Chinese people Made game plugin

  • Chinese people Made game plugin

    Leading to chaos in the game

    Automatic attack monster>>>Teleport>>>Selling white treasures

    Constantly increase game money

    I recommend Sold in merchants Add a non-robot confirmation

    This will prevent the robot application

  • Last time someone was making a thread like this, it was before everyone knew that cetrain ppl from a certain community could copy items.

    Not to blame the community, afterwards there were also another ppl from other countrys using a mailbox bug to copy.

    Best to not ignore those threads just because a community get's blamed there.

    I saw something a little different like this twice too, since then I record when I go to my farming spot. No succes so far tho.

    In my case twice I flew there to check if I don't steal someones spot, I saw a player/two player having many IIIIIIIIII in their name teleporting away as soon as I had visual contact leaving all the drops behind. It at least is suspicious, without evidence I can't tell tho if it was coincidence or a well written bot.

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