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    Unquestionably the most cancerous thing this game has ever released.

    It's too late now and nothing can be done, a few players will benefit from this event the rewards changes will affect only the next upcoming event not this one, it was too early to release the event without even thinking on how to manage the rewards.

    If Daneos/mods are apparently able to mass-change items that players have (stones apparently being one of them in their power) they should be able to change the coupons to a lower level than +15 (to +12), and hopefully, lower than level 70 to begin with.

    I believe that's more than in the power of Daneos, if not - well... guess we're dealing with +15s in the first day of level 70 and elitists with CC150 auras right off the bat.

    Okay, so, this is... the third or so thread? Yeah, so, basically, the suggestion is remove tickets.

    Tickets are without a doubt the most cancerous thing that are in this game at the current moment in time. Those people that work hard to get genuine upgrades? RIP, that effort is wasted. People that want to work their way to the top? RIP - you can use a coupon and immediately become the peak of power right there and then. So, let me just explain a few things why I think these are toxic, along with some counter arguments...

    POINT: "It's temporary! It's not like you're going to keep that stuff permanently or anything, right? It doesn't matter!"
    COUNTER: Okay, so, you're basically saying that being a god for even two days is fine? Being literally the peak of the cap? +12 tickets were bullshit enough, everyone hoarded them for budokai and got easy high upgraded gear for the weekend, making their chances of victory all the higher than the regular players... Don't even get me STARTED on +15, +15 is an entirely new demon altogether. Not only are you literally reaching maximum defense/power output (basically), it lasts for FIFTEEN DAYS. Do you have any idea how much is possible in fifteen days? CC150 would be /demolished/ by people with these tickets.

    POINT: "Rare/Legendary items give better stats in both ways! You can't use coupons on those."

    COUNTER: ...And? Your point is basically saying, "yo, you can't become the literal peak of the peak of the GAME with these", but you seem to forget.... +15 is what we're talking about here. If you can honestly tell me, that if you had the option between, oh, idk, a 28 FOC rare glove that was +12/+13 (being generous here, most people don't get lucky enough to get that far at all) or a 24/26(not sure of the exact stat) FOC excellent glove... BUT +15 instantly - you'd pick the 28 FOC - then you're inefficient as hell and downright stupid IMO. +15 gives the biggest stat boost of all the upgrades, with reason. It's the peak of what you can achieve.

    POINT: "Cashers are just mad that f2p people can get a chance now!!!!!11"

    COUNTER: Yeah, okay, a guaranteed chance of +15, instantly, as compared to a rather low chance of actual +15, even with the u70 stones that people have stockpiled... sure. You seem to underestimate the power of a coupon - there is no chance of failure. No breaking. It succeeds, always, and will always last fifteen days. That's overpowered if I've never seen it before.

    POINT: "Oh, but they're being removed from the shop already!!!!!"



    This alone is a counter in itself. People that stockpile these things are going to have a huge advantage over everyone else, both in PVP and PVE, both in the fact that they can instantly start to trash anyone that doesn't have +15 in PVP, and storm CCBD150 in the first day and get all the auras and other shit, basically putting everyone else at a permanent disadvantage. Not to mention you can share honey between people - this fact means that people that want a friend to get super OP gear ready for the 70 cap - well - hey - rest in peace balance, goodbye game.


    Now let me just make my suggestion itself clear; no, I'm not just saying to remove the tickets from the event manager NPC. I'm saying remove them from the game altogether. Anyone that gets them, shouldn't have them. It's too much power. Downgrade it to +12, shorten the duration as well, or just remove them altogether because honestly, +12 at level 70 is already ridiculous enough.

    This isn't healthy for the game at all.



    +12 is too much anyway, I think that level 70 gear should not get coupons. Also if this event has +15 as a reward - even ONE event - SOMEONE will get coupons... that would become a massive problem. Do you have any idea what power +15 brings?

