[EN] Patch Notes - 2022-12-24 - Cap 70/Christmas/DBOUR Merge!

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    Hey Everyone,

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! After a very long wait, Cap 70 is here! It's not just a new level cap though, we're also enabling the Christmas event, and this is the first patch since the DBOUR merge! If you're interested in reading more about the DBOUR merge, please check the following threads:

    As a bit of a disclaimer, this is probably the largest patch that has ever been applied to a DBO server. Given that, please understand that due to time constraints to get this to you today, technical limitations with the TW game client, and unforeseen events like the server attacks from a couple of months ago, this doesn't have the usual polish that we normally apply to a DBOG patch. There will probably be a few bugs and things we missed, but once you see the scope of the patch, we hope you'll forgive those things. Now, on to the updates!


    • Level 70 unlocked!
    • All Papaya quests have been fixed. Some have been translated, but not all.
    • The wandering Ultras in Papaya have been added, but will currently not yet roam throughout the island. This will be coming in a future patch.
    • Kraken difficulty has been increased, and the 2nd and 3rd rooms of Kraken have been enabled. There are currently no extra rewards for completing these rooms, but those rewards will be coming with the rest of the dungeon reworks.
    • Cell-X difficulty has been increased.
    • Bacterian difficulty has been increased.
    • The wandering Ultras and BID bosses will now drop legendary Gemstone and u70 Upgrade Kit recipes.
    • Legendary Gemstone and u70 Upgrade Kit drops have been enabled.
    • Full CCBD floor clears now award previously unreleased gear drops. See below for details.
    • Christmas maps, music, and events have been enabled.
    • Brown Boxes in Popo Gifts replaced with Silver Boxes.
    • CCBD Floor Tickets in Popo Gifts replaced with CCBD Circuit Cases.
    • +15 Coupons in Popo Gifts replaced with +12.

    Cash Shop Updates

    The Halloween dogis and auras have been moved to the Token/Mudosa shops. The following items have been added to the Cash Shop:

    ItemCash Points
    Goku Wig100
    Vegeta Wig100
    SSJ4 Vegito Wig100
    SSJ4 Vegito Wig RGB (RGB = color matches your default hair)100
    SSJ4 Gogeta Wig100
    SSJ4 Xeno Goku Wig100
    Xeno Pan Wig100
    Mai's Hat100
    SSJB Vegito Wig100
    SSJ Rose Wig100
    SSJ4 Gohan Wig100
    UI Goku Wig100
    Majin Mark100
    Time Breaker Broly Mask100
    Time Breaker Bardock Mask100
    Broken Time Breaker Bardock Mask100
    Baby Vegeta Backpack100
    Damaged Goku Gi100
    Vegeta Buu Saga Gi100
    Gohan Buu Saga Gi100
    Damaged Future Trunks Outfit100
    End of Z Goku Gi100
    End of Z Vegeta Outfit100
    Bulma Outfit100
    Trunks Tank Top Outfit100
    Future Gohan Gi100
    Saiyan Female Armor100
    Multiverse Bardock Armor100
    Time Patrol Trunks Outfit100
    CC Soldier Uniform100
    Mira Outfit100
    SSJ4 Goku GT Gi100
    SSJ4 Vegeta GT Outfit100
    Pan GT Outfit100
    Vegeta GT Outfit100
    SSJ4 Gogeta Gi100
    SSJ4 Xeno Goku Gi100
    SSJ4 Xeno Vegeta Gi100
    Xeno Pan Outfit100
    SSJ4 Xeno Vegito Gi100
    Xeno Gotenks Gi100
    Xeno Vegito Gi100
    Xeno Gogeta Gi100
    Mai Outfit100
    Goku Black Gi100
    Goku Black Heroes Gi100
    Android 17 Super Outfit100
    Android 18 Tracksuit100
    Pride Trooper Outfit100
    Caulifla Outfit100
    Kale Outfit100
    SAB Goku Outfit100
    SAB Vegeta Outfit100
    God of Destruction Outfit100
    Zeno Outfit100
    Kefla Outfit100
    SSJ4 Gohan Gi100
    Alternate Broly Armor100
    Bulchi Outfit100
    Xeno Piccolo Gi100
    Krillin Buu Saga Outfit100
    Black Christmas Costume50
    Blue Christmas Costume50
    Green Christmas Costume50
    Pink Christmas Costume50
    Purple Christmas Costume50
    Yellow Christmas Costume50
    Black Christmas Hat50
    Blue Christmas Hat50
    Green Christmas Hat50
    Pink Christmas Hat50
    Purple Christmas Hat50
    Yellow Christmas Hat50

