[Guide] Grand Chef Majin Build(Analysis)(PVE Build)

  • I've seen multiple people talking about how good Ultimate Majins are. Let's not forget about our Grand Chefs pals who can equally buff the Crew, but different stats with other skills.

    I don't wanna outshine any class with this thread. The main purpose is simply to show players , how good Grand Chefs can be inside a party. With alot of crazy tools , a Grand Chef shouldn't be a class neglected by other partys.

    Keep in mind this build goes for the Lvl-70-Cap.

    Link to the Build: http://www.dbocom.com/tools/sk…000014251110053001133302/

    Side Notes: Be aware you won't be the one in party dealing all the damage. Consider yourself as the support of the party.

    You are the one who boosts damage dealers like Fighters or Swordsman (even energy-damage-based classes!)

    I won't leave a comment on each skill. Some of them exist only because for the road for another skill.

    Alright? Let's get started!

  • Mighty-Majin's-Skill-Tree:

    Hyper Bomb:

    32132131.JPG (105 Abidormal Damage every 2 seconds/Physical Attack decreased by 40%/12 targets within 10m[Duration:10 sec./CD:16 sec./EP:135]):

    I'm in love with this one. It breaks the enemy's attack by 40 % which is huge!Furthermore all of the bosses don't resist this debuff , which will prevent your party from taking high amounts of damage.

    This skill affects 12 targets! That's a huge amount especially for TMQ's where many Mobs will bash on you. Combined with the knock down RP-Skill, you delay most of the damage you would receive. It gives your DPS members enough time to deal with the crowd.

    Make sure Duration takes longer than the CD , so run enough CDR in order to constantly break the Enemys ATK.

    The small amount of abidormal damage is rather useless but hey it's another benifical side effect of this skill.

    Cluster Bomb:

    21323.JPG (Energy Damage: 533% (with a 1,5x multiplier when attacking from behind)/ Defense rate decreased by 2281/ one target [Duration:16 sec.; CD:10sec./EP:389])

    (This Skill is currently bugged and doesn't work as it should, so I will make changes as soon as possible on this Build)

    Healing Breeze:

    Unbenannt.JPG (1933 LP recovered/one Ally[CD: 9 sec./EP:542])

    Healing Breeze definitely becomes handy , when you look for a quick heal on you or even on your Party.

    The recovery amount is decent and rises up when you run a gear with alot Energy Atk. Yes for newbies : healings will stack with Energy ATK stat, so be sure to keep that stat up!

    However, the EP costs are pretty high for a healing skill you keep using. Be sure to run enough Energy or EP healing items in order to spam this skill!

    Before you mention it , this heal can't be compared with any of dende's skills, they are simply too good and almost full heal your entire party. But having another heal option(which can heal up to 3k when geared right) is always welcomed :D. Also it's CD is decent , which means CDR-Rings/Earrings are needed!

    Hardening Breeze:

    r45324e23f.JPG (Increases: Energy by 17, Energy Def by167/one Ally [CD: 1sec./EP:62/Duration:20min])

    Unfortunately Grand Chefs don't have any usefull Energy buffs for the Party , but the previous tree does. An Energy buff for the entire party (yes you can just spam this skill on each member , because of it's low CD)is good, so their EP doesn't drop too fast.

    It also boosts Energy Def. by a low amount but well , atleast something.

    It is another stat Grand Chefs cover.

    Yes Ultimate Majins boost your Energy up to 25 with their ''Miraculous Cheering'' (these are 8 stat points more than ''Hardening Breeze'') and have another Buff (Miraculous Spirit) which restores 20% ep from damage taken. So yea , that point absolutely goes to the Ultimate Majins, because Hardening Breeze won't keep your Party save from running low on EP but it helps it atleast.

    I need to mention it here: No it's not worth putting any more pints on ''Spiritual Scent'', because the EP regeneration is simply too low and improving the Max EP isn't as usefull as improving your Energy stat. What's even more important is, that ''Spiritual Scent'' need 2 more SP to max than ''Hardening Breeze''. We will need those Points for other Skills.

