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    omg they say "no wipes after 1-3-2018" so can you pls stop talking about that this is a feedback and discussion thread about the new client/test version not about delete 1 year of time that players put in this game.....

    Why do you guys try so hard to pin point that argument? They said no more wipe, yea we know what they said. But that was before the game got ruined....Daneos also said no more upgrade tickets in DBOG and we all saw the reward from Honey Bee Event the first time they introduced it lmao. Going by that logic, DBOG will never get a wipe no matter what happens lol. That's the death of DBOG. No matter what crap happens, no more wipe :) GG. Gud Game. Very wow.

    When they wrote "no more wipe" they didn't know how the game would end up. At 45 cap is was already sure that the game would need another wipe lmao. You guys who are against the wipe are just being selfish. I understand that you don't wanna start over. People who want a wipe don't really want it too. But we see how bad the game is and still want it. The new client will not solve the problems we have now. LvL 70 also won't solve it. The damage done to the game so far is too big. Can't fix that crap with changes and updates. It needs a wipe to start fresh with the new client and its new features.

    As i mentioned many times, a wipe only when Daneos can secure the game. If not, then it makes no sense to keep playing a sh*t game like DBOG is right now.

    If they wipe, some ppl will leave. But at the same time we could gain players back. There are many that check out this Forum but don't play anymore. If we wipe, those ppl could come back and play actively again since it's a fresh new start. The people leaving would be the selfish ones. No community needs ppl like that. Let them go lol. And i'm sure they would still play, at least some of them.

    Little dramatic kids here geeeez...;(

    This game is not what it was. We need to turn it back into a grinding game. Make boxes harder to get or better, remove them from the game (won't happen ahhah). You want stuff like weapons with good stats? Grind/Spam the dungeons. No boxing sh*t.

    Add break option again. Make white stone drop harder together with with green/purple stones. GRIND!

    Seeing it as progress erase isn’t wrong because a wipe will... erase my progress lol. And again you have no proof that the release of 70 cap won’t be able to save the game. Just speculation. Build a time machine, take a picture of the game when 70 cap is out, and post here

    But you are sure that the game will be better at 70 cap right? Or also just speculations? Build a time machine, take a picture of the game when 70 cap is out, and post here and show us that it's good...

    70 cap will suck just like now. The difference is: People are lvl 70, using lvl 70 stuff. And end game content. Which will suck hard since many ppl have lots of boxes. Some even thousands. They will need like 10-15 runs and they'll be done with equipment. Throw boxes in here and there and done. Welcome back to boredom + the game sucks even harder.

    Will lvl 70 bring back some players, Yes. Will it make the game good again, No. It's just numbers. LvL 70 is not a magical cap that solves all problems. People who did fishy crap up until now will use whatever they got out of it to have an easier time at lvl 70.

    We say wipe now with the release of new client so ppl like you don't cry even harder after gearing up at lvl 70 only to see how f*cked up the game still is. Would be even a bigger waste of time in my opinion.

    The new client with the new features, and the features in future should bring back enough ppl. But those ppl will find a f*cked up DBO, play a little then leave again. That's what will happen. Wipe with new client release ONLY when Daneos can show some protection against bug exploit or crap like duplicating etc. If not, this game is done few months after lvl 70 got added...

    It doesn’t matter what points you make about a wipe. It was promised there would be no more wipes which led to the security of players to feel safe playing the game knowing that they wouldn’t have their things lost.

    - Wiping the game would lead to distrust and a reasons to believe that many wipes could happen down the line. Now idk about you but I rather not invest my time in something that will be wiped.

    - Wiping the game is also unfair to many of the players that have to deal with their items being wiped because of mistakes that the staff of this game have made. Why should i, a player, have to have my items wiped because the staff/devs could not fix many of the bugs of the past.

    Ofc for ppl who do not want a wipe, no points matter. We all know that. And i understand why you and others wouldn't want a wipe. We get it. Same thing would happen to us, who want a wipe. You guys seem to forget that i think... I myself don't want to start over. But seeing the game as it is, it needs a wipe 100%. The game right now sucks hard. New Client won't save it. It's actually the best chance to make a wipe to enjoy the game with all new changes and all the changes in the future.

