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    let me start off by saying I love Dbog. I have always supported and never had a problem. The pre open beta that got wiped was broken, but the promise of a full wipe and fresh start without exploits made me except how broken it was. Bugs are understandable... but my biggest problem was the +15 upgraded gear that was exploited to get. I log on the past few days and once again i see people in full +15 gear -_-...soooo.. are people duping again?. why is this server already broken?...i think i may tap out finally after all these years of playing. extremely disappointed :(

    ahh the LP bar shows and nothing else... graphic bugs been ugly lately for me

    but some people like me don't want +15 i just want all my gear be at least +8 or +9 that's all if +15 hard +8 +9 will be very enough

    doing this isnt an issue... i just want to be even with the rest of the server and i feel the rest of the new comers should be too.

    I got to disagree with you here. Having the downgrade is way more useful to the upgrade system than without, because without it everyone gets +15 easily. If everyone gets +15, then the upgrade level itself aint even unique anymore. Right now I can understand that it's not really unique either considering all the bugs and shit that were used to get them, but taking away the downgrade from the upgrade system will just screw everything over.

    Well the good thing is we know the upgrading system works really well now! But being that the POB is going to be wiped within the next few months i dont see why it would hurt to disable it so the less fortunate can catch up. Evening out gear could possibly make it easier to see what abilities need nerfs also.

    Just think also... if we dont get the chance to get +15 now in the POB... we will NEVERRRRRR get to wear it PERIOD because it will be near impossible to get in OB... :(

    this is a good idea too. Anything to make it more possible honestly. But instead they are doing the exact opposite. :(

    This post isnt about nerfing or any of that. it was about how i suggest we make +15 gear easier to make in the POB since a large majority of players already have it. The server getting wiped soon anyways so i dont see why this shouldnt be done. The way the POB is running NOW should be used when the official OB drops... But since this is POB.. make it so we can have +15 characters. we talking a once and a lifetime experience here and being the testers of this POB we at least deserve that for sticking around.

    For what? If it's a test server, focus on knowing the game. There is not much time left for open beta, don't worry about this.

    And 30 dogi balls for +15 it's what people ask for, not us.

    well if you offering cheaper prices ill take it!! i wanna play the pre open beta too bro. Just imagine if you had to wear +5 gear lol. would you still play?

    For what? If it's a test server, focus on knowing the game. There is not much time left for open beta, don't worry about this.

    i cant wait bro lol.. It just sucks trying to play and make videos and what not knowing ill NEVER be geared. lol. Im really looking forward to this wipe..

    30 dogi balls for 1 Piece of +15. do the math.. thats alomst 400$ for a full set of gear on this server thats gonna be completely wiped. this aint right.

    I understand it was due to bugs. And yes the upgrade system is PERFECT right now... BUT... theres a very large population of old school exploiters. im talking a HUGE majority of this servers community. People just starting the game are forced to QUIT due to not being able to exploit like the rest.. You say level 15 gear should be hard to get and your 100% correct. but if thats the case why does this server have so many? ITS BROKE!. making us all 15 wouldnt make it easy.. it would even us all out and actually put SKILL into play..people can still donate for dogis and dogi balls.. thats the cash shop benefit. instead u got people buying 30 dogi balls just to get 1 +15 peice so they can actually play the game. the upgrade system we have NOW needs to be used in the OB not this POB... POB need to be evened out.

    30 dogi balls for 1 +15 piece.. rape anyone? do you realize HOW MUCH THIS COST!?!? i donate every week and still cant afford it lol. thats crazy....

    upgrade should be possibile,Now is bad and with this update Will be even i say multiple time i Think a upgrade system without downgrade will be better and more rewardable

    or this!!! i completely agree... anything to catch us up to the +15s. its pre beta so why would it hurt to make it so we can all test the upgraded gear. I figured it would help evening out classes so we no what needs nerfing also..

    So dragonball Scramble was my last straw... all the +15's protecting 1 ball ruins the whole event completely. I still beat +15's time to time (they are most likely bad) but 98% of the time its like hitting a brick wall. Now.. dbog team decide its better to make soulbound crafting gear and making +15 even more hard to get when i feel they should do the exact opposite. i feel they need to make a +15 vendor so EVERYONE CAN HAVE IT!!!! why leave the exploiters able to ruin the game for people just starting? what if we dont wanna wait untill you reset the server to actually have fun and play again.... this server pvp is ruined because of this exploit completely. You need to even us out... dont let them just have OP gear cuzz they been around long enough to cheat -_-... Im literally thinking about taking a step back from this game untill its fixed....

    ok so those random repetitive massive lag spikes are only happening to windows 10 users? I thought i was the only one lol. I noticed everytime i switch a zone or even if a mob loads i get a lag spike. hurts when tryna live stream :(.