    Enchanting Breeze:

    efewge3gh.JPG (Increases: ATK/DEF properties by 14/one Ally[CD:1sec./EP:66/Duration:20min])

    There is the properties we've been waiting for. Boosts every property up to 14 making all of the properties positive, if you run a neutral Armor or gloves. I'm not sure but I think you don't have to be scared going minus on a property ,because this buff will always bring up you up to atleast +1% .

    Yes properties have a huuuuuge importance in DBO and give you a mature attack/defence boosts against your enemies. You totally want to max this Skill out when you play as a Grand Chef.

    And yet again the same problem...: Unlike Ultimate Majins, Grand Chefs don't have property buffs on their tree , which makes ''Enchanting Breeze'' weaker compared to the Ultimate Majin buff ''Miraculous Fitness'' (which increases the properties by 18) which are 4 point more. That's alot when it comes to properties. Another point for our Ultimate Majins fellas :cursing::thumbup:.

    However atleast Grand Chefs have a buff for properties to come up with, therefore they have other buffs Ultimate Majins don't have , so don't worry ;).

    Critical Defense:

    fefefef.JPG (Increases: Physical Crit. Hit Rate by 11/All Allies within 8m[CD:19 sec./EP: 330/Duration:20min])

    A Buff which increases physical critical rate? Well... get these DPS Units buffed!

    Among with Scent-Marking not only your Party will get a huge boost on their crits, but yourself either !

    That makes mob-farming much easier , once ''Giant Donkey Slash'' is maxxed , since everyone's crit rate will be increased by about 14 points (with ''Scent-Marking'' added) which is huge and should be runned by every Grand Chef /Ultimate Majin!

    Critical Attack:

    5345353.JPG(Increases: Engergy Crit. Hit Rate by 13/All Allie within 8m[CD:19sec./EP:342/Duration:20min])

    Let's dont forget about the Energy Atk powerhouses ingame!

    This one is just like ''Critical Defense'' just with 2 points more on the Energy Crit. Stat which will help out Cranes/Turtles/Karmas/etc., so its absolutely worth running it.

    The only thing you for yourself will benefit out of this , is your ''Cluster-Bomb'' and man if that crit lands, get ready for insane energy damage... But since you will mainly build for physical ATK , this isn't the purpose of this skill (furthermore because you're the support in party).

    Halfway done , this is it for the Mighty-Majin-Tree, let's take a good look at our Grand-Chef-Tree

  • Grand-Chef's-Skill-Tree:

    342r.JPGGiant Donkey Slash:

    (Physical Damage 933/Physical Damage: 425%/32 Targets within 10m[CD:10sec./EP:213/Cast-Time:2sec.]

    This is our main-damage tool and on that it does AoE damge on 32 targets. Pretty good.

    With 933 damage and a 4,25x multiplier on your physical ATK rate the damage outcome will be really high, even higher than Kid-Buu's ''Genocide Blast!!''. Farm up all of your Mobs together and you will mash their hats with one strike! If that's not enough , you still have your ''Donkey-Slash'' which is weaker (especially on lvl1) but it may take care about the leftover hp from the mobs.

    This skill has one-shot potential to a crowd , if you have enough Physical Atk. So yea get ready to farm Strenght-Gear!

    If you really want to let the damage flow , you should run the Damage-RP-Skill on this one. It also has a knock-down ability , I recommend you using this on hard TMQ's UD's CC's when your damage isn't enough , to delay the damage from the mobs to your party, so the DPS members have enough time to strike them down. The Knock-Down on this one combos well with ''Hyper Bomb'', so you go : Hyper-Bomb KD> Giant Donkey Slash KD and prevent even more damage from the mobs to your party. Really cool.

    Cast-Time is always a downside , it doesn't matter on which skill , but a Cast-Time with 2 seconds is really ok.

    Another downside is its CD, which takes 10 seconds. I know you could fix it with CDR-Accessories but not everyone has it.

