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    Someone who understands... Amazing. Its okay if individual classes like Fighter,Poko, and Karma are using Attack Speed as their primary source of DPS, but when the entire party is able to abuse the mechanic it makes end game dungeons a joke. The first things that should be to neuter this, is preventing GoGo-Mask and Kami's Blitz from stacking, and increasing the drop rate of good items in BIDs/UDs?TMQs to compensate for the extra time spent in the dungeon, or you could just make the TMQs like they were in 55 KR. Another alternative would be to modify the stats of mobs in the dungeons but I'm assuming that would take more effort.

    A Wipe will only fix the issues of bots and upgrade cheaters, if the game balance is still atrocious, and bad decisions are still being made constantly, barely anything will change in terms of player count.

    I and several others who have either quit the game or gone on hiatus warned and advised daneos before open beta, and he didn't listen until it was too late, until all the problems we knew would happen if he didnt listen, had happened.

    While I don't agree with people charging back, they obviously did it for a reason. They were not satisfied with the decisions being made and the direction the game was going in. Had daneos just listened to the right people, maybe so many wouldn't have charged back,quit, or been banned.

    Lets see if he'll listen this time, until he shows that he is competent in listening to the right people before getting your hopes up.

    I wouldn't count on Rising Strength too much. It's definitely going to get hit soon because of how overpowered it is.

    Lol... it really isn't though. You could already dodge fighters in POB, so thats nothing new. I mean everyone can dodge fighters, they only have 72 base FOC.

    If you played the class in POB you would know that fighting SK Ultimate and Karma was extremely difficult, because you'll find out that high health isn't enough to make you win, especially considering the fact that 1 60% anticandy neckless and the class has no good disable.

    Special Punch isn't all that great either spending 5 sp just for a 3 second stun isn't worth it. The extra STR and DEX make it so you can actually have a Chance vs SK and Ultimate now as you could barely scratch those classes before, and they could easily kill you because your only good "defensive" tool was your high health you didn't have as much resistance, didn't have enough dex to be able to dodge consistently, didn't have max %LP, cant remove debuffs, or get out of stuns.

    And now that they have ONE good defensive tool people wanna take it away? People in this community need to play DOTA 2, if they want to understand the concept of actual balance.

    Thing is though Thousand Slashes is not just a PVP skill it was really good in PVE before the nerf, if u wanted to nerf it for pvp just nerf the cd not the damage.

    A SK is supposed to be a less tankier DW with more DMG right? Problem is SK is tiers above DW in DPS/DoT and is only a bit less tankier than DW. Figure ways to fix this team Daneos  Celestial Titania  Celestial Titania  User 8974  Syren  Santo  Box-head(boxbox)

    SK is supposed to be an auxiliary tank, he should be able to tank but not as effective as a DW. Could start by removing hell-zone grenade and the con passive which were DW exclusives from the start anyway. The Taunt needs a bigger aoe and hits more targets but with a longer cd. Cyclone, Whirlwind, Demon Wave, Disastrous blow, and Dragons Pledge all just simply suck and are useless. Dragons Protection needs a better duration and lower cd. Sharp slice should be physical damage but the damage should be increased. The existence of Broken Namek craft armours,no prop accessory cap and the shit damage means your only viable strategy vs non humans if you dont have 13-15+ weapons is kd cheese.

    Im mainly a solo player to. I farm zeni and buy in AH principally. But sometimes i go to the TMQ/UD and i find party most of the time.

    I recommend that tou try it, also you can know awesome people

    Thats not the point, the point is that mob drop armors are a vital aspect of this games customization and optimization, and because you cannot drop legendary mob armour anymore means that players are forced to use either tmq or craft.

    I think there should be an option to hide your gloves, because its really annoying being a non green namek and having your gloves make your hands green. Plus it would just be nice to hide gloves for cosmetic purpose, as sometimes gloves ruin the style of some dogis.

    Nice thread, you forgot to mention though they have the best spin in the game as well, with the maxed duration increased passive and on 5/5 it lasts 26 seconds and does hella dps. Also they can heal EP as well because of Regeneration Breeze.

    PVE should've been balanced like this imo:

    If you want more damage output, but less defensive potential: Pick SK as your tank, and Chef as your buffer/semi tank.

    If you want better defensive potential at a cost of less damage: Pick DW as your tank, and Ultimate as your buffer/semi tank.

    u have valid point but consider this too even if they had no CD on their 2 skills what use would come out of them if u couldnt use them?

    any human beside cranes can stun them, and as for cranes keeping pure majin from dashing wont balance them instead they need direct form of crowd control we have said it many times.

    u can use boots and stuff but wont be as good as dashing pve wise

    Well you have to remember, Kid Buu increases their resistance rate dodge, and hit-rate as well. An Ultimate Majin would be an absolute monster in prelims for every human class if he could dash. As for farming like I said, most majin classes have a good way to clear a horde of mobs and all of them can easily sustain lvl 3 kaioken with the proper build, so using kid buu would only slow your farming speed down.

    As for buffing crane check out chapter 5 of my mega thread:How DBOG Can become a better game for Eveyone and if u have any feedback i'd appreciate it.

    dude if we think about why everything is the way it is then why bother and change anything?

    that aside, as u said they can only use two of their skill which means u can easily stun paralyze confuse fear petrify freeze them without them stunning u they dont have access to their main skills which is enough trade-off being able to dash is mainly good for pve, hope this changes ur opinion.

    well u also have to consider that genocide blast has a 3 second CD for Buffers and 2 second cd for wonder majins, BASE CD, combined with the 40% damage increase, 23-26 cd earrings, and being able to quickly chase after people in prelims for easy kills would just be horribly imbalanced for human classes and especially classes like crane that already struggled in prelims. PVE I dont see this as much of an issue.

    Mighty Majins have their spins which are some of the strongest skills in the game. Grand chef has decent AOE damage as well and the best spin in the game, so they have a ton of other options for clearing hordes of mobs as well.

    Wonder Majins have amazing AOE damage as well.

    You can also wear movement speed boots, get speed on your cosmetics, or if you have a karma or poko in your team have them buff you for speed, so i dont really see the issue.

    I'm not a human main, but I do want balance in this game, and humans already struggle enough.

    Just think about why they can't use any of their skills except genocide blast and planet burst. Imagine the horror humans would experience in Prelims vs a full 12+ ultimate majin with 67 props, 23k health, 60% with kid buu being able to dash. Kid buu gives a 40% damage increase, the highest in the game, it would be too much for humans to handle.

    Every transformation has its strengths and drawbacks, for SSJ they gain amazing speed,dodge,resistance, and hitrate at a cost of a hefty ep drain. For Great Namek they get the best defenses and health, amazing aoe damage(for dragon clan), attack speed, but they have a time limit, cannot use other skills, and are slowed. Kid Buu you get the best damage increase in the game, combined with 2 extremely powerful aoe skills on low cooldowns, and decent resistance, like great namek they're slower, and cannot use other skills, the EP drain is not even an issue for them as it also increases their maximum EP by a ton, and most buffers have around 8k-12k EP at lvl 70. Wonder Majins also have a nice amount of EP and also have serene focus.