resistence rate is not working?

  • Hello.

    I want to know how does the resistence rate works, because I never see that it block or resist anything.

    Also i have seen a swordman without any resistence rate on his gear and no DEX and he always blocks my slows or freeze even if i have 260 succes rate.

    Thanks .

  • YES YOU ARE RIGHT too some degree note: that swords can use scintillation to block ur slows and freeze, if they are using guard ull have to wait till guard is down.

    dashing right now is bug right now as seems to add resistance. I didnt in taiwan.

    if a move is resisted the word resist appears over the targets head they resisted. if the word block comes over there head they blocked it.

    in short yes resistance is still a bit buggy but it is very close to taiwan lvls

  • you know the sword has a skill that he can block 4 attacks 100% guaranteed?

  • let me explain it:

    yesterday i fought vs a swordman (i know he have the skill that blocks the next attack but he doesnt use it), it was in a ranked battle. The Swordman has this gear:

    necklace: 100 resistence rate
    2 earrings: 60% resistence rate each one=100*(1.20)=120 resistence rate
    2 rings: 56% resistence rate each one=100*1.12= 112 resistence rate

    Total= 100+120+112= 332 resistence rate

    He have a lot of resistence rate
    But Im a crane hermit= i have a passiva that gives me "212 succes rate", also I have a necklace that gives me 60 succes rate
    Total succes rate= 272
    And I cant hit a single skill. so i thought that if he has more resistence rate than my succes rate that explained everything.

    Now i have this gear:

    necklace: 69 resistence rate
    1 earring = 60% resistence rate = (69+187)*.60= 153.6
    1 ring = 56% resistence rate = (69+187)*.56 = 143.36
    And a crane's buff tha gives me 187 resistence rate
    Total resistence rate= 552.96 resistence rate

    And i fought against a fighter that has only 60 succes rate

    And he hit me by every single skill !!!

    Thats why i want to know how does the resistence rate works because if you do the maths looks like it is bug.

    Sorry about my english, i hope you can understand and help me, please.

  • you need hitrate to hit a player with every attack first =(FOCUS GEAR)

    resistance rate is only that dots dont do so much dot damage

    succes rate is only to higher your chance of hit with a dot effect i think is 360 success rate=3.6% more chance to hit with a dot effect

    but only a developer can give you the correct maths of that and they wont do it because of flamming kids

  • dude, there is a fatal mistake with that argument.

    Sometime ago, daneos tell us that 1 FOCUS = 10 Succes rate and 1DEX = 5 Resistence rate, and that all the characters have 50 resistence rate at base.

    So, you are not considering the focus and the dex of the character.

    for example, if he is a Swordman with 100 dex base he will have = 500 Resistence rate + 50 base Resistence rate + (all the equipment) = Real Resistence rate.

    and your focus go in too.

    if you have like 100 Focus in your Crane, it will be = 1000 Success Rate + (All your equipment).

    try to do again your calculation :)

    and sorry for my bad english xD

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