    Regardless, though, LP/EP autopots (500,000) and brown boxes, maybe dogi balls here and there - yeah, I agree 100% with Sendoku's ideas other than the +12 part. Seriously, there's no need to give a literally infinite source of coupons.

    You're missing the point again. No, there's no argument against buff synergy. It's the fact that this specific buff synergy, KARMA + POKO (which is already arguably the most OP combination in the game since they make speed parties) becomes even MORE ridiculously wanted. There's barely any reason to take anything else with this. As people say, turtles? PFFFF, who needs those, am I right?

    Optimal party, I can see it now; Karma, Poko, Dende, Ulti and an SK. Classes that are all godly at PVP as well - and human classes get the absolute shaft as a result of this mindset.

    Also, it's funny because it's not just a "little" more viable, they can replace turtles pretty much altogether now because of how crazy the boost is - and there's no reason to take a turtle now in parties since, hey, they cover both massive group damage AND buffs at the same time... turtle only does one, maybe a little better, but with no ability to buff.


    Six in one match, yes, but that's besides the point. I play a Turtle anyway lmao, this is for making Fighter more fun for both players involved after all! I think being able to dodge Bold Strike from someone that's just mindlessly spamming it would be more than fair enough, or other predictable moves like I dunno, a Quick Attack or something. It'd change the whole way Martial Artists fight each-other if a Fighter can suddenly guaranteed dodge a Quick Attack, a lot more thought would have to be put into the game.

    Right now, it's pretty much...

    Quick Attack -> Roar -> Maybe one extra buff -> Kidney Shot -> HS Needle -> SHS Needle -> Hoping that RNG stops you from dying -> Repeat

    Usually one of the needles will crit at least, but even still, that's luck. All of it is. That's bad.

    This is basically a fighter's options:


    Difficult choice, am I right?

    Fighters have potential to be very timing/skill based and add a lot of fast pacing to matches if these suggestions were to get implemented. It'd make things interesting for sure, rather than have so many one-trick wonder moments where they pray to RNGesus and somehow miraculously come out on top like an Ultra Instinct GOD and frustrate both themselves and their opponent because it's just luck, or get absolutely destroyed when they DO end up getting hit just once by a bold strike or something - because they probably have no CON since DEX is overpowered as hell.

    Instead of relying on RNG, there could be timing - there could be feinting, as listed before. If you're predictable, you're going to get your ass kicked by a Fighter. That's /good/ stuff, imo. There should be a class that punishes people for playing one exact same way every time and winning...



    But at the same time, it shouldn't be totally down to a luck of the draw. If it's timing based, this gives options to both sides - you can trick a Fighter into using their guaranteed invincibility by cancelling out an animation midway, or other ways, meaning things become all about reading your opponent in these matchups. Fighter vs Fighter would become absolutely crazy, because it's no longer "who stuns/crits first wins", it'd be all about positioning and psyching each other out.

    For the current standard of the game and its balancing? That'd be amazing stuff.

    Lets be honest here real quick.

    As has been said about a million times in this thread, the game is no longer P2W. It's P2A. You don't get nearly as many cash exclusive items anymore. You don't get nearly as many massive impossible to reach trump cards over players. Dogi balls used to be so crazily broken - hell, autopots used to be removable! You could literally remove auto-pots and add them back, just to not die. Cashers always won against non-cashers.

    Now, that big gap is no longer there. Sure, people that cash will get better gear easier. Sure, people that cash don't have to put as much effort in, but that's THEIR CHOICE. The u70 stones is a lottery to begin with, there is literally no guarantee you'll get u70 stones even if you do put a lot of cash into the game, and honestly, given how much people put into the game (which all the while keeps the servers running and allows the economy to grow and keep things flowing) they definitely deserve a boost.

    Players that DON'T cash don't have to accept defeat, either. They can literally work for anything. All of the stuff that used to be cash exclusive as EchoSon stated earlier - it isn't anymore. You can literally grind for a few hours, maybe more, and suddenly you'll have racked in a good couple million. That's enough to get literally anything you could want right now, including, GASP, u70 stones???!!!

