[EN] Patch Notes - 2023-03-17 - Cash Shop Rework/Bug Fixes!

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    Hey Everyone,

    We're here with the first big patch post DBOUR merge! It's been a bit of a bumpy ride, but we made it. This patch was originally going to be a small bug fix patch, but there were a few players who needed help with medical bills, so I set out to make a fundraiser patch. Long story short, their surgeries came up before I could finish the patch, so the community banded together to crowdfund their surgeries! They are all taken care of now, the surgeries went well and they are recovering. Thank you so much everyone for supporting the community in their time of need! With all of that said, this is now just a Cash Shop rework patch, with the initial intended bug fixes as well. We hope you enjoy it!


    • All Dogis, Hats, Backpacks, Pets, and Vehicles (other than limited Endgame, Founder, Anniversary, CCBD, and Budokai items) have been added to the Cash Shop and Wagu Machines.
    • You can click the Wagu tab above the navbar on the main website to see the available items. Input 1 for Machine 1, 2 for Machine 2, and 5 for the Event Machine.
    • All cosmetics, pets, and vehicles have been sorted into the proper Auction House and Cash Shop sections/tags.
    • New items include Red Puar pet, Red Dragon, Blue Cotton Plant, Briefs Cat, 4 Speeding Beast Hotrods, CC Jetwings, Pirate Skidders, 12 Lunar New Year buses, and many more!
    • Gambler, Craftsman, Bounty Hunter, Event, CCBD, and Gladiator requirements for the first title have been reduced to one point.
    • Removed the ability to teleport out of pvp combat with Yardrat's Memory.
    • Removed Christmas maps and music.


    • Fixed a bug causing certain items in CCBD capsules to spawn less frequently.
    • Fixed a bug causing Majins to become invincible by using certain skill combinations.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the 3rd Kraken from aggroing or dropping rewards in certain situations.
    • (Re)Fixed a bug preventing movement in the Ranked Arena version of Kame House.
    • Fixed an issue with missing wish text.
    • Fixed a series of database optimization issues causing server lag.
    • Fixed a series of bugs with the anti cheat, and fine tuned the parameters/beefed up the logging system for movement validation and anti speedhack.

    That's another patch all finished! Up next we're taking care of the delayed Anniversary outfits from last year, the commission players from DBOUR, and then we'll be moving on to full time new client development! As always, thank you so much for playing and supporting us. See you in game!

  • Hola!

    al ingresar con la cuente en el juego y darle iniciar... se me cierra automáticamente el juego. necesito ayuda. gracias!!

    ¿Simplemente se cierra o dice "te desconectaron"?

    hi everyone i have a problem when i play the game every 10 minutes the server crashes so i can solve this problem?

    Can you send me a ticket with all the information you have?

    alguien del equipo podría revisar el ticket que mande?

    desde que cree el ticket el 9 de febrero no e obtenido ninguna respuesta.


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