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  • Hello Guys.

    I’m keeping it slightly more professional than last time.

    Welcome to the Dende Guide


    . . . . . . . .This guide is not a “build helper” that explains every skill in the Dende kit; however, it does mention every skill that may concern you as a Dende player and will discuss builds that you may be interested in having around. Due to the fairly new weekly reset system which I think everyone is thankful for, you can personally experience with Dende to your heart’s content and have a good time figuring out what you think is the best build. Not everyone plays the same.


    1. Completely New To DBOG -
      1. What heals to use and when to use them to maximize your ability as a Dende.
      2. How to heal without overextending or Wasting EP.
    2. Played DBOG but new to Dende -
      1. Gear to use
      2. Basic Skills explained
    3. Played Dende but need a better build - Build section will be provided.

    (Pictures of the skills discussed are provided at the bottom of every post)

    Dendes are a well balanced class with many uses besides just healing. They can be used very easily in PvP as well as PvE, can carry themselves with good gear better than other classes can, and they are very fun to play. Being the only legitimate healer in the entire 12 class cast makes Dende a very wanted class in every level cap. They are tanky due to being a Namekian and they can heal themselves and keep their EP at optimal levels. Dendes are a very hard class to go 1v1 against in PvP with proper gear; unfortunately, they are weak in Prelims, which poses the answer to why there are barely ever any Dende Budokai winners.

    Completely New To DBOG -

    What heals to use and when to use them to maximize your ability as a Dende.

    . . . . . . . .In order to maximize your healing as a Dende, first thing you must notice is your cooldown reduction. Try keeping your CD very neat and organized so that you can almost always heal 1 target ALL the time, this means that you can throw a combination of Healing Waves[1], Divine Healings[2], and Super Healing Waves[3] to keep at least 1 target alive at all times. CD is not a very huge priority though, make sure you are on top of your heals at all times even if you don’t have enough CD.

    . . . . . . . .Although usually concerned with healing the tanks who keep the aggro, Dendes must also heal their other party members. To heal others while focusing on your Tank, make sure to use Divine Healing, the move has very good range, very good heals, and, most importantly, is AoE (Area of Effect: can affect more than one target). Usually, you are using 2 Skills, Divine healing to heal the entire group from whatever dmg they took in the past 3-5 seconds and Healing Wave to heal the target keeping the Bosses or the largest number of mobs provoked with their aggro. If the target with the most aggro (usually a tank) happens to take more dmg than they usually do while you heal them, quickly use Super Healing Wave to heal your target without having to resort to a skill with Cast Time (Regular Healing Wave).

    . . . . . . . .Kami’s Mercy[4], is pretty much useless unless you really just wanted to heal your team some extra. The skill increases your aggro drastically as well, making it very bad to use in situations where you might get killed if the monsters start attacking you. (Example: using Kami’s Mercy in UD3 to help your team stay alive will almost 100% result in your death, you just don’t have the health to take on all the mobs attacking/stunning alone).

    . . . . . . . .Last thing to note are your HoTs, Kami's Hope[7] and Touch[8], both are very good skill, touch being better due to being AoE. Using them conserves a ton of EP and allows you to easily heal your teammates without actually having to target them for a heal.

    TIP ON SUPER HEALING WAVE: Never use it with RP effects because that renders it completely useless compared to the regular Healing Wave. The cast of Healing wave is exactly the same amount of RP charging before using Super Healing Wave. You need the INSTANT effect of Super Healing Wave rather than powerful heal from it.

    How to heal without overextending or Wasting EP.

    . . . . . . . .It’s pretty easy to over use and waste your EP as a Dende, just ask Destrex :winkerino:. With most of your skills using over 500 EP (And your main heal using a whopping 1009 EP per usage) it’s pretty easy to lose all your EP in the matter of seconds. To counter that, I have a few tips.

    1. Use Kami’s Aurora[5], a skill that Dendes are most known for perhaps. It is an AoE EP HoT skill (HoT: Heal over time) that provides everything you ever wanted. It is commonly used to help your team while they use their transformations (Kaioken, Kid Buu, or SSJ) and you to keep healing. If you have a decently upgraded staff, this skill should automatically heal over 200 EP (Level 45 and 55 Caps, at level 70 cap, it should always be above 300 EP every 2 seconds). Not only that, but you can also use it during Kaioken for an even bigger boost.
    2. Max your Supporter Mastery[6], it provides ENG (which gives EP) and reduces the EP used in your skills. The “Reduce EP cost by 35” reduces the effects by 35% (Some people found that to be straight forward, while others questioned how much it gives… Understandable when 1 CD = 0.7% -.-)
    3. Some Dendes fancy Dashing for some reason, simply stop that you bums :D