    Of course, you can argue that later it won't matter, but you get more zeni the higher you level up, so that's not even an argument either.

    Now, put it into perspective... the economy will always change. It always inflates. That's the natural way things go on in an MMO. The stones really won't make a difference whatsoever, because lets be honest, if someone tries to sell u70 stones for the price they were at the end of the POB (where there was zeni glitches and everything, by the way, it won't happen as fast as you guys are thinking it will) no-one will buy it. Why? Because NO-ONE WILL HAVE THAT MUCH ZENI YET.

    So, lets be serious here guys. The only thing that cashers get? What's that? Oh right, it's an advantage. As was stated, once again, a million times.

    But wait, there's more... What happens if no-one cashes? What happens if nobody wants to put money into the game? What happens to this beautiful, free to play game that I want every Dragon Ball fan to be able to experience?

    It dies.

    No cashers means no game. You people that complain about things being P2W literally have seen nothing of TW, and honestly, don't understand that the game needs cashers to function to begin with. So seriously, just - stop whining. Heck... the time you spend whining could be spent grinding zeni and give you a chance to catch up to the cashers...

    But that's just my thoughts.

    "Turtles are OP because of the book!!!111!" ...No? The book is still something you have to time the usage of, you have to get the advantage to begin with to be able to use it at all without getting absolutely destroyed, too. I'd be all for making it for male turtles as well, like, it seems dumb that you have to play as a girl just to get the most out of your turtle class, but nerfing the book?

    No, don't do that. It's one of the things that makes Turtles actually relevant in PVP, taking that away makes them far less viable at all.

    ...Unless you're going to sit there and tell me the Shadow Knight's 4 stuns and tiny cooldown with the ability to bold someone twice, use Violent Slice literally every 10 seconds with 45M range and more - Or the ability to skill lock people indefinitely as a Karma - or OTHER class quirks that DO exist, such as infinite DEX for a Fighter, etc... - Is fair and balanced?

    Are you? Are you really going to say that?

    i was able to do 1k more damage with a critical hit and more base damage than dex gear at this point dex gear offer only more chance to land a critical shot so why even bother take the risk and go squishy when you can just go Tanky dps, you actually want to be tanky and deal as much damage as full dex?

    First thing's first, I'm gonna apologize for being a bit of a b**** earlier. A little bit of stress from other things got into my posts here and I don't want that to represent me as a whole. Hopefully I didn't cause too much hassle for you.


    Okay so, just take everything into account, yeah? 1k more damage is nice, but DEX not only gives you resist rate (to stop stuns from happening altogether), dodge rate (which is better for tanking funny enough in a fighter's case, not in a 'damage' sense, but not getting hit at all is better than taking less damage, right?), and the extra crit rate (which means you actually crit way more often...) but it also puts you up (as you just said) very close to full prop damage.

    You surely can see that DEX is a better option based on those things, right? The 1k difference is worthless if you're making all those differences, and critting more often to begin with. There's quite a difference in consistency, as I said earlier. To add, if your opponent is using props, too, then you're not getting anything out of it. So there goes that entire advantage, thus rendering it worthless. It's probably a better idea at that point to go to DEX.

    ...Also, from what I've seen, more than PLENTY of fighter mains used DEX over props (at full power mind you) for PVP and had more success, and even used it for PVE purposes, and that says a lot.

    of course now Dexterity fighter is way much better than cons/prop fighter right now because property is nerfed for them and their base critical damage is based on dexterity

    Let's take a moment to chill. I was talking about in general, you missed my point entirely and manipulated it too, it would seem; I literally said that even with full props as an option, people would still choose DEX over it, because it's far better.

