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    Skill "Crane Presentation Mastery" gave too much damage in calculation..... really???!!! take a look to another classes pls,fighter with that crit ridiculous... and SK,?and Karma?... 0 balance in this game. GG :thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

    Cranes were bugged thats all.. I have a guildie who just used sleep and bleed and could win just like that, getting 2.5-3.5k+ bleed dmg per tick and the duration being 40 seconds was just ridiculous

    Sounds great! cant wait for it to be released, just some suggestions (maybe someone else already said them but oh well)
    1. the dash sound effect: i like it but i suppose you already know its the sound effect of the IT
    2. the duel music: love it ofcourse but as someone already said before, it would be more fitting for long-lasting bosses maybe for "BOSS" monsters or CC bosses, maybe TMQ or Ranked/budokai

    other than that i like everything, great job choosing the music for the maps, would be nice to farm listening to it

    To be honest, this was the best update for the DB hunt system they could've done, has so many pros including no more flying-around-all-the-map-tactic and no more DB mob stealers and much more, makes it more easy, some friends still struggle but the only thing that affects if you get good number of DBs is:

    1- find a GOOD spot AKA, lots of aggroing (if possible none have CC of any kind) really close to eachother

    2- Your class of course, as a fighter you will struggle but you can still pull it off in the right farming spot (im a fighter and i already have SSJ and 3 buffs)

    I think I liked the old way of doing it. It was much easier.

    Nope, just no. before you had to roam the whole map for 1 or 2 mobs every few mins but had the huge downside that, Anyone could get them and if someone wanted they could just get down next to your mob and kill it stealing your mob, never experienced what it feels to find a mob with DB icon on it and then someone else just 1hitted it and they get dragon ball right in front of you? that sucks.

    with this new system you can take your farming waaay more relaxed just find a good spot and start farming and thats it when the mobs respawn they will have 20% to spawn with a db icon that ONLY YOU can see, only the one who killed the mobs will see the dragon ball icon, and thats just perfect

    hey everyone I am running a lottery first prize will be a dabura dogi, 2nd prize Aloha Dogi 3rd prize popos outfit type A (gold). 100k per entry. If I meet at lease 10 entries the draw will go ahead at 7pm Sydney time Approx 3.5 hours after I post this. To enter send me an in game mail with the zeni attached. I tried to do it in game but I think everyone just though it was a scam. I will enter all names on There is no limit to how many entries you can put in. If I get at least 10 entries I will do the draw. even if the 10 entries are for the one person. just means they'll get three dogis :-). Good luck everyone

    I want to give you a suggestion, do this a little bit more..."official" maybe in the official discord channel (after asking the mods if its possble or legal of course) with more info because as the guy above said...

    who knows if you give the doggi to a friend of yours and keep all these money for you..sorry but i dont trust anyone in this community.

    i also may give you an idea? since you say no info on HOW the winner is choosen, why not do it with dice numers with everyone in the "lottery". everyone being present (if possible) the first x ammount of poeple with the highest dices get to do dice again without everyone who got "disqualified" and so on untill getting your winners? or if not possible to do like this (wich i honestly think its not) just do it among your guildmates

    the rates are shit and not higher pls don´t tell me a dumb shit boy!

    Hey, take a chill pill no need to be toxic, just saying that you just have bad luck or being lazy or dont know how to farm (which i dont think its the case).

    Just find a good spot and keep killing em mobs till you get all the DBs you can, before this update after every DB hunt event the total db hunt drops were around 300-600-ish the first db hunt after the update had a nice ammount of 900+ dbs dropped, and ever since i havent seen it drop below 700

    so stop calling everyone names just because they're telling you the truth, THE SYSTEM WORKS just try a bit harder and i hope you have better luck in future hunts

    They didnt know? Theres litteraly a warning.notification every 10-15 mins on your screen . How can you avoid that. They took the chance they took the ban . Simple as that . They were warned and now take responsibility for their actions . If they wannet to "support" daneos they woulda bought cp

    This. Sorry but you and your friends wont be unbanned, or atleast i think you wont, the gane tells you that is wrong, and every single game i've played forbids the player from buying selling in-game currency from 3rd party persons, some allow it only from their own official page but thats it. i dont know how ban works but just curious, is it an IP ban or just the account?

    i got a good place to farm cpt obvious the fact ist the rates are shit

    The rates now are waaaay higher than before also thanks to the new DB mob lock system, (Thank you [PL]Daneos omg) that system has lowered the toxicity produced from the event a lot, yesterday's event i got 6 dragon balls, (more i've got since OB started) i had 4 dragon balls for like 4 saturdays no drop, yesterday got my wish and 3 more

    Nah, NPCs aren't available, it's been bugged for months and still no fix. [PL]Daneos

    I saw at cap 29 and early cap 45 that people were selling that dogi in the auction house, i remember because i wanted to buy it but didnt have the zeni at the moment, so it wasnt bugged before because people were actually able to get it, the bug must be recent tbh

    only dogi that is meant for dojo is named Basic Dogi ... a NPC near dojo/rank selling that dogi for 7.500 zeni

    recommend ya not to buy it since its basically useless and looks ugly at the same time you just get logo on the back if you planing to use it just cause of the guild

    also daneos been lazy on making dogis soo he did use that to make founder dogi

    or more to say rip off dogi of basic dogi gg founder items that we got promised back in 2-3 years ago

    He meant this one not the basic 7.500 zeni one

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    Hi a question from where do you get a Dojo Dogi if you're in a guild with your char who has Dojo? In the temple there are no NPCs anymore in Taiwan you could get them in the temple where do you get them from in the game?

    I guess you have to be in a guild that controls a dojo to be able to buy it but i've never bought directly from NPC only from auction house so i wouldnt know

    i would only suggest, for mail maybe lv 15 but i have no problems with it having the requeriment of lv29. you get to 29 fairly easy if you're actually a player and not just a bot/spammer also, the AH its ok at 29, we dont want to see lv6 gloves flooding even more the AH, and as someone also said above, AH fee should be raised a little bit, ppl are putting overpriced stuff like crazy

    This game is done.. I just play couse is dragonball xD. I thnink this game won't be a competitive mmrpg. I play WoW too. Ecery class and subclass are able and they try to equilibrate for pve and pvp. I search on google and post on blizzard forum what is the best class for pve and pve they sey all, what is op is nerfed. They sey play what u like not what is op. Then if he can't play what he want's why he want's to play?. I don't like fuking nathing piccolo and rly bored. Imagine piccolo is rly op, i have to play piccolo couse is fuking op?. And this game have no future i think they will cap lvl 70 and then...? still lvl 70 in 2020?.

    This is an important point, what will happen after lvl 70 will be reached? people will stop playing and the game will die the same way like TW? after 4 years working in this game? I think Daneos have some ideias lvl 70+

    Believe me..if the game has success past open beta there wont be any problems with content for a long while, according to Hardlock daneos and mateos CAN make new content, and there are a lot of items and dogis that havent been applied to the game, also there are unused textures and "dungeons" that they can make use for making new TMQs UDs and new kind of events for example the map where uranai baba is in the desert etc