The auction house couldn't buy anything

  • There are other ways to archive that!

    Anti-bot/hack systems, active GM's,

    24h "non resell bind" on items that have been bought from AH, raise AH fee to 10%(end free 1kkk shop madness)

    mail systems that doesn't allow you to send more then 5 mails to same person in 1 hour, don't allow to send more then 5 mails with ask for money in 24h, no more multi-client, possibility for players to turn "ask for money" mails completely off in options, script that shows GM's players that always send mails with zeni claim and so on..

    AH is a huge zeni sink we are not using here and everybody is crying because there is to much zeni these days..

    Also why does the game have to think for us? Are players these days really so stupid that they get scammed? I never got scammed in any online game i played - and alot of guys tried! If u use your brain u never get scammed - period!

    Me fail english? That's unpossible!

  • I agree that Daneos should and a anti-bot system, but I disagree with the anti multi-client notion. Multi-client is the only way for a vast majority of the community to farm efficient, or power level, etc. As for the extra stuff that Daneos can add to the game for example your suggestion about the turn off ask money option, well Daneos probably can't do that. Daneos' ability to add things to the game is limited to what's already in the game, for example re-skin dogis.