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  • Dragon Ball Online Pet Guide

    -Pets are very useful companions to have that grow and evolve over the course of feeding them and fusing them. They provide many different utility skills to help with day to day gameplay.

    -There are currently 6 pets. Of those 5 are still obtainable.

    -The 5 obtainable pets are in no particular order. A puar, A Mecha, A Saibaman, A Dragon, And a pair of panties(Obtained From Shenron). The sixth founder pet was a pink poop and is no longer obtainable.

    -All pets are capable of the same things so which pet you pick is purely a cosmetic choice.

    -Pets can be obtained from the Pet Machine. You can find these in any of the beginner cities, as well as West City. [Kokkara Village (Human Starter Area) Snail Village (Namekian Starter Area) Ben Village (Buu Starter Area) West City (Main Hub of Westland)]

    -They are on the minimap as a small green mushroom that looks like a 1up+ from Mario.

    -When you select the vendor you can buy a random generated new pet for 150k Zeni. It will give you a pet capsule which you then open to obtain your pet. Right click the pet to register it to your "Pet Inventory".

    -You can open the pet menu through the same list as where you open Options, Log Out, etc. You should see your pet listed there. Go ahead and summon it. It'll now follow you around until you relog and regenerate 1VP every 10 seconds!


    -You level pets with pet food. There are various sources to obtain pet food from and multiple choices in pet food. Higher tiers of pet food give larger experience. Food gives exo each 60 seconds passively until it is consumed completely. At which point you would have to re-apply the food buff.

    -List of Pet Foods Locations [The best place to buy pet food is from the token shop, but if you have wagu points from using wagu you can purchase it there as well.You can purchase the Low Rank Pet Feed from the same npc that stands near the pet dispensing machine]

    -Prices and Types [25,50,75,100 Tokens. Starting at Low Rank Pet Feed/Middle Rank Pet Feed/High Rank Pet Feed/First Rate Pet Feed] [Wagu Points 22,45,67,90 (Same food names apply)]

    -[Cash Shop only sells First Rate Pet Feed for 20 Wagu Coins and gives you 5x of it.]

    -Each feed is worth more experience the higher you go in tiers. [Low Rank-3840 Total Exp / Middle Rank Pet Feed-7680 Total Exp / High Rank Pet Feed-11,520 Total Exp / First Rate Pet Feed-23,040 Total Exp]

    -When a pet has reached maximum exp. You fuse it with another pet to increase its evolution and how many skills it can hold.

    -Pets can hold up to 4 skills at a time after fully evolving them 4 times. They consume VP which is basically its "Energy"

    -Open your pet menu and click the little arrow next to the empty slot skill. Then when that window opens. Select add and it will generate a random skill for your pet. Pet skills can be reset with an item called "Bean of forgetfullness"

    -You can obtain that item from the token shop , wagu points shop , and cash shop for different amounts. The Prices are [150 Tokens, 135 Wagu points, or Cash Shop 20 Cash Coins for 5x of them]

    -You raise the level of your pet skills to consume less VP with an item known as Pet Rise Peanut. [400 Tokens, 360 Wagu Points.]

    -VP can recovered passively over time or with two different items. One is called VP Recovery Potions, or VP Recovery Boxes. Both function a little differently.

    -VP Recovery Boxes restore VP if it falls below 30% and restores it to 100% Each tier of VP Recover Boxes functions much the same to Pet Feeds in that better VP Recovery Boxes will restore a higher cap of VP (This acts like a buff much in the same way that EV Auto Pots Work

    -VP Recovery Potions restore a set amount in much the same way that a Life or EP Pill would. And are one time use.(Has various tiers like previous items)

    -To evolve your pet you fuse it. When it reaches max exp. You click your pet in the pet tab and select fuse. You must dismiss your pet first. Select the correct pet. Press fuse. Then feed it another pet (This will destroy the selected pet you choose to use to fuel the fusion) to fuel the fusing process. At which point your pet will level its xp bar will reset and you will unlock another skill slot to generate a skill in.

    -You use skills by selecting them in the pet menu or dragging them to your hot bars to use like other skills.

    -Pet Skill you can obtain [Auto Pick Up(Loot Stuff Automatically, Dash EP Reduce(Reduce Dash Energy Point Cost), Mobile Sell Vendor, Mobile Bank, Self Revive(Revive Yourself from death), NPC Teleport (Lets you teleport to any npc on the map), Summon Party (Lets you summon party members to your current location), Guild Summon (Summons guild members instead of party members), Mobile Mail.

    -You may also seal pets with the Pet Seal Box. (400 Tokens, 360 Wagu Points) [Sealing is used to sell the pet to others] [It will remove pet skills but leave it fully leveled and such]

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