​Daneos​​ stone Drop rate​ ​ please ​Change back​

  • Drop rate depends on what stones you're farming for, and I'm getting a lot of stones at my current level.

    Upgrade Rate feels fine to me.

    u70 stones have gone down in price by a wide margin. They used to be 400kk at the minimum.

    ...so? Just because you have +15 gear doesn't mean you're a god. +15 gear, in my opinion, is more cosmetic than practical. If you have the skill and good enough gear, you can take down a +15 player. Besides, I got my level 30 gloves to +14. Low level sure, but still a damn accomplishment on my part.

  • Hate all you want but the current rate being SUPERIOR on regular mobs than on UD/TMQs is just stupid and only people who want an easy game, or are just unskilled noobs think the rate is good.

    At what Point does Ol Donald plan to stop crying around these forums and do something with himself?


  • Since drop rate is improved and fixed, I shall lock this ticket to prevent future flaming or harassments of other people.

    [warnbox]Thread locked![/warnbox]


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