Favorite anime characters?

  • What's your top 5 favorite anime characters of all time?
    Reasons why if you have one?

    Mine would have to be:
    1.) Itachi.
    2.) Asako Natsume.
    3.) Asuna/Kirito. (I can't pick between the two)
    4.) Jellal.
    5.) Accelerator.

    For each of these characters I got caught up in their stories, or were able to identify with them on some level or another and that's why they topped my list as my favorites. Though I won't deny this list does change often enough ;P

  • My top five characters
    1. Gohan because not only did we go from essentially telling this annoying little kid to grow up, and stop crying he became one of the most well respected after the events of Cell, and when he was in his Ultimate Gohan state we watched him grow up, and become a responsible adult. ( - Minus deflecting a bullet with his finger, and great saiyaman. :p - )

    2. Itachi while this might seem like stealing I to also respect Itachi for all that he did to protect his brother, and the Hidden Leaf Village he was deemed the enemy, and watched his brother go at him with hate and a goal to kill him, and even had to deal with the Akatsuki. Itachi was a hero in my eyes through & through.

    Trunks because this was kind of a given. He had to watch so many people die, and watch his own mentor be killed before his very eyes ~ Sexy Gohan ~ : c

    4. Vegeta because he went from a selfish prideful being, and into a still prideful, but more caring towards other, and the will to protect those he loved.

    5. Medaka - Not very well known but she had her fair share of hard times. She seemed like she had most things going for her, but all she ever wanted to do was help people, and they constantly thought it was her trying to be an ass or a perfect human. She was misunderstood, and I feel bad for her at times because she is kind of oblivious like Goku. --- Anime (Medaka Box) ---

  • Astin-well this one also represents my name but he is actualy an immortal in searching a way to die because of his kindness he cant bear to be the last man alive so he search to die happy like he is doing for so many:)

    Gohan-well this guy have been my favorite for alot of time now since he was a kid always surprised others and i hope to see it again in furutre

    Naruto-going from zero to hero this guy gets me crieing every time lol .. nothing to say more

    Kirito-nothing to say much about this one but combining genius with combats skills also being that kind of character that always surprises with his abilities yeah :)

    Allen Walker-well this one just inspires me to do something good with my life because he despite his bad luck and overall harsh life always gets trough hardenships so yeah :)

    • Hei [Darker Than Black] - I have always liked his style of fighting, but especially how he tried to keep his human feelings part within himself.
    • Yuuki [Sword Art Online] - Sad story of this character, but I was struck by her determination of her reality.
    • Kurome [Agame Ga Kill] - I like cookies, what can I say more? I have something in common with that character
    • Lindow [God Eater] - Badass character, not sure why I like it lol.
    • Isaac Netero [Hunter X Hunter] - Stronger, best oldman troll, and a very very sense of humorism. I like it so much.
  • 1- Vegeta... He is B4.DA.$$ and B4.DA.$$ is VEGETA!
    2- Kid Krillin ... he was fun to see and when he died you just wanted to flip the table!
    3- PERFECT CELL... cuz he is cocky! and because of TFS!
    4- Nappa... again because of TFS!

  • 1. Vegetto because of his cockiness to disguise the fact he's a master tactician (from Vegeta)
    2. Minato because of his over-all abilities, his intellect and his undying loyalty and love
    3. Itachi because despite bearing all the hate and hiding the truth, he still loved Sasuke through and through
    4. Hichigo Shirosaki (Hollow Ichigo) because of his "insanity", instincts and fighting prowess
    5. Gon because of his loyalty to his family and friends not to mention he's over-all awesome

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