Will there be NEW CONTENT?

  • Hey Guys!

    I want ask you, if this game will get bigger updates like new Classes and Races, more Maps, more Story or something like this.

    I know the Game is unofficial. Thats the reason why i think the Game will still be the same as it has been officialy quitted (stopped)

    Tell me that i am wrong. Cause the game gets boring if there will be just some new dogis.


    Or SSJ 2 Maybe?

  • I doubt if this will be added, but you can mod a another ssj into any color. It's gonna get updated to level 70 cap soon. the wait will be worth it after the level 60-70 missions are fixed, then we're able to level up faster.




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  • New content that is possible :

    New bbcd floors, boss will have to be a current boss model with maybe new attack styles and skills. (new rewards)

    new recolor/redrawn dogi (no new remodel dogi, can't add new model to the game :p)

    Maybe new skills

    Lvl 80 cap, there is enough content in the source to introduce level 80 and maybe some new quest on unreleased area. (weapons and armor)

    maybe a new tmq with dif reward and mobs but it will be a copy of a current tmq just being modify.

    New BID dungeons.

    Could make a new event similar to scramble and dragon hunt but will require lots of time worked on and lots of debugging.

    New tourny modes maybe king of the ring.

  • i been playing this game for some time now and i will be honest i totally agree with you if the game will keep like that only with new dogis and with ctrl c + ctrl v of everything(like events etc...)and the mods for sure the game will die eventually mmorpgs needs to have new content from time to time to survive and keep the playerbase its obvious otherwise would be a graveyard or in the worst cases servers shutdown i really doubt the devs team of the dbo would change major stuff like engine,scripts,animations from the scratch and bring us a totally new dbo yeah its tempting for us to see new animations,new skills,transformations for example but that is too far away from the reality right now, in my honest opinion i think dbo will eventually die in a few years or maybe even months(depending on what will happen) our only salvation would be a new company create a new mmorpg game from dragon ball series for us from scratch with a new engine from nowadays so that would be a new possibility for us to see new skills,transformations,animations,graphics and so on... but well that would maybe ''solve'' our problems but its a long way from happening unfortunately.

  • Right, Daneos won't strain himself beyond cap 70 and new dogis, it's his usual do. But if you can contribute for something, you need to do what oEffy is doing, making some MOD on SSJ with different colour or something else (not necessary only SSJ mod).

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