    Scent Marking:

    42142141.JPG (Increases: Hit Rate by 216/ Increases Dexterity by 24 /8 allies within 8m[CD:19/EP:196/Duration:20min])

    All criters will love you for that buff. A dexterity increasment by 24 points is damn high and gives a huge boost on the critical hit-rate. Secondly it buffs the Hit Rate by a decent amount, but it isn't the stat you are looking for.

    You boost your own critical hit-rate aswell , so you may crit with your ''Giant Donkey Slash'', so keep that in mind for odd crit-builds if you are mob-farming (yes this info is useless when you're inside of a party)

    Ultimate Majins do NOT cover this stat , so this is where the difference between both bufffers begin. I will compare these two later on.

    On the other hand , Plasma Majins have a better Buff for Dexterity with their ''Harmonous Drumbeat''(which boosts your DEX to 42, these are 18 points more!). I don't know if that buff stacks with our ''Scent-Marking'', but if it does , teaming up with a Plasma-Majin wouldn't be a bad idea :).

    Spiritual Fountain Fragrance:

    5r53452.JPG (Increases: Soul by 20/ Strenght by 21 / 8 Allies within 8m[CD:19sec./EP:179/Duration:20min])

    Covering both Soul and Strenght is definitely a helpfull ability for physical/energy DPS units.

    It boosts your own Soul and Strenght , so your ''Cluster Bomb'' and ''Giant Donkey Slash'' do more damage. Yeah damage isn't the thing you are looking for as a buffer/supporter , but it's still beneficial in terms of damage.

    It's time to shine again compared to our Ultimate-Majin-friends! They don't cover the Strenght stat in terms of buffs and have a weaker Soul buff , which is locked inside their Mighty-Majin-Tree ''Spirit-Up''(which increases Soul by 14, 6 points less than our buff). Let's not forget , that their property buff is still higher and makes this ''disadvantage'' equal.

    Sting Alone:

    45252.JPG (Taunt/One Target within 35m[CD:35sec./EP:350/Duration:10sec.])

    This is another side-tool which becomes handy in specific situations.

    Let's say the main-tanker runs low on hp , this is the situation you want to use this skill in order to draw the aggro to you.

    Because you don't want the whole aggro for a long time , the Duration of 10 seconds is completely fine and the CD aswell.

    It's really practical that this skill lies right before ''Fountain of Smell'' (which I will talk about after this one), so it's not directly a waste of your SP.

    Fountain of Smell:

    543521.JPG (Increases: Contitution by 23%/8 allies within 8m [CD:2min/EP:76/Duration:20min])

    This one is awesome. An % increasment for Constitution above 20%? This thing is better than the Dragon Buff!

    Furthermore this Skill stacks with other Constitution Skills and boosts your party's HP to the maximum. With ''Defense Breath'' and Dende's ''Unleashed Spirit'' everyone of your party becomes a tank! Just kidding but the HP boost is really insane.

    There is no Constitution Skill compared to this in my opinion.

    Curing Scent:

    42351.JPG (Paralysis Treatment (100%)/Rp increased by 100(1 RP Ball)/ 8 Allies within 8m[CD:24sec./EP:216])

    A free RP Ball for the entire Party? Hell I'll take this one, it'll help the DPS members to use their RP-Skills for more Damage.

    Even better , it helps you to refresh 1 RP-Ball for more damage out of your ''Giant Donkey Slash'' or for your Knock-Down on your ''Hyper-Bomb''.

    Let's don't forget about the Paralysis Treatment ,which can come in handy , but it's not the main-purpose of this skill.

    When it comes to status-treatment , Ultimate Majins absolutely win against Grand Chefs.


    4235246.JPG (Turns 6 targets within 8m into candy/ Target receives 1000 energy defense[CD:1min/EP:177/Duration:12 sec]

    This is the skill which stalls us enough time to destroy a crowd. The duration is huge when maxxed.

    Against a small horde this skill is perfect so classes like hermits have enough time to cast their strong abilitys to finish the horde.

    Yes the enemy will receive 1000 energy defense , which is quite a bit. But when we're talking about hermits , who deal about 11k damage with a Ka-me-ha-me-ha, this increasment means nothing. Furthermore , since your main damage skills are all physical , this defense buff doesn't affect Grand Chefs or other physical members.

