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    Yeah because we know that games succeed from communities filled with yes-men that never question or protest anything that the devs do.... beside this change was most likely unintentional, because if it was then how come legendary weapons still drop.

    You are misunderstanding, he have the final decision, we can only give suggestions.

    If giving a suggestion to him does not seem appropriate, he will not apply it, and what will you do? or you adapt and keep playing, or stop playing.

    The community can make the difference, making a poll and getting a number of notorious favorable votes.

    The thing with drop, seems to me intentional, that tou can only have, by faming outside mobs, good weapons and sub-weapons.

    Its okey for me, the game is relatively easy, i dont want to be more than now.

    If you dont feel comfortable doing UD/TMQ, you have the option to buy good gear from AH.

    The only thing that matters to me is that all of us, have at least one way to get the things in game.

    Its my opinion, its not the only truth

    Cya in game!

    Thats not the point, the point is that mob drop armors are a vital aspect of this games customization and optimization, and because you cannot drop legendary mob armour anymore means that players are forced to use either tmq or craft.

    Let's be clear, daneos can make the server work as he wants, and if he wants us to do UD / TMQ to get good gear he will do it.

    We can only do three things:

    Give suggestions
    Stop playing

    You take the one that suits you best


    You can also buy RP Ball Recovery Potion later on the game

    You can buy it outside, at the Vending Machine.

    CC Battle Dungeon Coupon (21F) = CC Special Battle Coin x 1

    CC Battle Dungeon Coupon (26F) = CC Device Fragment x 45

    CC Battle Dungeon Coupon (36F) = CC Alpha Circuit x 45

    I understand that these objects drops inside the CC


    Las Dark Devil Silver Coins pertenecen al evento BOSS.

    Una vez que llegue al 100%, apareceran monstruos en el mapa amarillo y rojo, dependiendo de tu nivel deberas ir a uno u otro mapa.

    Una vez derrotado a cualquiera de estos aparecera un NPC en el que puedes utilizarlas comprando:

    - x250: un titulo (Friend of Trunks : 5% Anticrit)

    - x20 Monedas doradas

    Las Seal Coins se utilizan en las Vainding Machine para poder vender objetos que tengan la propiedad Bind (Activated).



    Puedes entrar solo, pero es necesario pertenecer a un Grupo (Party) para participar.

    Sin estar en un Grupo, haz click en Create Party (se encuentra en la lista que se despliega al tocar el boton en la izquierda al medio), debes ponerle un nombre y aceptar.


    In my case, the only interest I have in building a speed build is with my fighter.

    It is not my interest to do full speed, i go with a hybrid, so I had to choose between thunder and blitz fist.

    At the end of doing a bit of math I get to that I prefer blitz fist

    52% (Weapon and Sub-Weapon) + 40 (SSJ + Blitz Fist) = 92%

    And never stop for the amount of cooldown reduction that I have, so i would be in the cap 24/7

    Thunder its op af, but it does not go with me today.

    Hello there

    I am not sure that the data that I am going to put in are correct, they are the ones that I could pick up

    First, we differentiate the two different types of cap, first one the stat cap: is the one that despite overcoming numerically, has no effect. The second is the cap in the effects of gear, which depend on the level of the objects and the type (Rare, Legendary, etc.)

    First I'm going to put those of the First Type:

    Cool down Reduction: 50% (Reduce skill cool down time by 70)

    Attack Speed: 93% with 1100 gloves / 94% with 1220 gloves / 95% or 96% with 1440 staff (DreameR68)

    LP%: 60%

    Anti-Critical: 80%

    Resistance% (Jewelry): 60%

    Now the Second Type: (All of this are in lvl 70 gear)

    STR-DEX-CON... : 34

    P./E. Attack : 67

    P./E. Crit Damage% : 33

    Atk. Speed : 26%

    LP/EP % : 26%

    Hit Rate : 266

    Dodge : 133

    Def. rate : 467

    Anticrit : 39%

    Cooldown : 26

    Success rate : 264

    Energy Reflects : 20%

    Defend : 120

    Crit Rate : 13

    De-Buff Defense : 320

    De-Buff Duration : 63%

    Properties : 13

    I hope it has been helpful


    If the monster has the DB icon you will have depending on his type:

    5% Normal

    10% Super

    15% Boss

    20% Ultra

    25% Hero

    All this information is taken from the last Hardlock video

    I hope you found it useful



    I understand what your point is based on, so much effort, and in the end did not get any reward.

    I see that the current system benefits those players who know when to stop, that makes the difference between the ambitious ones that do not know how to do it.

    I think the system is fine, also some floors give you potions that are excellent.

    In case of disconnection, it is usually because for a moment your computer lost connection with the internet, I do not think the team should be responsible for third party problems

    Somehow the server now knows when you are active playing, so you can not leave your characters afk for farm tokens.

    I also think that now there are 10 tokens every 15 minutes instead of 10 minutes, but I do not remember correctly if they were 10 before.

    The best way that works for me is grinding, finding a good place with a nearby merchant, full of violent monsters that attack.

    Grabbing everything they throw away and selling it, the stones from the u42 and higher can be sold in Action House, first look at the price they are selling, and if you publish them reasonably they will go like hot cakes.

    The zones are depending on your level, obviously the more the level of the enemies, the higher the level of the items will be and they will be sold at a better price.

    Also you have to keep in mind with what class you are going to farm, I would recommend a Turtle or an Ultimate Majin, they are the ones that I make fast for me.

    Your earnings will be increased as you have more space to transport "garbage", I recommend you buy the z24 from the token store, if you are not willing to pay 3kk-4kk for a z32.

    The main thing then would be to have a good character to do grinding, space for "trash", and a place with enemies and a store.

    It is not that hard, open the map and see where the merchants are, but if you have problems finding places, send me your level by private and I'll throw some of the ones I use or used.

    I hope I helped you with something


    Hello all,

    Any economy is responsibility of those who participate, we must be consistent when buying

    since if the supply of a product is high, but the demand is low, the price will fall, until it takes the balance point between supply and demand.

    We are all free to put the price that we consider reasonable in AH; in the last days I saw the same product published at 2kk and then someone published it at 50kk, that does not speak well of the second seller,

    because there is something called market research.

    Private stores should at some time be caped in a more reasonable amount (for example 999999)

    Touching the topic of taxes of AH, I think it would have a positive impact on people, because at the time of publication would think twice at what price to sell it, it would be good to try it

    It is our task to take care of the server's economy, being consistent with the prices that we are going to accept.

    In my opinion, no object of level 45 today is worth more than 20kk