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    The problem is, a good turtle can easily beat any SKs especially now that arm pull is nerfed and DW is even easier for turtles however a good karma can also beat SKs.

    The main problem is ultimates are like brick walls, i can't even think of 1 class can actually kill a good geared ultimate.

    This game is simply a rock,paper,scissor game where one class defeats another and so on, however ultimates can go against any classes or at least draw against them.

    Best turtle? i hope you don't mean divine lol because the only reason he went to the finals that day was because he crashed everyone.

    Regarding turtles vs ultimates, if the turtle goes full focus they will only have around 8-9k hp and a good geared ultimate will easily be able to 1-2 hit them then.

    If you don't go full focus you will hardly hit them.

    the thing is, most people are so used to fighting SK, and humans.

    Most players arent really equipped/experienced for dealing with ultimate majins atm.

    Enlighten me on what counter play you're talking about? You're only looking at the classes that you struggle to kill and have to dice against, but what about the other 50% of the classes? Weren't this the reason RP on Arm Pull also got removed? Because 50% of the classes had to no counter play against it.

    Only tankier classes have counter play against Ultimates, using full focus isn't even ideal considering Ultimates are out here 1 or 2 shotting humans. Not to mention you'd have to opt in 2 types of defences against an Ultimate which makes the opponent even less tankier.

    And again, just because there are only 2 Ultimates that are accomplishing stuff in 1v1 solo Budokai doesn't mean the class isn't broken. For instance, Karma Majin has a similar case; only 2 players that are good, yet it still got nerfed and still deserves more nerfs.

    lmao, name 2 UM who won budo

    Lol theres just 1 ultimate player winning stuff ^^

    I counted 3 UM who reached the finals... they have very op gear otherwise there would be many more, do not you think?

    That argument is clearly invalid. There are only 2 Karmas who consistently reach the Top 4 in solo Budokai, and yet it keeps getting nerfed.

    Just because Ultimate Majin has less players playing it PvP wise doesn't mean its not broken. The reasoning for that is because the game play is very boring and people would rather play something more fun. Since Arm pull got nerfed, Ultimate Majin might actually be the strongest class in solo Budokai and it's only going to get worse at 70cap.

    Ultimate Majin obviously needs a nerf and only people who main that class would say otherwise.

    This is a good way of runing turtles even more.

    Turtle critical damage is WAY beyond trash already, now we don't even have the edge with kames / spirit ball anymore, cool. Way to go.

    In solo budokai turtles don't rely on kames or spirit ball anyway and in 5v5 budokai nobody turns their back against you, so there this nerf is nothing for turtles.

    That makes sense but no matter how good or logical suggestions you make on this forum the DBOG staff won't try to change a thing or even hear you out

    This is exactly what i think as well, that's why i am surprised when people keep making suggestions when Daneos has not commented on a single one of them or at least a mod, other than warning people.

    You still don't understand, do you? Karma beats everything Ultimate cannot beat without playing the dice with the exception of Dark Warrior and Shadow Knight, and a well geared Ultimate shits on Karma.

    People actually think Daneos has the time to make anti-cheat system when he is working on this game by himself, it's already taking 4-6 months for this "big update" to happen and we are not getting the weekly wagu machine change or buff/nerfs anymore.

    Another thing is that the wipe won't change the fact that there is 0 content at the moment until lvl 70.

    We won't, Daneos already said no more wipes after open beta, also the lack of him saying anything on the forums means he doesn't care about the forums.

    How ironic, you want me to educate myself however you can't even use proper grammar, punctuation and spelling.

    If you have nothing useful to say like in all the other threads, where you only rage and think that you are so smart, then I would suggest you to stop typing and actually do something useful other than stand at the platform all day.

    I don't understand why so many people want a wipe, by just reading what people are saying it seems as though most people that do want a wipe either don't even play the game and if they do hardly play any budokai,end game pve or scramble where gear actually matters or people who cashed so they don't mind.

    The chinese players that are botting are useless then can't win they just stand at the platform, not that i condone botting but it actually reduces the prices on the AH.

    Sure, a item wipe would make some people quit.

    But if bots get removed, the game will be so much better after a item wipe.

    And in long term, players will return , because game and economy is much better.

    Yes players who cashed will return but the players who actually spent all their farming will not come back.

    I know a lot of players who were only playing because they had no school/university at that time and now it's time for most people to go back to school.

    Plasma is already viable in 5v5 budokai, people need to stop acting like every class made for 1v1 pvp or pve.

    I don't even understand why you comment this if you have nothing interesing to say, first you suggest that plasma is fine because can go to 5 vs 5 and now you saying that daneos wont change shlt and you suggest that our suggestions are for nothing, typical moron who always will find shitty reason and excuses just for prove his "rights" i despise with members like you

    Ah here comes the random no name kiddo who can't even read, you don't even play plasma so why are you talking? at least i played plasma unlike you.

    Why is it always that the forum warriors act big here but are bad in game aka people like you Bad Picollo.

    I don't know if you are serious or trolling but if you are serious i actually feel sorry for you. Do you really think Daneos will make any changes or listen to these suggestions when he is working on that big update.

    This game is being worked on by only 1 person he won't be able to listen to all these "suggestions" and i doubt most of them will even help the game.

    karma is a god in 1v1, required in pve, and awesome in 5v5, dojo war, and scramble, high dps, decent tank and ungodly stuns and debuffs and kd spamable. Plasma doesnt even come close

    You do realise, Daneos will never have enough time to balance all the classes also since KR Dbo this game has never been balanced and never will be balanced.

    Karma is only good in 1v1 if the player is good so at the moment that is only Flundaa and Horrid, also only Flundaa can pull a karma off in 5v5 other than that i haven't seen any karma do well.

    The point i am trying to make is, if the original staff of DBO retail did not want to buff/nerf classes or did not have the time what makes you guys think Daneos does.

    Aww the buggers/hackers are getting banned and now they are crying. If you don't want to get banned don't do anything that is against the rules and don't ask for proof, the GMs don't need to get you anything.