    If lvl 70 gets added now, ppl will simply rush to 70, spam dungeons thanks to brain dead atk speed, many classes will be left out once again, they will spam thousands of boxes on everything to get whatever they need by just standing around. Aaaaand within 3 Months, the game sucks even more. I know some players who have thousands of boxes which is f*cked up² to me. That's unnormal af! Then we have ppl who duplicated crap, used bots to generate money/tokens etc. to sum up: ingame got raped and it will never recover at this point. Unless you do a wipe.

    And since players of this community will be doing the new client test to find bugs, you can be 100% sure that they will not report every single bug. Some will find a bug, not report it, hope no one else finds it and then when it makes it through into official start of new client, they will exploit that bug. You can be 100% sure that this will happen cuz ppl in this community are toxic f*ckers. That's one more reason for me to wipe. If they happen to pull that off, you will see right away which player is doing that bug exploit. Then ban their account. No discussion.

    Went off topic here but had to show you what the game looks like. If you can't see how f*cked up the game is atm, then i can't help you. Ofc the wipe thing is not sure to happen. AND YES we know they said no more wipe after last one but let's be honest, many ppl here including me knew damn well that we would need another wipe lmao. Especially when the game started after wipe hahahaha. The game got f*cked right after last wipe and it didn't stop since then. The result: The DBO we have now.

    P.S.: A wipe is only useful when Danoes puts up good protection. It was said Daneos will have better control with new client so i expect better protection. If he can't even do that, forget the wipe. It won't solve crap cuz ppl will do the same thing again and we end up having a bad game once more. To me, this would be it for this game tbh....End.

    So ...

    - We don't have any release date
    - We should play on a dev server to test the new client

    - No information about wipe or not

    A lot of lines in the post, but no valuable or new information.
    Gg Wp, keep going


    This. xD

    I assume we can stil play with current client while new client is in testing by players. Makes sense. Just writing it so ppl are 100% sure to understand xD

    Ofc we saw in that Thread of Daneos on what's gonna be added and what's planned + many other suggestions of the ppl here (some are really good). So i can't really ask anything on this Thread here. We know what's gonna get changed so f*ck it. Whhops, got a question: The new client we'll download and test on, it will be the same that will get used once test is done right? Or will we need to download another new client? xD

    And this....i quote:

    "It may be that some systems will change, such as the upgrade system, the craft system, among others. I'd like to remind you that thanks to the new client, there will be a lot of possibilitys to add new content."

    Dunno why but i smell a major f*ckup or a major change that many will not like come onto us lmao. Especially the second part literally foreshadows what i'm smelling xD

    I see a possible major f*ck up and the excuse is "I'd like to remind you that thanks to the new client, there will be a lot of possibilitys to add new content." to justify the f*ck up. Or something else that will go terribly wrong once it's officially released...Anyone else got a weird feel about that part?


    P.S.: It's also 100% safe to say that not all bugs will be reported by players. Some will find few bugs and hope no one finds out so they can use it once it's official. I'd like to say the following to those ppl, who i'm sure already are planning that kind of crap...: F*CK YOU. Other good ppl that want a good game and I will find the crap you try to hide! :*

    SumTingWong You don't want to "ruin" a story that wasn't finished nor good to begin with? K.

    Don't know about you, but i like the DBO story. And yes, i don't wanna ruin the unfinished story just to add crap for fanboys.

    The DBO story is waaay better unfinished than addng stuff onto it to justify fanboy stuff. Just accept the story. Saiyans are long gone. That little amount of Saiyan blood remaining in Humans is barely enough to unlock SSJ. For that they need Shenron. How would they be able to go past SSJ with that background? They can't.

    Not having more transformations is not the problem of this game and it won't solve the problem. If you wanna have all of that fanboy stuff, Xenoverse is the game to play. It's based off DBO anyways. Added some fanboy crap and *boom* , the perfect game for fanboys.

    We went full off topic for that kind of crap lmao. Back to good suggestions pls...

    Dragon ball super is too much for DBO, better is to add super saiyan 2 which is very easy to make just add sparks around character. But even if the story says humans have 0.00001% saiyan DNA, the game got abandoned and story not finished. So why not we tweak it and continue that story.

