 5% Anticrit)

    - x20 Monedas doradas

    Las Seal Coins se utilizan en las Vainding Machine para poder vender objetos que tengan la propiedad Bind (Activated).



    Puedes entrar solo, pero es necesario pertenecer a un Grupo (Party) para participar.

    Sin estar en un Grupo, haz click en Create Party (se encuentra en la lista que se despliega al tocar el boton en la izquierda al medio), debes ponerle un nombre y aceptar.


    In my case, the only interest I have in building a speed build is with my fighter.

    It is not my interest to do full speed, i go with a hybrid, so I had to choose between thunder and blitz fist.

    At the end of doing a bit of math I get to that I prefer blitz fist

    52% (Weapon and Sub-Weapon) + 40 (SSJ + Blitz Fist) = 92%

    And never stop for the amount of cooldown reduction that I have, so i would be in the cap 24/7

    Thunder its op af, but it does not go with me today.