    As you can see, we've been hard at work importing the DBOUR outfits! Please be aware that many of these outfits are race or gender locked, so be careful to check when buying these, to make sure they work for your character's class and gender. The Christmas outfits have also been added to the Tinder NPC in Korin Village for the Christmas event!

    CCBD Reward Upgrades

    Instead of the old capsule for defeating each map, players will now receive a capsule containing a new piece of legendary armor. Here are the armor sets:

    • CC Alpha Zero Speed - 25% Movespeed, 25% Attackspeed
    • CC Alpha Zero Power - 15% Physical Crit Damage, 15% Physical Attack Damage
    • CC Beta Zero Meteoric - 15% Energy Crit Damage, 15% Energy Attack Damage
    • CC Gamma Zero Juggernaut - 15% Physical Defense, 15% Energy Defense
    • CC Delta Zero Tactical - 8% Physical Crit Rate, 15% Hit Rate
    • CC Beta Zero Precision - 8% Energy Crit Rate, 15% Energy Attack Damage

    Item Duplication Update

    As you guys are probably aware, a few months ago an item duplication bug was discovered, and many items ranging from u70 Upgrade Kits to Founder/Anniversary items were duplicated. We have since fixed the duplication bug, and banned the abusers, but some of the items they disseminated amongst the playerbase remain. Given that there were only u70 Upgrade Kits in the game due to a prior oversight that prematurely enabled the recipes, all of these u70 kits should be removed from the game. However, because it is Christmas, and because we don't want to punish the players that legitimately bought these u70s, without knowing they were duplicated, we will downgrade them to u56's instead of removing them completely. As for the items that are already upgraded, we will reset those to +0 though. We are still discussing internally what to do with the duplicated Anniversary and Founder items, and we will keep you guys informed on that discussion. There will be no changes to those this patch.


    • All Papaya quests fixed.
    • Missing wandering Ultras added to Papaya.
    • Fixed an exploit allowing Kraken to be done without aggroing the nearby mobs.
    • Fixed an exploit allowing Bacterian to be done without aggroing the nearby mobs.
    • Fixed an exploit allowing Cell-X to be done without aggroing the nearby mobs.

    We finally made it! Cap 70 is here, and the merge is underway! This was a very difficult, large patch, and it was a long time coming. I'm sorry for the wait everyone, but it's been a full year of DBO development, and a lot of things have happened, good and bad. We hope you enjoy it, and there are many more good things to come. Now that Cap 70 is here and there's plenty of content to enjoy, we will be moving forward with close to full time development of the new client. With the expertise of the DBOUR team, hopefully we can get things up and running quickly! There will be a few small patches here and there for things like dogis, bug fixes, events, translations, etc, so stay tuned! As always thank you so much for your support, donations, memes, laughs, and companionship. DBOG would be nothing without its great players. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! See you next year with more good changes!

  • Ey! New Player Here. Having A Odd Issue.
    When i make a new char there are sounds and sound effects. However when i came back today the music is still there but sound effects and voices ect is gone. Tried making a new character again "Human this time" to see and the sound was back. But as soon as i log out of go to the log in screen or even char select. It goes away.
    Any fix for this?

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