    If humans are weak to transform to other transformations beside SSJ then what about Nameks and Majins their race is pure, they should have other transformations too.

    Y'all need Jesus. Can't believe after all these years ppl still refuse to give up on this crap.

    Whhy tweak it to bring in some fanboys? We have enough of them here already. Those fanboys you want, will suggest more crap.

    Funny how ppl think Namekians should be way stronger lmao. You think Namekians are as strong as Piccolo? Go watch Namek Saga again. That's where you find the answer.

    As for Majins, read the story. Majin Race started by original Buu seperation. He took parts of his body to create a wife. And got weaker. Then those two did the same thing to give birth to the first Majin child. And both got weaker again. And so on and on and on. They got weak by creating their race.

    Also Dragonballs can't turn Humans into a Saiyan. Dende ain't that powerful....

    Just give up on wanting them in the game. Use the damn mods and go SSj2,3,4 whatever...

    Yes, they probably planned the story up to Cell. BUT that doesn't mean Humans would've gotten SSJ2 lmao. Impossible! DOn't even try to "tweak" it your way. We play the support role to make sure the tieline doesn't get screwed up. WHen Goku fights Frieza in SSJ, we will be there and help out to defeat the modified Frieza. Same sh*t would happen at Android Saga and Cell. We would assist SSJ2 Gohan! Not go SSJ2 as a f*cking Human. Why the f*ck would a Human go SSJ2 anyways? SSJ is their limit. Getting past that is impossible!

    If this game would work decently when it comes to balance, making sure no one can hack/dublicate/exploit sh*t and have decent Events, then we would have a bigger playerbase. Why come to play a sh*t game that simply fails at the basic crap? Cuz ssj2? SSJB (which is even more dumb)... Just forget it. MOD your way!

    I used to be one of you guys. “Dont add a new transformation it will ruin balance/the story” But when you look at it from a popularity perspective, Super Saiyan Blue alone can revive this game.

    Seriously though, Super Saiyan is such an out dated transformation who even cares in 2019 about Super Saiyan these days. You guys have to take in the fact this game is in desperation mode and needs anything it can get to revive it.

    Edit: A DB Super dogi was added into the game, that already ruins the story.

    bruh, this gives me huge cringe attacks lmao. Super Saiyan Blue? For HUMANS? to fight animals? Seriously? Basically a Yamcha going SSB huh? xD

    That was painful to read....

    For those stupid wishes, ppl create mods. And by doing so they won't ruin the game. Sh*t, like mod yourself into naruto or into some dumb-crazy AF crap like SSJ10 omega God or whatever if you want to, nobody would give a damn since it's just you seeing yourself as whtever you want. But if you guys come up with that crap for the whole game, naaaaah. That's a line we should never ever cross.

    Also Dogi doesn't really ruin the game at all. It's just cosmetic. And before you guys jump on this, SSB is not cosmetic. Y'all legit want SSB transformation. That's a no go for Human race. Sooo the only option you have is: Mods.

    Enjoy them to your hearts content cuz nobody will care about what your character looks like from your point of view.

    Please just drop this Topic already. It's HUMAN race. Not saiyan. Like i said, don't f*ck the Story. The game got f*cked enough already. At least don't touch the story of the game.

    I mostly agree with this. The Game being the way it is now is terrible. 70 cap would be the same if it was out now.

    Yea the 29 cap was lame but it was just for a week. So it didn't bother me too much.

    The 45 cap was, as you wrote, really cool. Wa also my favortie cap tbh.

    The 55 cap was ok.

    The 60 cap sucks tho cuz you could see the results of people who used fishy things to gain sh*t. Totally ruined the game.

    At least that's my opinion on that.

    Adding 70 cap now with the new client won't change much tbh. Sure, the changes will change the game but thei ngame part will still suck. The amount of boxes in the game atm is something i never saw in DBO before. It's just unreal and f*cked up. LvL 70 will be just a gamble festival for some ppl and they will get the things they want by standing around and gambling with box tries lol.

    Wrote this before and many others too, if new client gets released, we will need another wipe. It's the only chance for the game. If they decide to continue with just new client and its changes, pfff, forget this game lmao. A wipe and then making sure none of that fishy crap happens. That's what will help. Sadly too many ppl refuse to accept this cuz they simply don't wanna start over which i understand. But for the game to be good it has to be done. No way around this.