    [1] 3XTWn5B.png. . . . . .[2]lzYn345.png . . . . . .[3]i4kGtGB.png. . . . . .[4]wesvqAk.png . . . . . .[5]dP8X16Y.png . . . . . .[6]elgIiI8.png . . . . . .[7]Ssz4Yq5.png . . . . . .[8]pfCcP83.png

  • Played DBOG but new to Dende -

    1. Gear To Use - (This gear follows level 70, if the cap is below, still use the same STATS, but they will just be on a smaller scale (instead of 28 con, you will have 15 con))



    Top = CON[between 26-34] (Craft is recommended) OR Anti-Crit 32%+(Legendary Physical armor is recommended)

    Pants = CON [between 26-34] (Craft is recommended)

    (If you are comfortable in the match-up, you can wear lp% regen top and pants)

    Boots = CON [between 26-34] (Craft is recommended)

    Staff =

    • FOC: [between 28-34] If level 70, +9 will do to outlast the enemy.

    Scroll = Hit rate or Energy Critical Hit rate (+ doesn't matter because you don't attack with it)


    Rings: FOC Rings (from CCBD) or CD or Anti-CC rings

    Earrings: CD earrings (Both from CCBD or from DB hunt) or anti-CC earrings

    Necklace: Success Rate Necklace (Aim for 180+) or Anti-CC necklaces (%Paralysis Duration Reduction (45+%) or %Confusion Reduction)



    Top = CON [between 26-34] OR % Regen [19%-26%] if you have BUFFS!

    Pants = CON [between 26-34] OR % Regen [19%-26%] if you have BUFFS!

    Boots = CON [between 26-34]

    Staff = FOC (Aim for 30+) or Attack Speed% (Aim for 24%+)

    Scroll = Attack Speed% (Aim for 24%+) or Energy Crit Hit rate (aim for 10+)


    Rings: CD Rings or FOC Rings (from CCBD). (FOC rings are recommended)

    Earrings: CD earrings or FOC Earrings. (Both from CCBD) (CD earrings are recommended)

    Necklace: Energy Crit Hitrate Necklace (lvl 61) is good enough or Successrate.

    2. Basic Skills Explained:

    cfdaa979a69441eebfb241ff5c8c3fe0.pngAntenna Beam: This skill, maxed, will give you a special effect of 3 Second paralysis. With Duration increase passive, this skill will last 3.9 Seconds, allowing you to comfortably use it 2-3 times before the skill being "unspammable"... Sometimes that would be enough to kill a human or a Wonder Majin not using Energy gear. I recommend you only use this skill to either pause your opponent from using CC on you or to halt them as you might approach. MAX THIS SKILL AT ALL COSTS!

    6991e99dd7a14b4b9f4eb57aa50803fb.pngSuper Antenna Beam: A decent skill with decent damage output at the current cap and the next (45 and 55). When alone, this can be a saving grace due to its damage and your ability to spam it comfortably.

    a2d37b4161504827baf061984beb7689.pngStaff Slash: Very powerful skill, the potential is slightly ruined by high CD but that's not too big of an issue. Use it wisely to KD your opponent and bully them as you approach victory. Use this skill if you are planning to do PvP.

    42de81d5c5754cdf8150f5b5fc28b026.png Kami’s Energy: A +86 Extra Energy attack and 20% Extra Crit Damage for about 25 Seconds. You can use CD Reduction RP on this skill. You will be able to spam it once every 20 or less Seconds, since the RP effect reduces the CD by 18 Seconds. This skill is the CORE of your AoE Dende Power. Critting with this skill on will increase Crit Damage by 1-1.5k when you have buffs. Buffing with this skill before Super Ignite will make the skill deal a lot more damage, especially when in Kaioken.

    pfCcP83.png Kami's Touch: GREAT SKILL. Paired with Healing Technique makes this a consistent 500+ Heal every 2 seconds, making it super easy to not have to worry about your DPS targets who don't have the Aggro.

    Ssz4Yq5.pngKami's Hope: Awesome skill if you choose to go alone, but also useful in parties. This skill makes it less terrible for you to have to heal 2 targets due to them having similar aggro over 2 different mobs. With Kami's touch around, pairing those two skills can give you a DEADLY 1k Heal every 2 seconds.

    92b0b92b931a473aa7f3bafff94fd6a9.png Kami’s Healing Technique: Without this skill, Dendes are useless. This skill increase your heal by 800%.

