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    Indeed it does have a 2 minute cooldown normally. Most crane hermits wear some form of cooldown reduction accessories, which turns the skill from a 2 minute cooldown to ~85 seconds (and this is just with wearing 2 x 21 CD reduction earrings).

    Cranes are still far from how they use to be in DBO TW, because the damage and defense formula's still need adjusting in DBO G. Cranes in DBO G actually were one of the most dominant classes in most cases because of the formulas not being accurate.

    Then what they have to do is to reformulate the defenses, not to nerf a class.

    Ad verecundiam fallacy.

    And you guys are soo fixed on set dots and kill for sure someone?

    Cranes ain't turtles or critic classes, they are slow killing classes, that use dots to win.

    Compare any other class vs crane and you will see that change is right still 1k slashes deal nice ammount of dmg even now, soo called "nerfed"

    Wut? Who said that?

    -In case you use a 1kS against someone with Solid Bleed (no rp) with the full 30 stacks, you deal the incredibly amount of 4.1k.

    -In case you use a 1kS against someone with Solid Bleed and Dodon Barrage (no rp) with the full stacks (impossible), you deal a total of 11.5k.

    it makes this skill almost useless, you can get that number with a Kikoho easily. Using your logic we can erased those needles and kames crits because "are turtles and fighters so fixed on set criticals and kill for sure someone?" Come one, I think it obvious the last thing this class need is a nerf.

    Not if they use burn build tho.

    Set dots, plus burn, and sleep, stun, don't allow to move.

    Burn don't have accessory that reduce, soo no point in having anti bleed even tho bleed + burn is wow.

    Then you are fixing cranes to only one way to go, denying the variety on builds which is something fundamental in a mmorpg. "You want to success on PVP? Go burn". And knowing that Daneos changed some things in order to encourage creativity, I don't think that is the way to go. Anyways that is offtopic.

    The thounsand can make the 70% of damage if you use rp now...

    Anyway.. is so unfair.. cranes +0 can easily delete a +10 character... a good crane with no upgraded gear can kill a +15 character...

    this class need to be rebalanced... like the fighter...

    But that is because defense is not applied to DOTs, you have to wear %lp and cranes are very easily countered with antibleed.

    I know we are testing, but when something is changed, we have to protest in order to be heard :P

    It is true that 1kS is OP if a lot of DOTs are applied together, as seen in some videos (which are just damage tests against passive rivals) but in real pvp it is not that OP as a Kame can be, as you won't use it with more than 2 DOTs (and it will be weakened as many seconds are lost). This skill, as it was, made Cranes useful for PVE against bosses, now that skill is worthless.

    PS: Does Daneos know that Graceful Backstab doesn't work properly?

    Those are crits though and 1KS can one hit with crit too

    It's not the same a skill like Super Kame with 20 seconds CD, or Needles with 12 seconds, i.e., you can spam it, than a skill like 1kS which has a 2 minutes cd. It's much more easier to get a crit with those than with a 1kS. Without critical they deal a similar amount of damage...

    Doesn't a Super/Giant Kame or Needles do so when crit? Giving that a class which relies on bleeds which are easily countered (and then has to take crappy burns) and has no instant stun (the one it has can only be used when the rival is poisoned, with a 1:30 cd), I don't think that the thing it needs is another nerf to a very good skill (which has a 2:00 cd) that is the only skill it has of high instant damage, IMO. The rival can somewhat counter the 1kS with %lp clothes.

    backstab definitely works in pvp ill recheck for pve situations

    I tried it again against a mob. If it has for example 10k HP and with backstab you drecrease it to 6.6k, it changes the number of health just visually. Just once you have dealt 3.3k of damage, the HP bar starts decreasing. So it's bugged.

    Actually you are right, the TS does not remove any dot right now, and most of times it does not work, however today i made a 29k crit from using a 3/5 TS with 3 poor dot's

    Yes I've seen that, in order to make 1kS work you have to apply a lot of DoTs, even with lvl 1 even though you just need 1 DoT to make 1kS work with that level. It's not supposed to work like that: lvl 1 > damage of 1 DoT, lvl 2 > damage of 2 DoTs, etc.

    Moreover, the Backstab has to be fixed too, it just reduce the enemy's HP visually, but it actually has the same ammount of health (at least with monsters, I don't remember if that happens with players too).

    I don't remember that crits increased the dot, maybe the phys/eng dmg but not the dot. Probably i just cant remember, but if you all agree that it used to

    The criticals increase the DoT damage indeed, bot just a little. And about the 1kSlashes, I tried it and didn't apply the 70% of the DoT damage nor delete the DoT, so it doesn't work. And it should be fixed soon as it is a VERY important Crane skill.