Well i'm back for v2.0

  • Hey everyone. Been a member for years, longer on an old account from the old forum/site but still, been a player of DBO since the korean release and super excited to play v2.0. Bringing a few friends with me and my co-host and I plan to do a Let's Play series and with some luck it'll help bring new players too. I'm a long time fan of Dragon Ball, so much so that i've got the art style down as Dragon Ball as a series was a major influence for me as an artist and now a game developer. I'll try and post every now and then instead of being a lurker. This isn't my first forum either so while i'm a noob, its only a technicality. I made this account years ago and am a mod and admin on other forums.
    Thanks <3

  • Oh I know all about it. I've been following closely for some time but we're on the precipice of release with the new client releasing at least and then 2.0 to follow and while i'm sure there will be bugs and patches to fix them, i'm more interested in what it adds and changes :3

  • Welcome Shade.

    I checked your youtube videos and there are funny ones.

    I hope that you and your buddy will make funny ones in the DBOG, gameplay videos that is, trust me LVL 1 RAT's are OP!


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  • Nice to meet you! Someday and/or hopefully in-game we get to play together.

    Also it's good to find somebody that makes Dragon Ball Online content, such a great game that's kind of forgotten in this new era, or just 2019. Looking forward to your channel. :)

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