    Don't wanna go into the failed class balance now. Obviously the ppl in the so called Balance Team don't care too much about class balance. Combined with certain kind of players (which is sadly a big part of this community) the entire balance got f*cked hard. Don't think we'll see a very good balance anytime soon on here. Too many selfish ppl...

    As of right now i don't have high hopes for this game. The new Client and the changes sound good but i doubt it'll really change the game to the better. I'll still give it a try tho. But it feels like the new client is just a new make-up for a beaten up face xD

    Looks good, but is still terrible hahahahaha :D;(

    It would make no sense no matter how you look at it. Why would a Human go SSJ2? Are those RP Mobs or animal mobs that strong? Or is it cuz those fanboys are thirsty? If you listen to fanboys, this game is done for. They have no sense of logic.

    Give Yamcha some saiyan DNA and let him go SSJ2 huh? That's whack. Give Humans in DBO SSJ2 and watch Vegeta come back to life to blow up earth for dishonoring the Saiyans lmao. And i'm pretty sure SSJ2 never would've happened. They wrote the story for the game and had plans within the DBO Story. For stuff like SSj2 or more etc. DBO was killed for Xenoverse. So ppl who are into those crazy things, go play that. All your wishes became true over there. Leave DBO out of that crap. Daneos would have to be super dumb to add such crap like SSJ2 on here.

    Just go read the Story of the game and try to understand. They literally wrote a great story for DBO explaining on what happened after Kid Buu was defeated. You really wanna crap on that great Story writing cuz of some dumb fanboys? :D;(

    Everyone who wants SSj2 should just drop that crap. Ask for mods. Should be more than enough to fulfill your wishes to be Goku/Vegeta/Gohan/Trunks.

    Use mods, go SSJ2,3,4,God.UI,SSJ God 4 omega hyper drive maximum blue 4 or whatever to kill them squirrels....just don't f*ck the Stoy of the game. Game itself got f*cked enough already.

    If shenron is able to unlock super saiyan for us, wouldn’t that mean dende has the power equal to or greater than ssj O.o Just a thought. Same thing with pure majin. Wait, if majins can become pure, that should be the most op transformation because pure majin is like a dragon to a fly when compared to ssj

    One would think that Dende became more OP. But nope. It's just that the SSJ Transformation itself became weak in the world of DBO. Shenron pretty much unlocks the hidden ability within Humans in DBO. Same as that Namekian Elder did to Gohan and Krillin. This time it happens to be SSJ cuz Humans carry some of Saiyan crap their DNA.

    Same for Majins. If you read the story on how Majins are born, you'll understand why they also need to wish to unlock their hidden ability which happens to be Pure Majin. They take parts of theirself and do some love beam thing to create another Majin a.k.a Majin Baby/Child. By seperating parts of theirself to create a new Majin they get weaker and weaker. In Pure Majin form, Majins are nowhere near the original Kid Buu when it comes to power. Just like Humans, they look like the source but are weak af!

    Ssj 2 and beyond will never (99%) be added because they would have to release upgraded versions of awakenings for the other classes to balance. And i think they are already having a tough time balancing the game as it is. No disrespect to our secret balance team.

    Nah, it's because the DBO story says that it's impossible. We are Humans in DBO. Not saiyans. Humans just have a little amount of saiyan DNA left. Barely enough to go SSJ by asking Shenron to unlock that ability. Anything beyond that = impossible for Humans. People just don't care about those facts cuz they are being dumb fanboys. But they can ask all they want. It just won't happen! You are a Human in DBO. Not a Saiyan.

    And no, we can not ignore/rewrite/change the DBO Story just to make it possible. It's the Game story after all. Also common knowledge also makes it impossible to go SSJ2. Always pay attention in school kids!

    So that to stay depedent on others to do things if this happens I will not even enter the game anymore

    You're playing the wrong Game Genre then. Go play other games that are made for solo play. And go check what MMORPG means.

