[EN] Patch Notes - 2021-02-27 - 2x Wagu Event, Upgrade Kit Drop Rate Buffs!

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    Hey Everyone,

    We're back with another weekly patch + weekend event! The 2x Wagu Weekend event has been added, and we've buffed the drop rates of Upgrade Kits! This patch is a bit smaller, we dedicated a lot of dev time to fixing some tools this week, and I'm happy to report we were successful, with a special thanks to Muq! Expect a lot more good things coming soon.


    • 2x Wagu Weekend Event added
    • Wagu Coins now have a 10% bonus to drop rate if the mob is within 7 levels of your level

    New Upgrade Kit Drop Rates/Sale Price To Merchant:

    ItemDrop %Zeni
    U14 Weapon/Armor Upgrade Kit45k
    U28 Weapon/Armor Upgrade Kit0.825k
    U42 Weapon/Armor Upgrade Kit0.16125k
    U56 Weapon/Armor Upgrade Kit0.032625k

    Wagu Coin Drop Rates:

    ItemDrop %
    Wagu Coin x10.38
    Wagu Coin x50.076
    Wagu Coin x100.038


    • Added logging to help track the party channel crash bug

    We are now successfully accepting translations, and much of the work on tools is out of the way (for now). Expect more changes to upgrading, more changes to crafting, updates to the Cash/Token/Mudosa shops, and a lot of new rewards and systems soon! As usual, thank you so much for playing and supporting us everyone! You are the best community, and we wouldn't be able to do what we do without you!

  • Thank you Verdant for the 0.32% of U56 Kit

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  • Hello, can you tell me what happened with the game, I can not enter please I do not know what else to do to enter the game please someone to help me I wrote to everyone but they ignore me please help me what happened with I can not enter the game, someone could help me please

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  • Hello there. Are the servers up? Today, after months of recess, I tried playing DBOG, and when using the launcher, it wont let me play. It says "DBOG launcher needs to finish patching first". The thing is, there is no patching process going on to start with. Can you give me the latest patch/launcher to download?

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