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    No it's not. If you want him to see your comments you write to him in a ticket. he only looks at and sees threads that are alerted to his attention.

    Simply owning a +15 weapon is by no means against rules. However, if you see a player trying to sell anything in-game for real money (account, item, character) you screenshot or record it and submit it in a ticket to him with the level of "major" and staff are all sent notifications. Then they personally go into the game and stop it. If the player is seen doing it again they get a perma IP ban on that character.

    Again. If you read the rules you'd know this, Sorry if what i'm saying seems rude, I'm not going to sugar coat something we're all tired of having to repeat and say time and time again.

    No offence, but you must be new here.

    The forums are a place for information, helping others, and guides.

    I don't cash. I never will. I don't own any +15 weapons nor any white stones, I don't abuse bugs, i record and report them so that they are fixed.

    If you looked at the website or the forums you'd know why there is no ETA, The only reason the server was opened to the public was so that players can help find and report problems and bugs to get the server ready for open-beta faster. Just because a lot of players decide not to do this and play regularly instead doesn't mean he should stop or change what he's doing to accommodate them.

    If you want to get Daneos' attention you could have written a ticket to him explaining why you feel like this, how he can 'solve the problem' and you will get a reply from him. There's no need to create another thread on this subject as there have been many in the past.

    You, as well as every other user who cries about this on the forums, will be told the same thing.Unless you submit proof of the individual you say bugged this or that then nothing will happen.

    All their items will be removed along with everyone and everything else in Open-Beta. This is a testing phase so don't get so caught up on it.

    Dudes. There are already 3 other threads complaining about the last updates damage changes. Please keep in mind this is an alpha state server which is testing new equations and code to try to make damage what it was like in retail. This is obviously wrong and will be changed before OB.

    If you want to make a thread please use the search bar to see if similar or the same topic has already been posted, please.

    Depends on what you're going to be doing.

    If you intend to do PvP i'd suggest you collect sets of each so you can swap and change depending on what class / who you're up against.

    For PvE you'll do well to have some craft gear, about 1 or 2 sets again depending on what you're facing (especially when it comes to CCBD)

    If you're "afraid" don't play for a week and use that life you "have" to do something other than play DBOG until the next update or 2.

    Getting so wound up about something on an Alpha stage in-development server is childish and annoying. The forums are supposed to be a place of information and help as well as understanding. If you have so much of an issue with this update you could have written a ticket to Daneos to get an answer from the only person able to change anything, but instead, you've been spamming the forums for a few days doing nothing but riling up people and moaning.

    Also, EsDeath (one of the moderators working closely with Daneos) has told you this will be the formula in use until they can figure out a better / closer way to emulate retail calculations.

    Sorry. But are you done complaining? It's experimental in a development server. It's not "our game" it is a project Daneos is trying his best to code properly for us all.

    If you absolutely can't play solo you can try teaming up with other users for faster completion of quests or TMQ runs. Damage and defence is being worked on so wait. The update yesterday was extremely overpowered to the point where the lowest damage classes could solo dungeons easily.

    Wait for the next update if you want things to be more balanced. stop whining about something that isn't going to be reversed as it was a wrong change.


    I didn't understood you Muh, sorry

    Daneos destroyed our game with this low str and dex.

    Now I dont see why lvl up a physical class, energy damage is higher, 1 hit kill all 30 mobs


    Please keep in mind that to even be allowed to get into the preliminaries you must be one of the top 480 ranked match players who have applied. If you can't win in ranked because of people constantly abusing t hose walls then the fact they aren't in Budokai doesn't matter.

    Wrong. Not a single person working with Daneos has suggested anything of the sorts. If you have proof i'd love to see it.

    Daneos is trying to figure out how to increase the damage to make everyone stop crying about attack speed not being how it was yet. That is literally the reason why we have obscene damage ATM, he's trying to do what the community is asking.

    However. it's having side-effects as you can all see/talk/complain about. If you think daneos just made this update because 1 or 2 people who throw ideas at him wanted to be OP for a week then you are wrong.

    I hate having to be the "you are wrong guy" but things are experimental at the moment, mistakes are supposed to be made to find the correct formula. The last update everyone was moaning about the power of level 40's killing level 70's and now he's trying to make changes. It's a work in progress. Don't spread lies.


    yea this update is a mess no doubt about it. some people in daneos staff are all for fighters and swords one hitting everything. which what the original game didn't do!


    Why must we get people nagging about this after every single update? Daneos has said he's working on it. What more do you want? He can't magically enable something now he's coded around what was bugging it in the first place. it will break a load of other features and mess up the game. It will be fixed when it's working properly.

    I've never had to use dragons punishment at all when levelling my Dw and most of it was just me grinding ( i'm level 60 now ) most papaya mobe are 1 or 2 shot by an energy siege and special beam cannon, the buffs make it so you take next to 0 damage when rounding too. if anything i think it will be more hassle to use as it's a huge EP skill?

    They exist but are completely empty (bar the mobs on turtle and machine island)

    There are no NPC or mobs or quests in south fran fran. And the invisible wall barrier isn't a small one like the turtle island. It starts and keeps going forever so you won't be able to land or fly around. (i've tried :D )

    there is south majin map and turtle island