    You didn't prove anything

    You also didn't read anything apparently;

    Anyway, let's go with your theory then. Let's say our Fighter's wearing the usual 33 p.crit% weapons. Their crit damage would be 2.66x assuming we ignore hidden crit% from their base DEX. Now throw on 68 DEX by earrings, giving them 10 critrate. When we also count in their new crit% damage, their 7000 dmg needle should do about 21000 now.

    Now let's give them 26% props instead! They now deal 8820 dmg without critting and crit less often, but if they did crit, it'd still be same as with DEX thanks to DEX's crit% damage boost. Sure, you can deal that measly boosted 8820 dmg when you're NOT critting, but you'll be dealing those massive PvP match-deciding critical blows far less often, especially when anti-crit's involved.

    DEX improves crit% damage and critrate, therefore it does more burst damage than props at full damage more consistently. That's the proof right there?

    On topic; yeah, resist% is pretty broken when it's possible to stack earrings and rings. IIRC, it wasn't even possible to get it on one of those? Which is how it SHOULD be. 56% max is probably the way to go, maybe 60%. Would be fixed by simply making it like retail.

    Damage from fighter was so weak

    they don't that huge burst like fighters

    Nice contradiction.

    No i'm saying if we put prop to 1 for fighters in the current meta they will be strong and SK will be even stronger, in the past fighter dex was too weak compared to fighter full cons and prop

    Also, this is hilarious. They will be strong and SK will be stronger...??? NO, EVERYONE will be stronger lmfao. As Echo stated earlier, SKs also get less from props than a Fighter does, so pray tell how they're even stronger in that regard?

    Also your point about Fighter DEX being weak compared to Full CON and prop fighters...

    Fighter with DEX is OP compared to prop and CON fighters. You're completely missing the point. Even with full props, fighters STILL choose DEX.

    prop was useless

    Thank you for backing up the point they didn't need a nerf to begin with, btw.

    You're wrong, we do testings with craft gear/drop gear and we only use CCBD Weapon set because its the same as legendary drop and it only grant small amount of HP and we also test without aura, 1 prop will make match-up against shadow knights really tough meanwhile Prop is good as it is now turtles are strong and other classes besides SK can tank fighter needles the only thing that should be tweaked is swordsmen's attack property set it to 1% since they don't that huge burst like fighters anything else is fine, just live with it.

    Nice job ignoring my point entirely thus proving you've got nothing.

    Also, I find it odd that Turtles get 0.5% defense... I mean, their whole weakness is defense. -v- It's impossible for a turtle to survive anything at all, in retail they got one shot, and that was with full props. Now it's literally halved, and you're saying that it's balanced?

    And your whole point you just made about DEX being weak... what???

    We are not dancing we are discussing, and we're not here to counter arguments either

    Except you are here to make counter arguments as a MOD TEAM, because if you don't have any counter, then why haven't you made global props 1 = 1% like it should be for all classes since you so clearly agree with the points listed? The reasons are simple; it's not even overpowered compared to the other alternative options. I mean really. You can choose between doing a little extra damage and having a little extra defense... ...or in a fighter's case you could dodge everything way more easily, crit more often (which decides the battle) and more?

    I'm sorry, but your lack of an argument shows that you're acknowledging the choice to nerf props as wrong. So where is your counter?

    Where he mentioned only in rings? He has said in rings and earrings.

    Wrong, it's 0.5% both defence and attack on my fighter i have -2% Wild defence and by using 13prop (+6.5%) i got 2% which is in fact 1.5% but since the client doesn't read numbers with a comma it goes up to 2% (+0.5%), if it was 0.7% as you claimed i would gain (9.1% wild defence) 7%.

    You guys are quite literally dancing around the point that Echo is making just to point out something wrong with what he's saying. You're yet to give an actual good counter point to his argument that props were fine, which they were. Did you even read anything he said?

    Seems pointless to have them nerfed at all. 1 should = 1, period. It's a stupid nerf and I hope it goes back to how it SHOULD be, ASAP. Also... a bunch of lies, no, I think you just don't actually calculate properly.