Increasing Zeni tax in AH from 1% to 10%

  • peopole are saying that poor player's will bee "fu**d" well they want get fu**d the one that will gonna get hit and hit realy hard are the Greedy Rich player's ... a poor player as you are saying won't get hurt ? let's supose that he is a farmer he farms like 2h a day he get 1 purple stone 1 red 1 bleu stone

    Let's say he will gonna sell bleu 80k ( he lose 8k ) and sell the red 70k ( he lose 7k ) he sell's the purple 600k ( he lose 60k ) ^^ so in 2 hours he got like 700k + the items he sold to the Good Marchand ... he may get 1kk in 2 hours

    know let's talk about the greedy player .... He sell somthing 40kk he lose 4kk guess what ? he want put the price that high cuz he may lose 4kk lmao so instead of having a possibility to lose 4kk he will put it at 10kk !! so then if he lose monney he will gonna lose 1kk cuz with all honnesty 40kk Cowboy dogi in 3 weeks of OB is a Joke lmao i'am sure apply this for at least 1 mounth if u want see that the prices will go down , and the Zenie will get back he's real value put back the 1% again ... ( peopole who want to get a zenie inflation are the player's with high amount of brown boxes guess what usless zenie = brown boxes main currency rip f2p player ) thanks for the suggestion Maskman !!

    btw >>>>>>>>>>>>> we need other monny sinks ( more banks ) , make mystery items identification's , from 100 zenie to like 500 zenie or event 1000 zenie ...

    other thing the gear should lose it durability when u die in the plat and get broken ...

    u basically sum up my point that some people tend to miss.

    thnx to u and welcome.

  • Let's say a free farmer get themselves some U70 stones, and they don't sell a few times in a row. Well, too expensive, time to drop the price. Thanks to it not selling at first, and then being sold for a reduced price.....they basically just got NO money.

    I get where you're coming from, but this would screw over cashers AND free players. Far better solutions would be to make brown boxes, dogi balls, and seal coins obtained from drops/events come in sealed eggs so that free people can sell those too. For some reason only cashers can sell theirs. If everyone can sell their "cash" items, their value would drop.

    look u just stating the disadvantages and ignoring the pros of this i repeated this again and again yet some people question which side im on and show their ignorance in their speech

    1- the zeni that u farm by selling items to the merchant will be more valuable since AH prices are decreasing, i will leave u and the rest to guess who will be selling drops to the merchants the casher or the non-casher in another words rich or poor eh

    2- people wont be able to set insane prices for items so there wont be inflation , nope u cant go and say rich people wont mind this because they are rich eventually if they fail to sell with their inflated prices they will lose their wealth so yeah guess what will they do next...

    3- the unwealthy guys who are willing to sell will also be on disadvantage if they set unreasonable prices right but why would they want to sell for insane prices if AH is already cheap and they can buy good stuff with the amount of zeni they have?

    I hope this is clear and why i think the pros is more than the cons.

    as for the disrespectful ones, peace

  • Now now how could the prices rise with more tax if the tax itself is rising with higher price? thats completely the opposite.

    The purpose of this is not only to trash the zeni read my latest post here.

    Now we are trying to help farmers with this how can decreasing the zeni gain from quests and sold items at the merchants help in any way?

  • sorry but your theory is full of flaws ill just point a few and stop posting as it seems you dont understeand.

    1. The zeni you sell from drops wont make you a fortune trust me im doing it all day with full z32.And this money from selling trash will be even more invaluable as the zeni's are starting to grow on server. Right now from a full inventory i get 150kish. Thats btw 30 min of killing mobs with decent gear.

    In the future 150 k will be nothing really since everyone will have atleast 50-100 kk in their inventory so this method will cease to exist soon enough.

    Also is not worth to sell the trash since you need it for craft and so on. See how many flaws from 1 point ?

    2.People will set high prices for inflation because they wont read forum and wont even notice that the AH fee has risen. Also if i have a 13 cooldown earing lv 42 ill be selling it for boxes or Zeni but ill do that in trade i wont list my item on AH. You know who are the ppl who use AH the most? poor people because they dont have time to trade every each mediocre item they get. On the other hand the rich have 1 item which is worth billion and they will trade that .

    3.People wont get the prices down, how tf you even tought of that? people will stop posting them if the price of fee does not please them, or sell them through private shops which are full of tbh.

    As a conclusion i appreciate your work towards community , im just here to guide you on the right path. Stop this nonsense post.

  • I do understand the hell made u think that, and right u have valid and good points and why i kept explaing cause u and others gave reasons without taking my points into account.

    thank u i always welcome those trying to show me the right way respectfully its not that i will reject everything not suiting my opinion.

    Dont say nonsense this was a suggestion open for discussion i thought it will be worth testing. Peace

  • Astin does fking know how much you get per back to merchant. He's a real farmer unlike some self benighted fools. It's exactly <200k ish. I am farming level 46-48 areas. Getting level 46/50 equips to sell. You don't get alot. God bless someone that knows whats going on. Understand that its improbably at this current state.

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