Guild <Untraveled> currently recruiting! [ENG] Speaking Members

  • Hello everyone!

    <Untraveled> guild is recruiting! come join a nice small community, we try our best to help out and interact

    The name of our guild represents things that yet we did not explore and that are a mystery to discover

    - Mínimum level requirement 45 !

    - Doesn't matter how strong your character it is

    - Doesn't matter if you are new or old

    What matters?

    - Be respectful.

    - Socialize with us! - That is the key of be more groupy and strong in any contest.

    - Use english language by default!

    - Don't make conflicts with anyone..Its a game after all.

    We aim mostly on PvE, also PvP and some events!

    If you are interested:

    My discord: pyrx#3434

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