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    Also btw ther REAL reason why people have their gear upgraded is because they used afk for countless hours in order to do it. Then it got nerfed later later on. Well that's for the 55 cap though.

    Taking out stones above lvl30 before OB started would have eliminated this problem. This issue will be nothing like this at the 70 cap

    This would not be a problem if they listened and removed higher level stones from the token shop before open beta. But it is too late for that. At lvl70 cap you will not see so many people with even +12 let alone 14/15. Because no u70 stones in the token shop. You wont see it much for 60 gear either but can just use 55 gear so....

    This question is mainly for team members or perhaps Daneos himself. I'd simply like to know how exactly anti crit works. I asked in a ticket and EsDeath responded but I didn't understand her explanation "It is calculated as this, ( Whole anti-crit % - Crit rate)". Hardlock also responded but seems he does not know how it works or maybe just didn't understand my question and closed the ticket. I even gave an example "if someone has a crit rate of 60 and I have 25% anticrit, what are his chances of landing a critical hit on me?"

    So maybe someone esle can help? User 8974  Aru or Box-head(boxbox) or anyone else who can preferably get the information from Daneos so we know it is accurate. Thanks

    It is not intentional. Was not like this in retail and the dbog team members already "believe" you can drop these armors. It is not the same as drops from dungeons. I wont go into how this does not make sense. Otherwise remove weapons from from outer world too and only allow them in dungeons.

    Ok sorry, I remember one thing.

    It was here in OB. In these first minidungeons like Yahoi Fort West (Humans), Dragon Cave North (Nameks) or Splish Splash Sewer (Majins) there are these Super mobs (nomally that guy, that you need to kill for the 7-star-DB). I know 100% there was a Armor drop, a Jacket or pants with bad stats.

    yea forgot to add that. excellent is the best i've ever dropped but yes very bad stats

    you must farm armor in ud,tmq and craft them

    if you find better armor by killing random mob it is a waste to craft or farm then in ud, tmqs

    so maybe they change spawnrate of armor that you do more dungeons and crafting

    lol then why have weapons outside of UD or tmq?? And it's not "better" armor. it's different. Like for example, there is some p.def armor that you cannot craft better or find in ud/tmq for namek. but overall they are not better stat wise.

    Santo Hardlock as you can see I am not the only person who noticed this. Can you go check the AH and find just a single armor above normal that is not crafted, from tmq/ud, or cash shop box? Or show me a screen shot of any you apparently have dropped?? This is an issue that needs to be fixed but some believe that it does not exist. Where is the proof? This wasn't the problem in POB (at least lvl70 armor) but it is in Open Beta.

    I didn't say which item it was, It's random drops. I don't really need proof for this. It has happened to me in PoB. It's hard to drop them. so I don't think it works for OB now. Believe me or not, that's up to you. I'd say the drops are better in dungeons.

    Smh, thanks for your input. I'm talking about open beta. It does not work for open beta. I can sit and explain why drops outside dungeons will be better in some ways if they could get stats on them but off subject. Anyway, thanks for the input.

    I dropped armors outside before, just bad stats, It's rare to drop gears outside of UD/TMQ's. Armor can be from pure luck of dropping outside as well.

    Sorry, show me proof, otherwise I don't believe you. I have dropped many many literally thousands of weapons from super - legendary. Hundreds of legendary. It is not that rare. But I have dropped ZERO armor. What kind of rarity is that? Plus NONE in AH?? Show me...

    Anyone is free to correct me if I'm wrong (with proof) but I've been checking AH for the last 3 weeks as well as farming as much as anyone and have yet to drop a SINGLE piece of armor that is Super, Excellent, Rare, or Legendary outside of UD/TMQ/cash shop/madusa. Not a single piece of any level of any race of any type of armor has been for sale that isn't UD/TMQ/cash shop/madusa. I've talked to other farmers and they have said the same. The only people that said differently were two team members when I sent in a ticket. They said they have personally dropped them. Well I'd like proof because I have literally gotten hundreds of legendary (thousands of super-rare) weapons but not ONE armor. Anyone else NOT have this problem?? If any mods don't believe feel free to check the AH anytime and show me just ONE super, excellent, rare, or legendary armor of any level for any class, shoes, pants, or jacket. This should be fixed asap. I'm surprised no one has said anything thus far (haven't seen it at least).

    Edit: (also boss drops in regular dungeons - crap armor tho)

    Since the latest update (the one that broke the agro system) there have been so many discussions about it that I have yet to find an official reason to why the agro system was changed, if an official reason has even been stated. One unofficial reason I did come across was to help with people stealing mobs (DB hunting, farming, ect).

    Whether this was the reason or not, it was a problem and still is. However, and easy fix for this is just to go back to how it was in retail. Whoever agros the mob first gets sole access to the items dropped (or credit for the kill - including 100% of the exp) for a short period no matter who does the most damage, or has the most agro, or actually kills it. The only exception ofcourse is if the original person to agro is in a party.

    I doubt this was the reason for the agro update but is still a problem that’s been here since pre open beta. I believe this is an easy fix and is as fair a solution as possible.

    Virtually the only reason that token farming is a problem is because of the upgrade stones. In Pre Open Beta stones up to level 55 were introduced into the token shop (previous max was level 30). But obviously the stones only went up to 55 because the level cap was at 70 and would not benefit many players other than kid characters.

    At the beginning of the Open Beta I believe the token shop stones should have been capped at level 30 and only increase to the point where the max stone level is basically irrelevant to the current level cap. For example at the current 45 cap the token stones should only go up to U30. At the 55 cap they shouldn’t exceed U46. At 60, not to exceed U50. Then of course 70 cap should go up to 55. U55 white stones is fine by me at any cap (unless u30 & u46 white were added).

    Not sure why this wasn’t implemented previously but I hope it is in the next update. A simple, logical, and above all, fair solution imo.

    Edit: And if it wasn’t obvious, the token system should go back to how it was previously. Farming tokens (with a ton of clients) won’t give anyone much of an advantage over someone afk with just one client if the stones aren’t a factor.

    Once the bugs are worked out, now that so many people are playing, it may be beneficial to have party and solo go on simultaneously like in retail. There’s a limited number of spots people can take up (if I’m not mistaken) so that would help there first of all. And second, if both events could take place twice a week (one on weekends and one during the week) people who work or have other obligations on the weekends can participate during the week and visa versa.