    An 1 minute CD is fine among with a duration this high.

    Unfortunate is the small amount of targets this Beam hits. It's not suited for a mob horde for farming. However in party-battles this skill works wonders!

    Something you want to put your SP on!

    Defense Breath

    437821.JPG (Increases: Constition by 35/ Physical DEF by 614[CD:1min/EP:150EP/Duration:20min])

    Another Constitution buff? And it increases it up to 35? AND IT STACKS WITH OUR ''Fountain of Smell''??!! Who doesn't want to max this one? Another factor is it's decent Physical DEF boost, 614 isn't little...

    Like I mentioned before , combined with ''Fountain of Smell'' ,the party's LP is going to crazy places. (And there is still a little surprise for your Grand Chefs HP later on...)

    Yet again , no other class buffs the Constition this high. Ultimate Majins may use their ''Defense Breeze'' on the previous Mighty-Majin-Tree (which boosts Constitution to 14) to keep up , but it wouldn't be as good as this buff. However they can buff a fixxed amount of HP to the Party which stacks with both of the LP buffs from the Grand-Chef (''Defense-Breath'' and ''Fountain of Smell''). You guys probably think what I'm about to say , Ultimate Majins und Grand Chefs are a good combo on each party ,but let's talk about that later on^^.

    Gourmet Mastery:

    5315324.JPG (Increases: Max LP by 3117/ Max EP by 2411)

    Yes , this passives stacks really good with our 2 LP buffs and makes Grand Chefs really tough and bulky.

    The EP increasment is nice aswell ,so we don't run out of EP too fast. (But we have more EP to heal with our Items T_T)

    Nothing much to be said , our butt simply grows bigger with this passive.

    Rising Strenght

    54362.JPG (Increases Strenght by 30)

    Another really good passive to buff our ATK.

    It makes our Kid-Buu's ''Genocide Blast!!'' and ''Giant Donkey Slash'' much stronger , especially with their high ATK multplier.

    PS: (I Know the Transformation is called Pure Majin but who cares?)

    Rising Constitution

    63472472.JPG (Increases Constitution by 26)

    Haven't we seen an LP passive before ? *looking at ''Gourmet Mastery''*

    With that many LP passives and Buffs , Grand Chefs become a decent tank option for a party .

    Before you guys lose it , yes ofc. both namekian Warrior-Classes tank better than a Grand Chef, but having another bulky member who buffs/debuffs is an excellent option aswell.

  • That are all of the skills , let's do a last showdown between Grand Chefs and Ultimate Majins and sum up the benificial differences between these classes and come to a conclusion(I won't count all the similarities in the Mighty-Majin-Tree. I will compare my Grand Chef build , to a basic Ultimate Majin Build):

    Grand Chefs VS Ultimate Majins

    +Grand Chefs have higher base HP , because of their passives

    +Grand Chefs tank better (if both classes are geared similar)

    +Grand Chefs have way higher HP/Constition buffs

    +Grand Chefs have a Strenght buff

    ++Grand Chefs have a Dexterity buff

    +Grand Chefs have a higher Soul Buff

    +Grand Chefs can charge up 1 RP Ball to Party

    ++Grand Chefs have an AoE Candy Beam (more CC)

    +Grand Chefs have more AoE damage options (are more mobile with their tools compared to ''Spinning Flame Breath'')

    ++Both can taunt

    +Ultimate Majins have higher base Physical Atk Stats , because of their passives

    +Ultimate Majins have higher base Energy Stats, because of their passives

    ++Ultimate Majins have a damage mitigation Buff (recover 21% LP heal from damage taken)

    +Ultimate Majins can restore great amounts of EP(''Miraculous Spirit'')

    + Ultimate Majins have a better Energy Buff

    +Ultimate Majins have 1 more healing option

    ++Ultimate Majins can potentially restore any kind of status effect

    +Ultimate Majins buff 4 points more on ATK/DEF properties

    +Ultimate Majins can hold Pure Majin better than Grand Chefs, because of their passives

    Well that's about everything for the Key-Differences between those 2 Classes. As it can be seen ,both have really good advantages but lack on something else. It seems like if one of those 2 Classes lacks on something , the other Class fixxes it , let's take the buffs for example. If we combine the buffs of these 2 classes , a unit wouldn't lack on anything. So having a Grand Chef and Ultimate Majin in one Party would be insanely strong (I know there are other party options but this is something you guys might wanna try out ^^).

