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    You say that as if the lifesteal change wasn't already big enough but also removing RP Duration from armpull was even worse. It's impossible to kill a good geared Dende and Ulti now but hey I guess it's not a "huge" problem.

    Okay but many classes have near impossible match ups like Crane/Turtle vs Karma. Sounds more like lots of players in this community feel like SK should be the only class that gets a fair chance against all classes from the looks of it.

    Well lets be real here the team has tried to balance the game but as long as this RNG/EasyMode/GearBased meta is set in stone none will be happy no matter if all classes are made strong as all hell or not.

    Its funny though, after all these years of SK being a Tank/DPS/DoT, they finally get a taste of what it feels like to not be incredibly broken and now it’s a huge problem?

    Realistically you've got 2 options:

    A) Nerf the classes to fit your definition of "skilled", aka change a portion of the game entirely

    B) Buff certain classes, and try to make it work. Obviously there are going to be issues, but it's doable in comparison to the first option.

    Well your choice B is and has been done since POB and its not working. Choice A is the better choice if you want the game to survive, yeah obviously it’s harder to do but it’s whats needed.

    I disagree, nerfs aren't the only way to balance. It's possible to balance a game without having it to require this arbitrary concept you call "skill". I highly advise you to google the definition of skill, many of the top players show attributes having this concept despite the fact they don't fit your definition of it. Actually don't worry about it, I googled it for you. "the ability to do something well; expertise."

    I'd say just about anyone who wins budokai is "skilled" if you're capable of pulling off a win with Arm KD, that's a form of skill. Regardless of whether or not you believe it, ping isn't the only thing you need to make it work within a couple of seconds. Karma's considered to be one of the skill-less classes in the entire game, yet Flundaa/Horrid are the only ones getting anywhere in budokai. It's the same thing with Shadow Knight, it's always the same SKs winning budokai. When I was a SK with plus 7-9, I managed to defeat a plus 13-14 SK. Well that's because they were a noob. That's exactly my point, they lacked the expertise in playing the class; which led to their defeat.

    How is a low dps class supposed to counter 1 button full heals? A braindead pull and KD?

    How is a tank thats built for god damn tanking supposed to counter a 30k crit? stacking anti crit% and hoping he doesnt crit?

    How is a low resistance class supposed to counter the almighty stun locking Karma? Equipping reflect and not doing anything?

    See how pathetic this meta is when everything is just abusing their broken aspects without a single brain cell being used? Or can you just not admit the simple fact you want this game simple and easy?

    ?????????????? So all classes should have no dmg and only be able to KD out to win?

    What are you guys even suggesting? That all classes should have something they can abuse? That all classes should be equally broken? That just makes the game easy as all hell and very match up reliant.

    You see this class abusing just one thing? No, this player actually has to use his kit properly and with strategy. This is what every class should have to do.

    Also suggesting SK is perfectly fine as a DPS/DoT/Tank you are no different than Skedar.

    If you guys really think nerfing one or two classes will magically make this game well balanced then we will never make this game great. Having this game take skill is what many want. Nerf Ulti, Karma, Dende, SK, SM, Fighter etc. and make them actual normal classes like GC and Plasma that require you to use your whole kit with strategy. Thats whats needed. Until then saying only 1 or two classes are broken is just idiotic.

    Here’s my take on this whole balance thing. There was only 1 true and good balance in DBO and that was KR DBO 55 cap before the big patch that screwed everything up. In this cap all classes were not incredibly over saturated like they are now. Only way for a good balance is to nerf all classes that had major changes. You’d even have to nerf PvE because its based on this broken meta.

    SM was high DPS, his crits usually only one shotted other humans. in 70 cap they will be One shotting everything.

    Fighter was upper-mid DPS with a strong DoTs, his crits usually one shotted other humans and even then it was the DoT that killed them not raw dmg. In 70 cap they will one shot all.

    Turtle was high DPS with dodge, again One shotted usually only other humans. In 70 cap they will be one shotting.

    Cranes was DoT but nothing crazy. Now they have crazy 1k bleed for 1 minute.

    DW was high defense. Still pretty normal right now but was more of his job in KR.

    SK was high defense with a bit more dmg than DW. Now they are DPS/DoT.

    Dende had great HoT/Heals. Now they have one button auto pots that heals making their HoT utterly useless.

    Poko honestly was always trash even in KR. Now this dumb meta gave them a stupid speed% buff making a ton of classes not wanted in PvE.

    Ultis were buffers with strong spins ( Yes they had strong spins in KR they nerfed it later though) Now they have LP% buff, resistance, and a buffed out cluster bomb

    Grand Chef was stronger in DMG in single target dps than Ulti. Now Ulti highly outclasses GC in Single target DPS.

    Karma were high in the stun department but low dps. Now they have high dps and great stuns.

    Plasma pretty much the same as it is now.

    Make classes normal again not this bullcrap Rock Paper Scissors PvP meta. This game has tried the broken meta and it just fails. Classes weren’t meant to be broken period.

    CCBD - long and boring and you spam it for stuffs you need and quit it.

    TMQ AND UD - mostly mobs, super mobs have higher LP than outside of it, soo it takes longer, plus none of them drop u70 stones.

