[ MOD in Progress ] Bra Female Human Dogi

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    So here is a little progress of another Dogi Mod i will be releasing after my exams.

    Can't wait to finish it and publish it so everyone can use it. ^^
    (Maybe i will alter the dogi abit so it might not look exactly as the original)



    Note: I will be adding her headband aswell!
    Also making an Adult version which will look more feminine. (Which i don't suggest using on kid at all.)



    Resource Tool Guide:

    DBOG- Mods [Tomlanji]


    Resource Tool Download:




    Previous content can be found here!


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    Check out my Green Alien Eyes

    And my Soulless Eyes + GLOW

    The Witch doctor


    FEMALE HUMAN content:

    Black Panther Costume [Male/Female]

    Bunny Outfit - Lace Leggings

    Mai - Face MOD

    Human Female - Face Pack 2

    Human Female - Face Pack 1



    Coming soon!


    Human Male Face #1

    Goku Face ?

    C21 Glasses?


    Signature made by. Atrea ♥


    LVL 41 TaiiKi - Fighter

    LVL 40 Axu - Krane Hermit

    LVL 38 Artixcs - Swordsman

    LVL 30 Axuric - Turtle Hermit

    LVL 30 Ryusei - Dende Priest

    lvl 25 - Axumi Might Majin / Ultimate Majin


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  • What a lovely mod, I may try to dress up like that in real world regularly, because it's up to my style. :)

    PS each time I see such a mod I wish there was chance to make mods for males with skirts, dresses, high heels and other female clothes, but there is still no chance. :/