    Also since Multiclient will be gone and you said you'll be leaving then, let me know what day exactly. I'm thinking about a nice goodbye Thread for all the other ppl like you when the time has come. Wanna make sure all your egos, of thinking you all are something special, will be satisfied.:S

    This is wrong, every class should be able to play both pvp and pve, have advantages and weaknesses over others classes, it's called balance and yes it would be easy to just throw some changes without thinking deeply about it and what could be affected by it.

    Doing what you suggest would imply to remove bind from ccbd rewards, for the simple reason that a pvp class or even a pve class such as dw is not going to make it or will be excluded, pve is not just farm, actually farm is the less i care when i think on pve, dungeons and ccbd are the real thing.

    umm...The disadvantage of Fighters compared to PvE classes was that they sucked at it. Naturally cuz FIghter is a 1on1 DPS class made for PvP purpose. But ofc Fighter was still useful in Dungeons, especially for the Boss fights cuz it's a DPS class. But that was not enough for the die hard Fighter fanboys. They wanted to be pro SSJ Goku and also be able to farm outside of Dungeons. Just too lazy to create another class for that.

    *Using Fighter as an example. Not hating them. So don't even try me @noobishFanboys

    Also what Haly wrote. You could farm with fighter easy enough doing 1on1. That's how i farmed with my PvP SM back in TW. Just kill 1on1 but fast. Easy. But too hard for the kids here i guess. After all they wanna be Goku/Vegeta/Trunk and wipe out everything like PvE classes do with AoE skills.;(

    The problem is you can never balance all classes to the point where all of them can do anything. They were not designed for that purpose. Forcing them into what they are not made for makes the game sh*t. You buff a certain class for something it's not meant to and it might end up being too strong in both fields (*cough* Ulti *cough*) since you take other classes to compare with. That's why the balancing in DBOG fails so hard and we will never have a good balance. It got destroyed. Back to the roos, little adjustments here and there and it's good. But y'all can chill. I'm 100% aware that it will never happen. Too many wrong ppl on here that just wanna have fun instead of having a good game. Y'all safe.

    Now excuse me, gotta go spam Burning Attack with my SM. Just kidding, would never make a PvE Swordsman lmao. THat's against nature...

    1. DW are way better than SK at farming.

    2. Ultimate/Chef needed a buff because it got to the point where they were called buff slaves and literally couldn’t do anything else.

    3. I think its a terrible idea because basically your telling everyone you stand no chance in pvp if you are not one of the ”pvp” classes. These things should be up to the skills you choose and how you play and not being limited from the start just because of the class you choose.

    4. Every Class should be able to pvp.

    to 1: That got changed that way. SK was always superior to DW before it got changed here. You barely saw any DW in the past.

    to 2: Well they were called Buff slaves cuz they literally are there to buff you. Those are support classes. It's their job to buff you.

    A little offensive is ok to the point where they can dmg ppl in Team fights so their other team mates can take the enemy down but Ulti is ridiculously OP here. Literally can do anything.

    to 3: Fair point. But certain classes are just not fit to PvP/PvE. As i said, if you change them being able to the opposite, another class will get trashed.

    to 4: I don't see it like that. In every MMORPG there are classes or whatever that do better than others in a certain field. It's made like that cuz it's meant to be like that. That's what the creators of the games came up with. A Fighter (for example) is a DPS character. Designed for PvP. I don't see any reason giving Fighters adjustments to make sure they can also do PvE when there are other classes that were made for that purpose.

    I admit that what i wrote was not really thought out well. As i wrote before, it's just something i was thinking about. I'm actually 100% sure it won't happen anyways since ppl aim to have fun instead of a good game. Can't change this fact.

    I've been thinking about something for a while now. And surprise, it's again something ppl won't like xD

    Here in DBOG some classes got changed into something they shouldn't be. Like they are good at something they weren't designed for. Example: Fighters/Ulti and some others that i don't care about writing them down. Some ppl will understand what i mean, also trying to keep it short here.

    People wanted to be able to Farm (PvE) with Fighters although they were clearly designed for PvP only. There was a reason why Fighters sucked in Farming. People didn't like it and they successfully got it changed here in DBOG. Same for Ulti. Its job was to bufff other classes. Literally the only Job for them. Be in Parties for Dungeons (PvE) or in Team fights (PvP) and buff players. Here ppl wanted to be able to be more tanky,more offensive with it. And it also happened. But by doing so other classes got trashed.