    So enough talking around , who of these 2 classes is more worth putting into one Party?

    As many of you expect , both of the classes are damn good as supporters. Both share the same debuffs but different really strong buffs. You would be good if you take an Ultimate Majin with you and leave the Grand Chef away , but so would you when you take the Grand Chef with you and leave the Ultimate Majin behind.

    I hope you guys get what I was trying to say by that , whats way more important I hope you liked my build and have a better picture of a Grand Chef.

    Let me know what you guys think about Grand Chefs , and if you agree with me. Im open for any sort of critic, so don't be shy .

    With that said , have a good one^^.


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  • Nice thread, you forgot to mention though they have the best spin in the game as well, with the maxed duration increased passive and on 5/5 it lasts 26 seconds and does hella dps. Also they can heal EP as well because of Regeneration Breeze.

    PVE should've been balanced like this imo:

    If you want more damage output, but less defensive potential: Pick SK as your tank, and Chef as your buffer/semi tank.

    If you want better defensive potential at a cost of less damage: Pick DW as your tank, and Ultimate as your buffer/semi tank.

  • Thx for your feedback guys ^^

    Nice thread, you forgot to mention though they have the best spin in the game as well, with the maxed duration increased passive and on 5/5 it lasts 26 seconds and does hella dps. Also they can heal EP as well because of Regeneration Breeze.

    Yes you're right , the Ball Transformation does alot , if not the most damage in their tree.

    If you really look forward to use it , I recommend you to take all the points from Genocide Blast and Giant Donkey Slash for the Transformation and the duration passive (which also influences the other debuffs). It wouldn't hurt the build , furthermore it improves it ^^!

    (I simply chose Genocide Blast for this build ,because I love Kid-Buu and the damage is completely fine.

  • What about the normal Donkey Slash? not worth? what about a chef going full dex/resistance? Call me crazy but sounds as it may work.

    Is it better for chefs to go phys or eng just bc of Cluster bomb insane damage? Does a double crazy rush maxed deal good damage?

    Is it worth a chef going crit? Im planning on making him pvp even without his ep drain

  • Well I'm not that certain about a PVP build with a Grand Chef but let me tell you something:

    If you really plan a PVP Build with a Grand Chef, dont think about building Energy Damage , it's not worth. Cluster Bomb has a high multipier for Energy Atk absolutely.... but that's it. There is no Base Damage inside that move which means , if your opponent blocks the bomb , he won't get the debuff and won't receive any source of damage in the first Place.

    About the normal Donkey-Slash , yes of course it would work , but Giant Donkey Slash outshines that Skill by far. In cost of 2 CD seconds more , Giant Donkey Slash has the higher multiplier on physical ATK(4,15x compared to normal Donkey Slash's 2,52x), therefore GDS has more base Damge (949 compared to normal DS 714).

    Nonetheless normal DS takes 1 SP more than GDS (and that only if you don't put ANY SP on GDS, if you plan skilling both , it would consum 2 Points more) and trust me , you will need those Points if you plan to stick with your buffs/debuffs.

    I'd suggest not to skill any kind of PVE moves for a PVP , you should stick with skills like ''Caramel Dropkick'' for that easy KnockDown when fullbuild and both Crazy Rush Types (because of their high multiplier).

    And about crit , well I think crit is always good for PVP builds , gives you enough damage to deal with your opp., especially when with Crazy Rushes high multiplier.

    If you are more into PVE, crit damage isn't really necessary for Grand Chefs , you have your DPS members who take care about that ^^, focus more on CDR /STR/Soul, for your Debuffs and Soul for your heal.

    I'm planning on making a PVP guide with Grand Chefs so I could tell you more about it :).

