[Guild] RevengeOfSaiyans

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    Hello there! The fresh guild <RevengeOfSaiyans> is looking for friendly and sympathetic members! As former TAIWAN players, Vali and Zageerus (me) have decided to resurrect our guild and to enjoy many incredible game hours with YOU!

    It is certainly important to mention, that you do not need to be an extremly active player. We are a very tolerant, compassionate and relaxed guild. Hardcore Gamers as well as occasional players can get their well respected place in <RevengeOfSaiyans>. We are far from extremly active players ourselves! Wether you're solely able to play in the morning or in the evening, it doesn't really matter. We won't even be mad if you don't show up for a couple of weeks. I as a student am also going to be absent for a few days, so there is no need to login every single day. Our sole goal is to enjoy the rebirth of DBO, together!
    Don't let our name mislead you, however! We may fight for the Revenge of the Saiyans, but there is absolutely no race restriction! All races, all classes, all genders and all nationalities are more than welcome to join the <
    RevengeOfSaiyans> Guild!!

    It doesn't matter if you're a new or experienced player! We are willing to help every member with quests, UD, TMQ, Budokai, etc.

    For those of you who are interested, we also have a Discord Group!


    Possess a character on the DBOG Server

    Be friendly and cooperative

    Follow the guild rules (You can find them on our website --> Still in production! )

    Be able to speak English OR German (You don't need to be fluent in both of these languages. One is more than enough! )

    Do not beg. We're happy to help, but being a beggar is a NO NO



    Friendly and cooperative members

    experienced as well as unexperienced players

    a lot of freedom (you can come and go as you please)

    relaxed and comfortable environment

    Discord (NO OBLIGATION)


    Whatever you want! Quests, Ultimate Dungeon, Time Machine Quests, Budokai, ... You are free to choose!!


    You only need to contact me or one of the Junior Masters!

    Zageerus - Guild Master

    Vali - Junior Master

    NotoriousNH - Junior Master

    We are still quite a small guild, so we're more than happy to welcome as much players as possible!



  • Zageerus

    Changed the title of the thread from “RevengeOfSaiyans <ENG-DE>” to “[Guild] RevengeOfSaiyans”.
  • Asunder Hey :D Thank you for your interest. If you could just tell me your name, I'd be happy to invite you into our Guild as soon as I can

    If any of my Jr Masters happen to be online, however, you can surely contact them as well (During the week, I am only online for short periods of time)

    Kind regards,

    Eziocaval (aka Zageerus)

  • yeah sorry about that.

    Atm I'm really really busy and my studies take up a great proportion of my time :/ Therefore a frequent presence is next to impossible for me.

    I cannot promise that I'll be able to frequent DBOG in the near future.

    Kind regards,


  • Understandable lol when the guilds a little more active i'd like to rejoin.