Build Helper: Turtle Hermit Skills [ENGLISH GUIDE]

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    Spiritualist - Turtle Hermit


    If we were to talk about a class with massive AOE (Area of Effect) power, you’d instantly think of a Turtle Hermit. They can be considered the top class in terms of raw power, and they aren’t afraid to show it. Because of how their tree and primary skills are set up, it’s really hard to screw up a build for a Turtle Hermit, especially when they can easily go Hybrid and still be very viable. Very popular and very useful, be prepared to see yourself going into end-game dungeons as one of the (if not THE) team’s DPS member. Suffice to say, Turtle Hermits aren’t perfect. Having the category of Glass Cannon, Turtle Hermits can dish out damage, but not take a lot of damage. This can especially be troublesome if you accidentally find yourself surrounded by mobs and don’t have your AOE available. Trying to make a Turtle a tank is like trying to mix oil and water; it’s not going to work.

    I’m not going to give the “perfect” build, but instead info on each skill to help decide for yourself what to choose when making your build. A lot of this info has come from extensive testing and experience, but not everything is perfect so please bear with me.

    WARNING TO PLAYERS: Because of the class item known as Turtle Book, it is heavily advised that when making your Turtle Hermit you make them female. This because the Turtle Book item gives female characters max RP balls when used making them much better than male Turtle Hermits. This is subject to change as the game continues, but for now the game appears to be sexist when it comes to Turtle Hermits.

    Here's where you can start building your Turtle Hermit! Click Click.

    === Spiritualist Attacks ===

    c9yUx9O.pngRapid Shot


    sq3AOgu.pngSpirit Ball

    hnDLQK0.pngDestructo Disk

    ExiqzqC.pngDouble Bleed

    CSybL9b.pngArea Bleed

    Y5QRE02.pngSolid Bleed

    2SctNc0.pngPoison Bleed

  • === Spiritualist Buffs ===

    muDOgGs.pngPhysical Damage Crippling Curse

    TTMxm8T.pngSpeed Restrain

    ACJvPTy.pngEnergy Reduction

    PzsTVtw.pngWeaken Defense

    nKvrOSP.pngSpiritual Damage Boost

    5YzyVHS.pngEP Recovery

    LbPulf3.pngSpiritual Damage Cut


  • dFUqDKi.pngKaio-Ken

    A4C5gyG.pngSuper Saiyan


    === Passive Buffs (always active) ===

    3eQlKAO.pngIncreased Persisted Damage Time

    ChIt3h9.pngIncreased Persisted Damage

  • === Turtle Hermit Skills ===

    Fj8R2zP.pngTurtle Rod Strike

    WedOGkH.pngScatter Shot

    9KKARbI.pngSuper Kamehameha

    vRVVg87.pngConsecutive Disks

    Zhmjeu8.pngSpirit Rod

    kd1Hyi0.pngGiant Kamehameha

    f2hdZFm.pngTurtle Rod Hurl

    JAbT4Jq.pngTurtle Rod Impale

  • LujavdY.pngSpiritual Damage Breakthrough

    MDWZ8n5.pngPhysical Defense Boost

    DKOqBMZ.pngClear Mirror Index

    JI0ziCb.pngAttack Speed Shackle

    K6H8u1Z.pngSpiritual Defense Boost


    qR3eEf7.pngSudden Stun

    === Passive Turtle Hermit Buffs (always active) ===

    kkirJf2.pngPrehistoric Turtle Mastery

    7DPjYaJ.pngSpiritual Attack Rise

    gCOiTiS.pngIncrease Agility


    === Dragon King Buffs and which I should get first ===

    Like most classes, the best one to start out with is the Dragon King’s Constitution xccnN44.pngbuff as it helps with the Turtle Hermit’s low LP. Next you would want to get the Dragon King’s Focus p0VRrgB.pngbuff as it further increases your hit rate, crit rate, and success rate even more. Finally, you can get the Dragon King’s Soul cBLLOu1.pngbuff to further increase your damage, though you can just as easily skip this buff. The rest are mostly for bragging rights, although you shouldn’t bother getting the Dragon King’s Strength g1ZNUMR.pngbuff as it’s completely useless to your Turtle Hermit.