    How this Skill works: This skill adds heals to your skills according to the used weapon. For Example, if you have a total of 500 Energy Attack on your staff, then Healing wave and Divine wave will get a 800% x 500 increase (which is 8 x 500, or simply 4,000).

    It also gives 20% on your HoTs, meaning you HoTs (using the same example) will increase by 100, a very useful increase.

    ada2a0337032412f93433d0a5e0ecee1.png Kami’s Aurora: With Kami's Healing Technique, this skill goes from a 107 EP heal every 2 seconds to 200+ EP easily. This is the skill that is most useful in the ENTIRE PvE DENDE KIT. MAX THIS SKILL AT ALL COSTS!

    c583ed78cdac4309a2c35c64b6e73282.png Kami’s Light: It's a failed attempt at a Mini-Kami's Aurora. Don't use this skill unless you really want to.

    58b74f97d8b341b089b4185fa5a16da1.png Kami’s Splendor: a very powerful skill that can save you from many situations. Reflects 20% energy damage and 15% physical damage. coupled with reflect shoes/accessories, this skill can easily lead to a 50% reflect against your opponent, leaving them thinking about what to use next, in hopes of surviving against your heals. Max this skill if you are intending to play PvP.

    420d17600c334848972fa257e73133df.png Final Healing Wave: Highly powerful skill in 5v5 PvP. This skill will allow your team to go all over the opponent and it renders most of the Physical Damage from DPS classes pretty poor. Also the constant heal can counter some of the Crane DoTs. After killing most players, you’ll leave 1 person to stagger (leave behind in an infinite stun and keep alive for all your team to recover their CDs). You can also use this in PvE for you to keep charge of things when you want to use your AoEs. CD reduction RP can also help a lot. (Recommend for PvP, decent to have in PvE)

    33c312c2322a443ea5f6e72addb82e6a.png Kami’s Trickery: Aggro decrease will help a lot in CCBDs or even UDs. I think this skill is pretty good and quite powerful when it comes to fighting bosses with minions (mainly CCBD like I said).

    3d7b59df11c94f129e28963a108ae82b.png Instant Transmission: most players think only Fighters have this skill, but Dendes also have it. I recommend this skill for almost everyone because it’s just very convenient, especially for a Dende.

    f8383ef16aef405e8f40aa531dedb1eb.png Super Healing Wave: very powerful healer to tanks or squishier targets. Use this without RP effects to get the instant effects. Do not max unless you really want to or feel like it's essential to do so... I personally think it uses too much EP at max and isn't much more effective either.

    d5de409314224ccf984cda727d1a583a.png Healing Wave: your second most used healing Skill. Use this skill when you find moderately damaged allies. Much of your healing towards tanks will come from this skill, so keep a close eye. You don't need to max this skill as it uses 5 SP to give you a 3k increase in heals, while Healing Technique would by itself give you over 8k when used in Kaioken.

    d85eb551dd31497aa60387ce27efd0f8.png Divine Healing: This is your most important Healing Skill; with it you can heal your entire team and quickly get everyone in shape to get back in the fight. It’s super effective when you’re forced to paralyze a Boss or such. You can just tell your team to huddle near the boss, and then you can use the boss as the target of the heal, healing all team members near that mob. As stated before, you can also position yourself to use this skill to heal far away teammates. MAX THIS SKILL AT ALL COSTS!

    2e24ddf799fa46bea1e104c675947a05.png Kami’s Sponsor: This skill is very useful because it takes off 1 Curse immediately. Crane’s DoT can be taken off, DEF debuffs can be taken off, and even of your teammate is paralyzed, Confused, or such, you can take those debuffs off. At max Level, it will lower the CoolDown by 4 seconds, which is SUPERBLY useful since now it becomes usable after around 6 or less seconds (with CD accessories). MAX AT ALL COSTS.

    14461e111b97430da1656ed693ade471.png Kami’s Revival: this skill can easily pull the Clutch CCBD victory. I’ve been placed in positions where one teammate messes up and you end up having 3 of your party members dead. This skill can easily work with Paralysis. After you use paralysis, go in the middle of the dead bodies and use Paralysis again, then spam this skill. You’ll leave the boss mob about 1-2 seconds to think of something to do, which they will usually end up being unable to do, since you’ll resurrect all teammates and directly stun again.

    d7bbc8a6ecd54a2db67e4a7c6be216d6.png Kaioken: a known skill that I very much recommend if you’re using Dende in general. Increases heals by a great load. it traumatizes your damage to not have Kaioken on.

    bf128bb5b080439fb81bd906a295e114.png Cooldown Reduction: This skill is a very important one indeed. You can use this boost along with CD Jewelry to get your Infinite Paralysis Game on POINT! This also helps a lot in maintaining Heals properly, because the most important heals (Divine Healing and Super Healing Wave) have decently long CDs, this can help conserve energy and keep your heals up at most times. MAX THIS SKILL AT ALL COSTS!

