Dragonball New Movie- Broly Confirmed

  • Earthquake in the world of Dragon Ball : Broly , the legendary Saiyan, finally enters the official story and is about to become a gun! It is indeed the official Twitter account of Dragon Ball Super announcing it, confirming this poster leaked on the net since this afternoon. Fans have long debated whether or not Broly was part of the official story - or canon - of Dragon Ball, knowing that at the base, it is not an original creation of Akira Toriyama. Indeed, Broly was created by Takao Koyama (screenwriter) and Shigeyasu Yamauchi (director).:love:

  • Neat, never been a huge fan of Broly, but him doing something other than yelling "Kararot" definitely sounds welcome.
    The video here didn't show much unfortunately, other than including music, for better explanation i recommend
    checking the videos from youtube, such as one made by Geekdom, there are others too of course. Pretty sure
    over 90% of people already have, but just putting it here in case someone is still new to this whole Broly thing.

  • brolys charactor is only loved for his epic badass fight in his first appearance other than that his charactor is trash.

    his reason for hating kakarot in original movie is quite stupid.

    and as someone else pointed out he shouts kakarot! like a dumby.

    hopefully they actually build on his charactor and not make him a useless terd.

    to be honest I would rather see him in a full charactor arc in super over a movie because movies only have a limited amount of time

    but hey hopefully this movie will be as good as battle of gods