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    I wouldn't say both sides do it cause for one side to shit the other about some win the other side has to win first and so Far only one side is winning everything. The dojo goes unchallenged every week. They are using other guilds to do gvg sundays cause noone wants to challenge them.

    Try giving that argument in a fortnite or pubg community.

    In pubg it's a bannable offense to help players outside your own group in order to get wins. It's not the community that manages that but the game itself is about the last man standing or team. Scramble is about gathering seven balls and there are no rules against helping or getting help. DBO is what 8 years old? Scramble has always been like this.

    In DBOkr we used to face with a 30 player guild ( which was still paradise ) Korean alliances of around 100 players doing scramble , but different from Ryosai we wouldn't run away with 1 dragon ball as if we were winning something , we would actually gather our members and fight those players, most of the time we couldn't do much until ( due to other guilds seeing how we fought them) joining us as well to the point where we were the ones making the wish then.

    We could've just stayed in the forums cursing how bad that guild strategy was or we could gather allies in a dead game (DBO has always been a dead Niche game and dbokr was worse since it required fake KSSN and cellphones confirmation to play) and take the wishes from them. It's about choices , some choose to win other choose to be Salty. You said Scramble could be a very fun event, it was always fun for us.

    I want to hear a suggestion from you: What do you think I should do? I do not know if they know but PARADISE is a guild with more than 100 players with 40-60 online on average, and not everyone participates in the scramble. It would be ideal so I go alone with the full PARADISE (what would be the same as going part of PARADISE and part of the Champions)? Or do you think we are too strong and should we divide the guild into 2 parts?

    That's the point on his argument that I can't understand.

    So the game is dead but the alliance is huge. Is it dead or not? The alliance at the start of the game was actually bigger , it had undisputed in it. Since they left the amount of players that can participate in scrambles have been reduced by a lot. The same could be said to any guild, not everyone can participate in scrambles or not anyone cares so much to go there. It's not the alliance that grew bigger, but the guild management that is really strong. Heck the players that can't even lead 30 players in a dojo can't even fathom how hard it is to manage an alliance.

    Now posting with the purpose of diminishing the guild achievement is just sad.

    If He doesn't think We are strong enough on our own, our Dojo is in Korin unchallenged for the past couple weeks. He could always attest our strength head on and post his victory video or screen shots , but all I keep seeing every single weekend isn't competition but sad excuses. Heck , some players even pull out the bug /hack card without any proof , It's like this isn't 2018 where everyone can record things on the internet.

    If He doesn't care for gvg content enough then why even bother posting? I don't care for pve content and You don't see me annoying the players posting their CCBD high floor achievements.

    The DBOG community tires me.

    It is confusing if it is that way, because for the dots it actually is an increase of the dot's base damages, aka 300 becomes 600 etc.

    you are correct. The dots are fixed values. So when I say, increase a value of 100 by 200% , I'm actually talking about 100 * 3.0 , But when I talk about percentagens as in , increase a value of 100% by 200% , thats the same as 100%+200% = 300%. Or at least that's how the server handles those things for DBOG, I know this as that is how increase crit damage % is handled. Like how the mirror index buffs lv 1 increases your 50% crit damage by 7% as in = 50 + 7 = instead of 1.5*1.07.

    I don't know if that's how it was supposed to work and maybe one of the reasons why players are complainning that retail had much higher numbers. I don't really remember, or I didn't care for that since game was in korean ahah.

    118% bonus damage on a 206% base dmg should turn it into 449% dmgs, giving much moe than just 1k additional dmgs.

    what no? the GM is right

    The actual skill is 208% physical damage.

    let's say you have 1k physical attack overall ( after everything is in)]

    The final damage would be 1k*3.08 = 3080 on a enemy with 0 defense

    With the additional 118% from the passives that damage would increase to


    That same damage now would be 1k*4.24 = 4240 again against an enemy with 0 defense and the skill not criting.

    the difference decreases or increases depending on your amount of physical attack.

    So the GM actually stands correct.

    then he should hire some more developer

    I agree. It is amazing how much Daneos already did for the server but one person alone can only do so much and it shows(look at the size of the bug list and the actual bug fixed list). Daneos actually does a lot of the jobs by himself, he fixes bugs, he brings servers up when they crash, he tests new things that he implemented , he designs the project by himself, he takes care of the website , and so on.

