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    Poko is excellent in PVE and one of the most rarest classes in the game due to this you will be able to find party's a lot easier than most classes. However Poko is not a AOE Class therefore you will not be able to farm at fast rate as you will be using Single Target DPS.

    Dark Warrior is god tier when it comes to farming just behind Turtle in terms of speed. However they are not really used in Dungeons as a Tank can usually be played by a Buffer aka Ultimate/Chef Majin.

    If you want to excel in both Farming/Dungeon runs then your choices is pretty much out of Turtle (very popular class), Ultimate/Chef, Karma Majin. In my opinion if its your first class i would go with Ultimate/Chef as they are relatively cheap to gear compare to the others and are key in Dungeons. They can also farm well due to their Spin Moves.

  • My suggestion would be either ultimate or turtle. The problem with grand chef is that you can't do pvp. Ultimate can do everything that chef can do + ulti can do pvp and he is god tier in pvp.

    While ultimate is not really fun to play you can still play turtle. The problems with turtle are that their gear is expensive, there are alot turtles so not always easy to find a party, you won't be great in solo pvp and in 5 vs 5 people will try to kill you first.

    So either tank buffer class who is good in everything but boring to play or dps class with 0 defense and expensive gear but much more fun to play.

  • first of all thanks for all the helpfull answers but I dont like Majin classes somehow.. i tried to like them but cant play with an ugly fat character that I dont like.

    So the next point is that I have already a turtle level 30 and had also one in TW but its kinda boring / mainstream

    My personal favourite class is Swordsman but I want to play SM only if I have enough Zeni for huge damage and fun.

    To get all those Zenis I have to create a character first for Farming/Dungeon.

    So I started Dragon Clan Namekian right now I am following the AoE Build of Badass but I dont realy know if I should go Poko or Dende

  • Dende is good for everything (you can decide to transform your dende in a tank, if you want) for PvP.

    Karma/Turtle are good for PvE.

    If you want make speed, make Poko with 23% both weapons with karma support speed buffs or Karma with 23% both with poko support speed buffs, you need to be sure that your poko can tanky enough attacks from physical and energy.

  • Same as karma, if you want a class that make PvP and PvE, make SK or DW (for area skill-kill)

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