improve the crane please now really sucks in pvp

  • when the people who play will wake up, they are changing the game, skill that in my opinion had functions, the classes that were to tank are giving damage now, I played the beginning of the Pre Open and from what I see was much more fun, he he needed to deal with some mistakes, now he has changed everything, Dw is giving damage now, Crane had his cuts of a thousand nerf, the damage was 70% and now this with 30% damage ..

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  • It's okay. You're all idiots who really can't understand shit. Continue with this stupid thread, Im done commenting It's a waste of time.

    You are not a crane hermit. Your posts were stupid and useless.

    You just like other people who plays other classes don't want crane to be better than you or winning budokai.

    Like i said no supporters for this class even DBOG staff members don't want to balance it and saying it's good as it's.

    Then tell me what the use of Agile armor buff does it give anything???

    Crane hermit's stuns have long CD while a turtle has paralysis with a decent CD and its RP decrease it even more...

  • Eu gostaria de poder mostrar mais desrespeito, mas eu não quero passar meu limite

    It's good that you have good sense, but to be willing to move on, I'm here to want a better game, if your opinions are the opposite, then try to make a topic ... I'm not a Baba .. ..

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  • Buffing an already strong class won't make the game better.

    I told you about defense, blocking, guard break, chance to defend,

    (nor in the game, do not use)

    ability of Classes that have changed, I want to improve some Classes is bad at the moment, if not see these functions (defense, blocking, guard break, chance to defend) Crane is badly calculated this is true, if you have patience and add, you will see that certain abilities are not helping much, nor killing monsters ...

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  • Crane must start some duels in defensive mode,

    Crane must use his Dot and use his defense,

    Crane would have been worth more if Agility Armo helps if Guard (R) (that in game and useless),

    so I talked about the beginning of the game,

    "The defense had a 100% blockade of not taking anything through its use," changing certain classes without changing certain functions of the game, game-based items, the game was not to be ...

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  • Cranes do not need any buff or changes made to the class. Crane is a very unique type of class and they can fight pretty much any class and come out on top if played right. Those who do not put the time into learning the class and the combos are those who will fail at the class. From my experience the only classes that can give them a hard time is Karma and sometimes Plasma due to all there main skills having a cast time its hard to get the skill off before your stunned again or they have jumped through your skill with Shout Stun. There has also been buffs in disguise for cranes at least imo. Making Sk's Life Steal Energy is a massive boost for Spiritualists especially since there are so many people playing SK in OB. Cranes are similar to swordsman in a way too, They can not be played by simpletons who want everything easy without thinking tactically. On that same note just as Swordsman they are expensive to gear because you will rely on tanking opposition a lot. Fighter/SM/SK/Karma etc.

    Yup. Crane is all about changing items while target frozen or sleeping that doesn't make sense while other classes don't.

    Every single class i have ever played i have rotated my items around mid fight in order to anticipate my opponents move to gain the advantage so im not sure what makes you think this is just for crane. Those who do not change items and rock up with 1 set all fight are the ones who usually loose.