    Simply make TMQ7 and UD6, raid mode, where mobs have same HP as outside of dungeon and drops U70 stones, and I will be first there to "farm" it plus of better chance to drop legendary lvl 60 accessory from bosses.

    TMQ/UD/ CCBD is not just mobs with higher LP. There’s actual bosses that requires the full party to use their brain. You cant just dash in and spam attacks like you can with farming. And yes these dungeons do get boring eventually but much more fun than farming and much more social as well. Farming is as brain dead as it gets.

    If this gets added, no one will farm outside in world map, unless there is event in play.

    I dont see the issue with this.

    My main problem is just how broken farming is compared to spamming CCBD,TMQ,UDs. Should be vice versa but right now Farming >>>>>>>>> everything. Farming is just much more consistent. This will kill the game for many reasons, main one is its boring. Gather mobs, stun, AoE how more brain dead can you get?

    Also in 70 cap there will be much less farming spots than there is now so incoming flame wars over farming spots. Not only is spamming actual PvE dungeons harder but it allows you to meet new players and even teach noobs strategies so they can get stronger/smarter. All of that is gone because farming is just too good.

    This game is either TurtleFarmOnline or AuctionHouseOnline right now depending on the day. This game is just way too rewarding for doing barely anything, and even doing nothing (T Shop).

    I’ve seen some pretty bad PvE sets from people outside of CCBD and I must say that most people here complaining about “no lifing”, most likely just don’t know how to play PvE without high upgrade. I mean i’ve seen +12 full CON Ultis trying to do CCBD for crying out loud.

    Also DBOG even though tries to be an official game, it feels like just any other private server. Fast and easy.

    Make everything tradeable, everything else no.

    Soon this would be added, everyone would quit game since it is hard to find even farm spot in cap 70, even on turtle island with this few channels.

    Thats why this should be added,

    4. Reduce brown boxes extremly and increase the chance to drop good effects

    Make the price of brown boxes in cc dungeon much higher and don't put to many brown boxes in events or cashshop. Gear should be dropped with the right effects not switched into the right one.

    People should farm the right gear in open world, tmq, ud, bids. Farming should be worth doing not something you do only for "fun". But for that the chances to get a drop with good effects needs to be increaed. It shouldn't be to high, you should not get a good item in a few hours.

    This will make farming TMQ/UD more profitable than regular open world farming, like it should be.

    Also about a none RNG upgrade meta, the only way that would work is if upgrading took a lot of skill. And the best way to do that is This.


    How to get that stone you ask? By completing Budokai is how you obtain one of those Dragon Stones. +13 requires 1 Dragon Stone, +14 requires 2 Dragon Stones, +15 requires 3. You cannot go higher than +12 without those stones. Its whats needed for none rng upgrades.

    As a former Ulti main, I can say Ulti is a great class but mainly what makes him great is not necessarily his abilities, it's the fact he's so easy to gear up.

    His basic setup, Foc gloves/Hitrate trumpet, LP%/LP%/CON, and props setup, and along with his great buffs go good just about everywhere. I am not saying this is a bad thing i'm merely saying this is what mainly makes Ulti a great class.

    One shots somewhat exist right now and they exist even more in 70 cap. Thing is, crits suck in PvE where mobs have 50k LP+. Since one shots will already exist in 1v1/5v5 might as well make crits surpass even auto attack speed%, it's whats needed.

    It's what's needed, more reason to play the games content. Right now it's AuctionHouse Online for me.

    I completely agree. To be real though I only wanted to do PvE because AH got too boring. I was thinking though, in 70 cap the PvE may be useful for legendary accessories. In retail, you were able to sell those gears through trade chat, here in Dbog all gear disappears fast in dungeon so even less reason to do PvE here.

    What needs to be done is make regular farming less rewarding, and make PvE spam the new thing to do. First though need to fix Crits and speed%.

    I want to get back into this game, but it’s hard to when I have to spend 1 hour alone (if im lucky) just to find a silly party full of trash players.

    Seriously, i’m surprised at the low amount of complaints on PvE. Spend all these hours leveling, farming for zenni, another couple days to find good speed% gloves, just to spend 90% of your gameplay finding a party who may not even be capable of completing even CCBD floor 55.

    Half this community cried at level 55 cap saying it was “too boring.” Bare minimum, we all got to do PvE fast and simple. Right now I only login to check AH.

    farming at 70 cap with a karma used to bee fun even more when it drops great , i prefer farm get zenie then buy boxes instead of doing bids -_- where dropping a great thing ( not a stat max item ) is almost impossible durring the POB i did more then 300 run of cellx / bacterian / karaken Combined and the best thing we had was 214hit rate axe , 20 cd kraken earings , bids and all dungeons are just a wast of time

    I agree. And it's like that because brown boxes are so common, so I guess Daneos just made legendary accessories extremely rare to balance out things out but it's a bad balance because you're better off just buying rare boxed medusa accessories instead of spamming endlessly dungeons for nothing.

    I will give credit to the changes made to CCBD, that's actually worth spamming too bad if you aren't Poko/Dende/Karma/Buffer you will have a hard time finding party.