​Daneos​​ stone Drop rate​ ​ please ​Change back​

  • Drop rate depends on what stones you're farming for, and I'm getting a lot of stones at my current level.

    Upgrade Rate feels fine to me.

    u70 stones have gone down in price by a wide margin. They used to be 400kk at the minimum.

    ...so? Just because you have +15 gear doesn't mean you're a god. +15 gear, in my opinion, is more cosmetic than practical. If you have the skill and good enough gear, you can take down a +15 player. Besides, I got my level 30 gloves to +14. Low level sure, but still a damn accomplishment on my part.

  • Since drop rate is improved and fixed, I shall lock this ticket to prevent future flaming or harassments of other people.

    [warnbox]Thread locked![/warnbox]


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