Already crashers in dbog

  • So I was in Korin checking out the scenery and I stumbled upon plat. I enter. And first thing thats happens is I get infinite stun bugged by Whtes (Every stun can do this as seen in the video). Now after I relog he/she tries again and again and I can't leave the plat. I've seen this person do it numerous times before so I decided let me start recording and catch this prick but this time he/she tried something else. Now I know that this is just the development server of course there's going to bugs, but when you got idiots like this crashing, makes you not want to play this game which means bankruptcy for the servers.

    We can't be having this type of garbage players in the release and for everyone who wants this "Whtes" banned give me a hell yeah ! because they will just ruin the experience for all players and this is exploiting bugs if I ever seen it

  • I understand your frustration. Though anything that happens in Dev server should not be a representation of what it's going to be like when we fully release. We fix many bugs already and we'lll fix this one to. Please report bugs in the appropriate section (Founder bug report) instead of doing it here.

    As for the buggers I'll warned them aside from that if you know how to dupilicate/cause the crash bug please report it to the founder section so we can fix it.

  • This is why I try not to pvp at all in the dev server, just find other things to do.

    Such as exploring the world :D i like to do that.

    I also am not a PVP person, so PVE is number one priority in my list (although i'll be a turtle hermit pvper and pver in the future).

    But right now, just exploring and doing some dungeons that work, as well as, fighting mobs and seeing those awesome skills flying hihihi

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