  • At Level 55, you think for pve is better to go with crit% with gds and Spinning flame breath, or go with the 2 spin and STR? because for glove and sub i m undecided on which attributes to use

  • At Level 55, you think for pve is better to go with crit% with gds and Spinning flame breath, or go with the 2 spin and STR? because for glove and sub i m undecided on which attributes to use

    Yea for the current cap (if you're talking about farming) yea I think going with the 2 spins is an option.

    However (!) in PvE for CC/TMQ/UD I wouldn't recomment immobilizing yourself for Bosses atleast.

    If you dont want to neglect your farming and your buffs on the same time... I've came up with this:


    That's the current build I'm running and it does it's job as a buffing/farming build. The main thing that hurts for now is , that I have to quit the hyper bomb for now, but once the cap will raise up , I will run it immediately ^^.

    As you can see I had to neglect the passives which is ok for the current cap , since the CC gear could give you enough HP to endure a crowd of mobs (especially when running LP % recovery from hits).

    So yea if you have any questions about this specific build for the cap , go ahead!

    PS: I will change my Lvl-70 build up there , so take a look again!

  • What do you suggest as far as PVE equipment stats?

  • What do you suggest as far as PVE equipment stats?

    LP absorb % for top and pants, boots movement speed %.

    Earrings: attack and defense properites from shenron or ccbd .

    Rings from ccbd that gives bonus props, or get focus and con rings from ccbd too.

    Necklace depends on the situation. But stick to success rate for now.

    Weapon: many people would suggest focus on gloves and hit rate on sub.

    But i suggest you get physical critical damage % on both weapon because grand chef has so much Dex giving it much critical rate. So it would make attacks like giant donkey slash OP.

    See this videos too


  • Hello!

    Nice setup friend:), but I'm wondering why do you recommend Success Rate for PVE, XeoLee?

    musicalblaze, nice guide you have by XeoLee (and Prompto of course!) :thumbup:, if you use Spins (and/or for comfort with movement heheh ^^), Speed Boots are nice, but if you have the chance, please try a Dex / Con Boots, Movement Speed indeed is nice, i used it at DBOTW,, and here at DBOG too, but I'm mainly with Dex because the new update we had here heheh and Con Boots are situational for me, to reduce the pressure to healer even with the high LP we have as Grand Chefs.

    At necklace my current one for Dungeons, I'm using Status Resistance Rate (since i hadn't the chance to have other(s) better for this purpose), the lvl 38 one from Popo Box hehehe, it fits good with Dex since we can have some Status Resistance Rate from it.

    For Gloves and sub, the Foc - %Phy.Crit set, it helps with the Hit Rate (if we have the need of it of course), DPS and boosting a bit our Healing Breeze, but in my case i have others, one for Attack Speed and other for %Phy.Crit.. like XeoLee said %Phy.Crit is real good with Dex, but also Attack Speed (I'm mainly with A.Speed since TW but for regular farming / AOE situations %Crit shines), sometimes I'm feeling like a Fighter:saint: with the nice Phy.Critical Rate and A. Speed^^, and when i use %Phy.Crit, I'm Feeling like a Turtle :saint:.

    Have a nice day!

    Srry for my English

  • I have a lot of doubts about what kind of buffer to do. I notice that in the game there is a lot of discrimination and the Ultimate is taken as the best and most complete, however his repertoire of Skills is boring. I always like PvE over PvP, consequently I want a character that not only allows me a good farm and independence, but also the constant dungeon. They have told me that Ultimate, but they do not clearly explain why it is better. It has a benefit that gives abs%, I understand it, but it does not matter that it gives a piece of crafts at level 70 21%. Many for the PvE use constitution in each piece and end up selected and believing it to be the best buff in the game, but from what I see, the Cheff buffs it in something compared to two or more pieces of a 70 team, not to mention that its two buffs give you the same as the three parts of 28. Just by using one of LP% you already have the missing abs buff from Ultimate, two more pieces of Con and you have abs and triple life than if you were with ulti. Is the difference that the extra 4 props and the 11 crit hit make so crucial to say that he is a better buffer than the chef? What do you recommend to start the game?