Dark Warrior Buff Suggestion

  • Yes DW has 2 taunts and you can perma keep aggro if your not disabled. I think they should give sharp slice a stun at a certain level, and buff dragons protection, dragons pledge, and draconic resistance and defense so you wont get disabled by mobs you didnt aggro and stun bosses. Good Suggestions though.

  • In my opinion all classes are viable in PvP & PvE, its just harder for some. That's why people go with the easier ones when they wanna either PvP or PvE.

    I'd love to go DW for example but I am probably gonna go with Turtle Hermit, because I am lazy and wanna easy farm & burst stuff :D
    But honestly, none of you is wrong. Most of the classes will need some "polishing" (Dark Warrior, Grand Chef, Ultimate Majin, maybe Karma & Plasma idk...) after the game gets finally released & stable.