Suggestion to make cranes better without over powering them

  • Hi guys im going to be blunt to say cranes are the worst class in pvp by far thats why you dont see anyone playing cranes , even when daneos fixes the problems with the class. anti bleed gear shuts them down almost completely, then add the fact that they dont have a true stun and boom a useless class, Note some of these suggestions are build upon
    BlazingBarrager's class balance thread

    heres a list of suggestions i recommend to make cranes alittle better without overpowering them

    these moves are practically useless in pvp remove the requirement of a particular dot needed to be in place before activating, ie spirit wave needs a posion skill to be hit on a target inorder to use the skill,

    to prevent overpowering of aslSpCq82C997IttSqwSf5BD3CM62YZneKHHtcd_3J0C7EJAHl1zvu7DIzWEj8Eqk8tH-lskz-uwk0FPILmdd62XTR7H2nmtI0yxhD6veV0TfzhfHPY88uAhCgakKTzcPRRFw-FUspirit wave build the skill like this +5 skill at level 1 have a 3 second stun with a max range of 25m with a cooldown of 45 seconds, at level 2 increase it to 4 seconds and a range of 30m keep cooldown to 45 seconds, at level 3 increase it to 5 seconds with max range of 35m cooldown still at 45 seconds at level 4 sp increase the aoe to 8m up to 8 targets ,
    at level 5 reduce cooldown to 35 seconds.

    stqXcsBFexyftxUI3UkMeDIMWU66fHpZW-LK-CZiRLcgnz0fYH5wQBmKfsq-bxzm0aDZKX0WWhY6Xlj1RZm2nG0ya3pU55tS0nZX5e-ivoCx6JunPgZzFI3VcEuJ7isd7XruFJ8nincrease energy heat wave (confusion) level 1 range of 25m duration of 3 sec cooldown of 30 sec, when +5 max distance should be 40m with duration of 8 seconds, no aoe, cooldown @25 seconds

    MwWv8LQghC_su7eh6w0H-c9iuxRDs2PAIImtBhCyeovbF5B66sbzDgb6N9yQ5USYtJRUqKBOEFm4J5VJ5uankl-_EQO2cmIPGRr49HTZp39qhnpPKJuztM8lLJVtW4MBMw7yh7-MSPIRIT TONGS(increase cooldown of all skills) keep cooldown where its at this move is very powerful and can make a mess of an opponents combos so its fine where its at

    jDyHvqsrryfEZMwe2grDmwXMVWsqRbiQEIkecqcvUmaUl9lENZ7SUCJABSG0PwQLo5LaRgWskMajg2jC4wF2-Vqu0vDCNUyNsSHRPSJquUQHwwFcIpoRZ3M0t306A5r5ObEt1fRQ Spiritual sensation reduce cooldown to 30 seconds, no aoe, duration should be 45 seconds instead of a minute 30 seconds

    2) change one of following crane moves below from bleed to another type of dot damage to make them more versitile and to prevent total shutdowm from antibleed
    -09MGmQDOgUPwrVGrB2akjPMCtU4PWf52hzpHOviP6yft84OvxAl0cqBhG8MIk9QwufJNCxtZKkqqgTW0aJ6u6ts9RuOFptk-jfGsXGa8wRGxYgpEqfEk-Ufgm-HAmsXAO5_Hydp mystical crane typhoon change from bleed to poison

    Op6dTdKDhwhjAyZV9Wk6ASwR0iVhs6ljtXCmwVp9s2MAyZ6mdVBKQ9Vm_x5nyk_W1KbldEYY1xA7Mbgws6iJt5w9I5BMQ2JNWyF4ll2nfUUg7h72w1cucALwgrmv1w13THWpSfV- dodon ray from bleed to abdominal damage

    3) instead of a passive dexterity buff give a passive resistance rate buff build it like this level 1 +15 resistance, level 2 +30 resistance, level 3 +65 resistance

    4) increase solid bleed range from 25m to 35m- range is important to cranes skills should reflect that increasing the range to 35m is reasonable

    I feel what im asking is fair and wont make cranes overpowered im just compiling ways to make cranes a more enjoyable class for pvp. feel free to add your comments below

  • im expecting some noobish replies,, well before someone says anything about not buffing this class , know that this class meant to be a PVP class with specialized DoT skills it should be tough with great PVP potential,,if u disagree then u probably just want one less rival to deal with in PVP

    the paralyze skill's CD in my opinion should be more than that like 55 or 1min CD so people cant spam combo it with sleep and freeze being 1min is long i know but i guess it will be fair

  • This subclass is naturally wrong. Just look:

    Spirit Tongs, Abdominal damage, 15M Aoe, 8 targets, Increasing skill cooldown.

    But why the hell would i want to increase mob/player CD by casting 2 skills? Enough time to be killed.
    But to apply Spirit Tongs you need an AOE Abdominal pain, BUT YOU DONT HAVE NONE. The whole class just have TWO abdominal damage debuffs and they are 1 target, so HOW IN EARTH WOULD YOU MAKE AN AOE WITH 8 TARGETS? By spamming the 1 target again and again till have 8 targets???

