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  • Hi.

    This is not one of those rage threads that beg the developer to "ples men add boks men pls im ned 16 prop ye" or dogi balls because farming CC isn't cool anymore.

    I'd say this is more a sign to Daneos, or Titania, or anyone who is in charge of the cash shop, to please do something.

    Now, don't get me wrong, even though I am not a casher, I tend to powerlevel a lot of people for cash points, so I (just like others) have already had issues with figuring out what to do with my cash points.

    As of now when someone donates their money to get cash points, they have two choices;

    1.) Sell the cash items for zeni.

    2.) Buy items that you will only need once, unless you're some maniac scammer who needs a name change every 2nd week.

    Realistically it is slowly but surely becoming useless for donators to donate. Why?

    Think of it this way. If we have 500 players and just 10 decide to donate, they either have to sell the items (which will eventually lower in price, since supply and demand gets worse) or just save it for wagu machine, which essentially FORCES the donator to gamble with money in order to get something.

    Now every player who believes in 2.0 (which I do aswell, so I know the mentality) thinks that 1.0 doesn't matter anymore, because we will be wiped anyway, and that's a fair point, BUT, you have to keep in mind that CURRENT 1.0 players donate their money, which helps Daneos maintain the servers, so the donators should have a word in what they want to spend their money on.

    It's known fact that the cash shop hasn't been changed in OVER A YEAR, why can't we just have the wagu machine changed weekly? Or two weeks, or just let us buy the dogis we want. Please for gods sake Daneos, it's really not that hard to update the machine every now and then.

    And also if we are in topic, this is ridiculous how wagu machine gives PURE GARBAGE, that's actually useless until the machine reaches 100~200, basically out of 800 spins, 600 spins are completely wasted, and rich players will just smash the wagu when it reaches a low point rate.

    But then again, I am not a casher, so my word probably means nothing in this discussion.

  • I have been donating in the last months and I fully support this post, it is practically a waste of money to put cash, since it is hardly useful to get something that one wants, the wagu I have turned it around 20 times and the best thing that has been given is a cc ticket 50 that in case you can buy it for almost nothing at auction, do not donate only for cash objects, but donate to support the server, but really the actual operation of the cash shop is ridiculously inefficient.

  • Not gonna dig to deep in the debate just gonna throw in my 2 cents/ideas

    1. If the cash shop was changed so that you could buy dogis with them being on sort of a seasonal rotation, anything bought form the cash shop should be character bound to allow the individual to still acquire what they want without rewarding ingame currency. this would keep donations somewhat consistent with the way most people tends to have multiple alts.

    2. Any dogis/kid clocks/premium items acquired by Ingame means need to be tradeable or at the very least account transferable, if they so choose to go this route they would be to implement some sort of automated event quest system that allows all levels to participate in, to work towards an event shop at the end of the week. What would be in that shop is up for debate

    3. wagu just needs to go :P, a better system needs to be in place if you want to keep rng in the cash shop. but someone smarter then I would have to figure that one out.

  • Roli also I am a donor .. and I completely agree with you .. Daneos is doing a lot for us and for this game that we all carry in our hearts .. but it is also true that even if we are working on 2.0 it should be that he don't neglect version 1.0 because buying coins to not find anything useful in the shop does not make sense..

  • Hi guys since this post it’s about the donations I’ve been trying to donate recently but I couldn’t because whenever I press purchase the website doesn’t do anything can someone teach me how to make a donation please ??

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