    437700638111468ca2d45e57d36a3ff1.png Increase Duration: this skill makes all your skills last 31% longer. This is very essential into getting value out of Continuous heals and the Paralysis. Without the 31% Buff, the Paralysis will be too short to TRULY combo. MAX THIS SKILL AT ALL COSTS!

    b790b16feda7420487e43496a6f9bc1c.png Increase Resistance: Important in PvP, can save your life from getting oneshot by Fighters/Swordsmen. It helps in general to have this skill. I recommend having it, but if you’re rocking a full PvE build, it doesn’t do TOO much. Definately max it if you're running a PvP build though.

    81i9rrF.png Magical Ring: The Best AoE Option Dende Has (as of 55 Cap, I will reconfirm this every new cap). Simply apply CD RP to it and then you can re-use just as the animation is over. Keep healed and hit hard with it. Recommended to use for AoE Dende along with Kami's Energy (the boost makes it do a chunk of dmg on crit for a move with only 2-3 sec CD). It doesn't do much Damage, but it is crazy quick and there is no real down side to how long it's animation time. (I used only this as my attack to level from 54 to 55 in around an Hour). Do notice that it's a Scroll Attack, so in order to use it effectively, upgrading your scroll is a must.

  • Builds section:

    Level 55:

    - PvP:…0000014030310200230010030 I personally think there are multiple ways to build this, even with Super Antenna beam, but this is a very basic build that you can build off of and invest time to develop your own skills with the class.

    - PvE (AoE):…0000511134313001231011000 Effective as of now because of Magical Ring, I'm not really sure how much DMg it would be doing at 70, but as of now, 2k crits sounds amazing for a skill with almost no cooldown at all.

    - PvE (Parties):…0000031130311001231011030 (Best Build to stay with for this cap until you want to PvP, especially with CCBD accessories being accessible at this point)
    ---…0000531130311001231011030 Another build for more DMG

    AoE Dende: By far the most FUN alternative you can ever find in any class. Every mob killed feels so rewarding and does so much to help you gain EXP or simply have fun farming. This build manipulates a few skills such as Super Ignite, Kami's Desire, HoTs and Kami's Energy to deal heavy blasts (for a healer at least).

    The HoT's Before Super Ignite will provide between 1k and 1.7k Heals every 2 seconds, leaving you high in health even after mob attacks.


    Speed Dende: Probably the most known kind of Dende Priest. Using speed helps a lot in PvE and PVP. With Reflect and Kami’s Energy, you can deal serious damage very quickly using your speed. Other variations of the Speed Dende are mainly used in CCBD.

    Super Healing Wave with CD RP for kicks and grins.

    (DoT Dende no longer Exists XD It used to be op when the Bleed did over 1k on mobs and easy 500 on Players, but now it no longer goes above 120)

    I truly hope this guide helps you people make the best Dendes possible.


    Cheers Bois,


  • I have a different question. It's mostly about Kami's Splendor. I keep hearing it's bugged and that it doesn't work right - is it worth taking for a pve player, or should I skip over it? Also, I Noticed you said something about Kaioken 1 being as strong as 3, is that still accurate?

  • I have a different question. It's mostly about Kami's Splendor. I keep hearing it's bugged and that it doesn't work right - is it worth taking for a pve player, or should I skip over it? Also, I Noticed you said something about Kaioken 1 being as strong as 3, is that still accurate?

    Kami's Splendor would be great, but the gear to support it atm doesnt really give that much of an advantage.
    As it stands right now, I wouldn't recommend you have it at ANY level.

    Reflect is basically used to counter the classes that you as a Dende might have trouble with.
    As it stands now (with Dodge not being as accurate as it should be and the fact that you can "pretty much" spam Antenna beam), the reflect is useless since you pretty much either die of lag or mistime your antenna beams. Otherwise, you would easily win almost everything.

    I've played around 47 matches after the Mudosa point fix (I regularly dont do too much PvP since I either help friends or just level a different character) and my record was 45 wins, 1 draw (time out against a DW), and 1 loss (Against an SM, though I mostly blame my ping for that match... still a loss though ;-;).

    Kaioken, as it stands now I really don't know (since I either put Kaioken at 0/3 or at 3/3, no inbetween for me). I'd follow @BlazingBarrager 's word on this one :)

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