Kid Buu Skills

  • Can we give Kid Buu a Dash and/or increase the range from target from 10m to 35 for planet burst? Also, for both Kid Buu and Great Namek is it possible to have the skills already maxed out so we don't have to waste skills points on them?

  • Verdant

    Approved the thread.
  • Hey Lordzurafah,

    We don't have any current plans for skill changes, we're mostly focused on bug fixes and getting the new client stable. Once the game is stable and mostly bug free, then we'll be more comfortable to start working on other priorities like a skill rework.

  • Adding a dash and Auto Maxing transformation skills aside, just increasing Aoe range from target from 10m to 35m for Planet Burst would make up for the lack of a dash and greatly improve the quality of life of majins (wonder) especially when it comes to farming Imo. Though, I'm sure changing it is not as simple as it sounds, so I understand. I appreciate your response and I look forward to what's to come for majins down the line.

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