All mods i ever made

  • .... If you want the link for one of them you can ask me in a conversation here on the forums, or trough a comment in this thread.

    Dude. You've been working on a lot, and those are some fine mods, at least for me. I would like to have some of these for my male earthling, but i want to ask you some questions first about them.
    Apologies in advance for there is so much i don't know about them, and i like some very specific things (lol) so will try to be very explicit, mostly because with the amount of mods you've made, you're likely to either have what i'm looking for, or maybe just tell me how to get it. And of course, any help and/or links you give me will be greatly appreciated and remembered.


    1.- May i have the lightning effect of this guy? or thats only for the final flash / transformation he's using? I would like to have the lightning over my ssj regardless of my gear but without the bright color effect of the upgrade. (To look like a SSJ2)


    2.- May i have that hairstyle with a face lacking eyebrows for my male ssj? (to look like a SSJ3 obviously).


    3.- And about those 2 girls... I can see that one of them has only lightning while the other has the aura sorrounding her... Is that the only difference? And this last question is because i would love to have multiple choices for ssb shown in both the manga and the anime:

    "Basic" SSB with white / yellow aura (Supossedly from Resurrection F)

    "Advanced" SSB with blue aura+sparks / lightning (Supossedly from Goku black arc)

    "Completed" SSB with clear / no aura (From the end of Merged Zamazu Arc)

    Kaioken SSB

    SSB Evolution (Vegeta form)

    (For the record, i know that maybe is too hard / impossible to get rid of the ssj yellow aura completely, but who knows...)

    4.- Could you please post/send me the links for all the above mods i mentioned? 8) I really liked them.

    P.S. My apologies for being too picky and sorry if i have bad grammar. And thank you regardless!!:)

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  • I'd be glad to answer your questions in his Brad's place since he is kind of banned at the moment.

    Question 1 till 3: You won't be able to since he left no contact info here and he can't come on these forums anymore. The links he posted already that are working are the only one's left you most likely can still use. As for the hair, you can't put new hairstyles into the game. I'm pretty sure that is just some special program he used for it. He kinda did state it in there. Kinda wish i could have gotten that SSJ4 female mod from him aswell.