    What i'm saying is: Some classes suck hard af cuz ppl wanted the most played classes (Fighter,SK,Ulti) to be able to do everything. Classes like DW,Plasma,Crane became irrelevent. I mean why make a DW when SK can do the same sh*t + easy to PvP with?

    I'd say remove those changes. Turn the classes into what they were designed for. Could bring in some major balance. Like making a Character and decide wether you wanna do PvP only, PvE only or play as Support. Based on what a Player wants, he creates the class. If they wanna do the other option, simply create new char. By having Multiclient removed we have a good fundament on Teamplay between the classes. People playing certain classes will need other classes to finish a Dungeon effectively.

    Being able to do everything with only one char is nice for ppl who are lazy or just don't have the time to play. But it's not good for the overall class balance within the Game itself. You could legit delete DW and it wouldn't have an impact on the game...this seems so damn wrong to me.

    Depends on what you mean with PvE. Just regular Farming or also Dungeons?

    Regular Farming, for me clearly DW. DW legit can't die at farming lmao. High LP/Def + Heal Skill. Get some CD stuff and Props for more dmg and you're dope. Works without props too.

    For Dungeons and sh*t, go with Turtle. Turtle can't take much dmg but they got aoe stun and with good equipment you easily one shot mobs. Especially with Ulti buffs.

    Also Ultimate Majin itself is good at farming. They got kinda OP at it.

    Plasma Majin is also a nice Option for pure PvE Farming. Has good AoE skills. But the class itself needs to be reworked.

    Haven't tried out with other classes. But saw Fighters do Farm easy too these days(with Ulti buffs) since ppl were crying for it. I mean why play a class designed for PvP only for PvP right?

    Not a fan of this Food Buff thing tbh xD

    I'd rather force ppl into Teamplay cuz that's how MMORPG's are played. You lvl up questing/grinding solo or with someone. And for Dungeons you look for ppl to form a group. Goals....If you're not into that, you're playing the wrong Genre.

    People who played on KR server know what i mean. You could do TMQ's and UD's all damn day long cuz there were always ppl in front of all those things forming parties. I swear KR 55 cap was the best time of this game. And yes back then were more active players than we have in DBOG right now but that's cuz the game sucks hard atm. And no, it's not cuz we have no lvl 70....

    Now ppl here will be like "yea sounds good but it's not possible bla bla bla", well guess what. It is possible if we get forced into it without any other option. It's literally the only way then = possible xD

    Now the problem is because only 5 channels, or better nerf the damage of dark warrior, similar of cranes. And the DW never will be use.

    Sorry but you * or something? xD

    DW sucked hard for so long. Now it's playable. Wouldn't wanna see DW getting nerfed into sh*t again lol.

    Yes, there are only 5 channels. It's enough IF ppl could play like normal damn humans. But sadly in every game you meet f*cking a**holes who ruin the game by being the piece of sh*t they are. More channels wouldn't change this crap. They would just keep doing that cuz they could kill more mobs.

    That's why i suggested a cooldown after a channel switch. People wouldn't be able to do what that certain player did in that Thread i linked above.

    Cuz of this Thread: problem with a namek in farm

    how about a cooldown on switching channels? 30 seconds to 1 min. should be fine. Using Channel hop like that to farm on one spot at every channel shouldn't be allowed. Yes, technically it's just a piece of sh*t player who also happens to be a good geared DW. But still sucks for others, for example the dude who created that Thread.

    People just don't want to understand. Go read the DBO story a thousand times so you all understand it.

    In DBO the Humans have a low amount of saiyan blood/DNA/Genes (whatever). They are more human than saiyan! That's why they have to wish to unlock SSJ, they suck at getting it natural cuz they are more Human! They will never be able to go past SSJ. It's not possible for them.

    Yes it's the Dragon Ball World, but it's the Future! And the future is always different. You are not a Sayian when you play Human class. You are a Human! So don't use that bullsh*t as an excuse for dumb stuff like SSj2 or even more lmao. It's not working!

    And no, we can't just ignore or change the story to add that crap. It's the story of DBO after all. So forget SSj2. And forget every other SSj transformation past 2 lmao. Y'all being dumb with this. Go play Xenoverse or whatever.