    We've had channels crash , Dragon ball and Scramble times messed up for three days before Daneos could get to fixing those.

    Whenever Daneos is too busy living his life which he should the server feel abandoned untill he gets back.

    I've seen other smaller private servers that had a lot of people working on it and here Daneos is doing it all by himself.

    At the same time he does it if he wishes so. This isn't a business model per say , we do not pay Daneos , we donate because we want to . If Daneos thinks he can keep up doing it like this sure , It's a lot of work just for him.

    Distributing his work load would greatly help the comunity , also having more developers into the fray could shed some more lights on bugs that might take a lot of time for him. Some people might think he is taking a risk of people copying his work and making a server for them or destroying it. Well the risk won't exist if he uses versioning ginving only parts of it at times for others to work on and even if someone does copy his code so what, as long as Daneos is compromised with his love for the server , market competition is always healthy.

    User 8974 , tried my best to stay on topic, let's try being partial this time ok?

    I am so upset at all these people paying for the server just so I can play without spending a single penny, oh.

    I agree! All those players that are making donations to support the server should be rewarded with all the most pay to win stuff we can think off. Free players shouldn't even be allowed to complain, they are playing for free. We paying costumers can play this Free to play game alone, this isn't a mmo that needs more players to have fun anyways.

    We paying players demand compensation for donating out of our own good will.

    Isn‘t Crane as good as it is now? ;)

    oh you mean how they have to rely mostly on spiritualist skills to knock proponents out of the area?

    Yeah they play just like turtles now. I am sure not having a class identity is fine. I mean that's what every game designer should try to go for, all classes looking and playing exactly the same.

    The argument: "upgrade should be harder , so bring back broken" is Weak AF. If you want to make upgrade harder all you have to do is increase the stone values by decreasing their drop rate that way you can easily control how hard you want upgrade to be. By adding broken back you have no concrete value on how hard that just made upgrade and it's completely out of the Dev control.

    It's like those people don't know what game design is before they write dumb shit.

    Also I see a lot of people making use of the Straw man fallacy to support their point of view.

    It's like arguing with 10 year olds.

    What scares me the most are mods actually siding with that idea, they are the ones that are supposed to know game design at least at some basic level.

    This thread is so funny

    "hmm what do I do with all this money I have from my cash, Oh I know I will make all my items +13. Nice now I will make some for the next cap as well'

    *Few days later more people start to upgrade their gear

    "Oh no, those plebs are getting on my level, my gear doesn't mean anything anymore, I might even have to learn how to play this game! Oh I have a brilliant Idea!"

    *goes to forum

    "Guys, listen this is genius, what if , after I already have a full set of items +13 even for the caps that follow, we add broken back to the game? Great Idea right! It would greatly help me The community!"

    Sometimes I wonder if you guys think Daenos is that stupid.

    You wanna go ahead with that change? Awesome, wipe the server first geniuses.

    So at the top means rank 1?
    You basically less IQ than I expected.

    You don't even know basic English do you? Calling out when you clearly don't know the difference between among and at. Before calling anyone stupid do some studying yourself , it's better than coming out as ignorant as you just did. If you are at the top of anything it means you are at the highest, that's what at is used for. If you want to say you are among the best you use among not at . FFS , I normally charge for lessons so consider yourself lucky.

    Also yes we have no organization because I want a guild where each member thinks for himself what's the best action he can take. Sure this will fail alot of times but at the end you will get pretty strong members. That's how we have done it until now and that's why we are so strong in budokai. We don't communicate much we just normally talk about random things no commands no strategy talking. Everyone knows exactly what to do, same for scramble.

    Look what that got you.

    Let me remind you again that you lost with a difference of 100 points ( which is a lot!) while outnumbering the enemy guild by 5, 6 and even 7 players.

    If that was not due to strategy ,I don't know what it was. I recommend watching Sendoku vid again and telling me what impact he had on that dojo despite being the cameraman.

    If you don't give your player instructions they end up running all over the place without really knowing what to do and last dojo was proof of that, even sendoku himself acknowledges that you guys lack leadership.

    Don't fool yourself, You are not leaving your players to themselves to create better individuals, you do it cause you are lazy.