    Spirit Wave, Poison damage, 15M Aoe, 8 targets.
    But YOU ONLY HAVE 1 POISON DEBUFF (Casted) with 25M and it's 10M with 32 targets maxed, normally 8M with 32 TARGETS.

    Spiritual Sensation, Bleeding damage, 15M aoe, 8 targets, maximum ep decreased.........
    But your biggest aoe Bleed is 10M and with 32 targets.

    Energy heat wave, Burn damage, 15M Aoe, 8 targets.
    But you just have 3 skills with burn damage, and 2 are casted, 1 is low damage, useless, other is long cast, impossible to use without die at pvp, the another one is 25M, and 8M Aoe, 32 targets.

    So does not make sense any of those skills, all of they should have the same target-limit, the same distance, the same radius, the subclass should have variety in their dots, not all bleed-based.

    Skill 'Put Out the flames' is truly useless, why would you want to heal yourself 3k? when you can take 10k in 1 second, and you can heal yourself MORE THAN 3K by using almost any pot, Also, burn damage? who the hell uses burn damage? this skill just could save you from another crane with burn build, or, idk, Ultimate majin pvp, dark warrior? what a joke.

    And Super Saiyan and Kaioken are a totally waste with Cranes, why would you want to use them? to look cool? your dot's do not hit harder nor last longer, nothing, you just have move speed, that cranes does not need, base damage, that cranes does not need, and whatever.

    Almost other subclasses know what they are, what they can and can't be, but Crane's are a failed subclass, that cannot do neither pvp/pve as good as other sub's.

    • boomboxbobby: *heavy breathing*
  • This is how good and effective a crane can be in PvP

    As of right now every thing is bugged like Damage/defense. No one going to pick a crane or poko atm because there skills are broken Cranes(DoTs dont stacks) Poko(Attack Speed is broken and cant summon there monsters) we have classes like SM and Fighter doing around 20k damage non crit because the broken Damage Calculation. Then we also have bad calculations like Dodge and Resistance and success rate system and Dodging skills is Disable which makes it worst if you want stack DEX to dodge attacks. Also Stats attributes like LP% Recover, Reflect% don't work when getting hit by skills. ETC

    My main points is that we should wait til all the bug are fixed to make suggestion on changing or improving certain class

  • Crane are Gods, they lost their paralyze for the most damaging skill in the game with DOT stacks.

    But yes Spirit Wave is absolutely useless,
    I suggest making Poison bleed Energy Damage and increase the dot dmg and the base dmg a bit because it has a cast time, and perhaps make the range 35m.

    Put out the flames is really good against turtle and DW and perhaps other cranes.

    Tri Beam Cannon does more dmg than both Turtles Kames, sure if they get a crit turtle will do more dmg, and their kames have lower cast times and dont cost health, but that health can be regained with put out the flames.

    U all know the fuckbois will build anti bleed, so its time to innovate and think of new builds that punish those fuckbois.

  • Tri-beam cannon, yes, its the skill with the higher damage in Game. But. Cast is long. Range is short. Crane's do not have not even HALF of turtles damage. Crane's do not have crit rate. And the most important, tri-beam cannon is not a skill with *damage increased when critical hit is successful* so you barely hit 10k with that skill (if crit) (without the correct def)

  • that video is helpful except speed restrain doesn't work that way right now and quick attack right now has a 28m range which we all know it doesnt in retail.

    ur right im maybe jumping gun, but my suggestions are not just to fight melee humans, they are to fight all classes equally. which is one of the things that daneos has promised and i believe he will deliver. my suggestions are also for rank matches not budokai

  • yep your preaching to the choir i agree 100% what ur saying there thats why i created this thread to suggest a better crane without overpowering them thank you for the response at least i know im not the only one who is mad with the current status of cranes

  • that video is helpful except speed restrain doesn't work that way right now and quick attack right now has a 28m range which we all know it doesnt in retail.
    ur right im maybe jumping gun, but my suggestions are not just to fight melee humans, they are to fight all classes equally. which is one of the things that daneos has promised and i believe he will deliver. my suggestions are also for rank matches not budokai

    in retail quick attack did have 28 meter range,

  • well i cant wait and see the fixes in Daneos we trust,

    But in the end the game should be about balance in pvp not just restoring it to the old "failed" game that was retail dbo.

    I know the crane subclass needs some tweeking why give so many skills if they are useless as listed above it makes no sense;

    well anyways thanks for everyones input

  • Really? It Did? So why the 28M Range is Green? You know its written in green like when something is better/higher than before

    adrian is trying to get the old dbo retail back that is all, the old dbo did not have class balance what my suggestions for crane may help get a class balance.

    another note:the tools on the website for building a charactor says that quick attack only has a range of 3 m which if incorrect and must be fixed to say its true values.

  • I'm down for dodon ray doing abdominal damage, but mystical crane typhoon staying as bleed damage.

    Crane cyclone should do poison damage instead

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