  • So you actually went through with it! dirty job thief. bde9b0c674e6f35.png

    I find some things disagreeable, as we have some differing opinions and views. Energy Reduction's great for keeping up Kaioken forever. And in the past, with Kaioken's crit stacking it was possible to put enemies to sleep, use Kaioken x4 to get a guaranteed critical Super Kamehameha and then follow up with insane powerboosts. No perfect anti-crit gear meant you were screwed, PERIOD.

    Honestly, that combination that was so insanely overpowered, both in PvP and PvE, that it's likely the main reason Daneos wants to see Kaioken stacking dead for good. Spiritualists also benefit from SSJ in PvP when Kaioken isn't available BECAUSE they can put enemies to sleep and power up to that form. The CD just prevents it from being spammed.

    But I'll keep the rest of my nitpicks to myself. Good job again on going through with all this! :dpeace:

  • Well with people giving Energy Reduction credit I'll alter my review on it, especially since I like it too.

    I actually want to hear these nitpicks of yours if you don't mind.

  • Good job Sapha, although I disagree with your recommendation on Energy Reduction.


    First off great guide, why do you disagree with the recommendation on energy reduction? if you hypnosis someone you can put the buff on yourself to heal, it's as great as serene focus

    IGN: 18_small.png Melodious / 15_small.png Butterfinger


  • First off great guide, why do you disagree with the recommendation on energy reduction? if you hypnosis someone you can put the buff on yourself to heal, it's as great as serene focus

    I disagreed with his previous recommendation (which was the complete opposite). After both Echoson and me commented about it...

    Well with people giving Energy Reduction credit I'll alter my review on it, especially since I like it too.

    Sapha changed his review, which I now agree with.

  • Here's an example of a build (my build to be exact) for those who are needing an example...IN PICTURE FORM! :D
    Some notes about my build...

    • Attack Speed Shackle is at 0 because, as I stated, its usage is situational and I already have the support I can give.
    • I went with Kamehameha over Turtle Rod Hurl due to the lack of end lag as I felt that could better advantage of the KD effect. However, I did only invest 3 SP as I suggested.
    • I invested in Increase Agility because, while small, the resistance is still useful in PvE and PvP. An example of this would be against Fighters: while the chances of their stuns being resisted is still a bit low, it's better than not having anything at all and this adds a slight advantage against them. Also Speed Fighters aren't going to be common if Attack Speed gets capped to a lower number.
    • Spirit Rod is at 1 SP because that's all I had left to spare.

    Hope this helps, and feel free to ask questions.

  • @BlazingBarrager

    What's your damage with rapid shot 5/5 (regular and crit) with your turtle buffs only.

    For context, I'd also like to know your weapon stats and your e attack.

    I use rapid shot at lvl 1 because it still feels like a valid option and I don't have to spend any SP on it, but I'd like to know how is it for someone that has it maxed.


  • It does pretty decent damage even at +1 gloves (just upgraded to +2...freaken stone drop rate) and its crits deal nice damage. Using it in Super Saiyan and Kaio-Ken really ups the damage and it can be chained easily. Its crits also deal enough damage to kill mobs like the level 69 zombies on Papaya.

    Normal hit with 1556 E.Atk is 4610 damage.
    Crit hit with 1556 E.Atk is 9060 damage. Crit Damage % is 42 from 27% Wand and Clear Mirror Index buff

    The damage includes Spiritual Breakthrough buff, both E.Atk passives, and Super Saiyan active

    As I said, it's a good combo skill to use in between your AOEs or after a KD from (Super) Kame.

  • I slightly edited the description on Turtle Rod Impale after some experimentation with the skill. As I stated in the description, if you plan on getting this skill go for either 2 or 4 SP because of Increase Duration RP effect.